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The midpoint of a pony's leg is a po-knee.


Rainbow Dash doesn't want to lose her pet Tank forever… or three months, whichever came first. So she hatched a brilliant plan to stop winter at its source: The Cloudsdale Weather Factory.

But when she tries to sabotage the magical machinery inside, she gets more than she bargained for.

So, Rainbow Dash gets turned into a cloud when she's sucked into the weather machine. Somebody had to do it, right?

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It has come to the point where any random story referral is more likely than not to already be on my “Read it Later” shelf. As is the case here. But considering it's Blueshift, maybe I should actually read it now instead of passing it off again… :applejackunsure:

Chronic conditions are nothing to joke about. Being a cloud is a hard life, but with modern magic, it is manageable. :twilightsmile:


Well, that was... different...

Different-unique, or different-time-to-back-away-slowly? :pinkiehappy:




Hmm… You could raise both, then lower both, and then average the two positions. That would be similar, right? :derpytongue2:

A different and a weird? I've struck gold! :pinkiecrazy:



No, continually raising and lowering both eyebrows sends entirely the wrong message.

I was thinking the same thing when I saw RD getting sucked into that machine. Great that somebody immediately picked up on that thought.
And don't worry, there's stuff out there that's far weirder than this :pinkiecrazy:

That depends on what your goal is… :pinkiecrazy:

I rushed to get this out, because I knew others would think the same thing, and I wanted to be the first. :twilightsheepish:
And I well know there's weirder stuff out there. Some of it is in my head. This is only around a 6 out of 10 on my weird-o-metre. :pinkiecrazy:

It seems a lot more people thought of this during the episode than I thought. :rainbowlaugh:

It just goes to show that no matter how weird a thought is, someone, somewhere, shares it. :pinkiecrazy:

6097373 I suppose that's true! :rainbowlaugh:

Splendid little story. One of my favorites. Although, having read this, I have to say -- I've always hoped someone might write something of a... darker take... on the same idea. One where Dash isn't rescued; one where she spends the whole winter in cold storage, only to be rolled out in the spring. One where she finds herself at the mercy of the weather pegasi, and spends the next dozen years raining, evaporating, and condensing over and over again as part of the water cycle, gradually losing her grip on being a pony as she comes to think of herself more and more as a natural cloud.

Ah, well. I can always imagine.

Great to hear!

If someone writes that story, it won't be me. I shy away from bad ends; I can appreciate the story itself, but then it just keeps bugging me afterward, until I can't bear it and I have to come up with some sort of headcanon way for them to escape the situation. I just don't have the stomach to do something that nasty to a character… :fluttercry:
Edit: It occurs to me that this story is an example of that: I come up with the premise of her becoming a cloud, but then I can't bear to leave her like that, so I find a way to fix it (or at least make the situation less hopeless).

I'll admit the premise was enough to get me to read it.
And while it was entertaining, I doubt I'll ever read it again.

Well, thanks for giving it a shot. :twilightsmile:

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