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Horrifically Fun


Ever have one of those nightmares where you show up to school in your underwear? Adagio Dazzle has. Except it’s not really a nightmare… in multiple senses of the phrase.

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Those last two paragraphs :rainbowlaugh:. Thanks Justice, I needed a laugh today

Mine God.

Someone's getting fired.

You've done it again.

Until Cheerilee joined in, I was certain this was her nightmare.

This was great and hilarious.

Faved before I even finished. Loved it!

Teacher evaluation week is going to be very interesting.

I didn't want to laugh.

Adagio turned to glare at Cheerilee. “What?! That’s discrimination! Would you make one of the guys cover up if he was in his underwear?!”

YES!” Cheerilee replied.

I tried to resist.

“Because I’m an adult!” she cried as she threw her clothes on the ground. “I’m not going to be a part of your system!”

I failed. Nicely done.

...and I now have the sudden mental image of a second chapter where Vice-Principal Luna walks in on this, questions it calmly, then brings it up to Principal Celestia as a serious suggestion.

7232496 I am playing with the idea if I can stretch this basic idea out until more than this one class and a few ancillary students get pulled into the shenanigans. Luna and Celestia are top of the list of characters who need to do react somehow to this. :derpytongue2:

And I am now tracking this.

...if it does stretch to the whole school, I suddenly have a mental image of it becoming 'thematic' for the Friendship Games.

Is there a nudism group here? Because the amount of stories in this vein is surprisingly large. It's kind of funny.

Heh. Clothes probably weren't fun to adapt to for any of them. Welcome home, Sunset, if only for a little while.

Another fantastic siren story.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

Oh dear. :rainbowlaugh: Then again, CHS randomly becoming clothing-optional is probably a thing that could actually happen in THIS messed-up world...

I love how Cheerilee just decided to join them.

Sonata's so funny and adorable in this thing :rainbowlaugh:

Sonata’s head and naked shoulders popped out from behind Pinkie. “Yeah! Pinkie thought Adagio might feel subconscious being the only person in her underwear!”

So freaking adorable!:rainbowkiss:

Adagio turned to glare at Cheerilee. “What?! That’s discrimination! Would you make one of the guys cover up if he was in his underwear?!”
“YES!” Cheerilee replied.
Undaunted, Adagio continued, “Why should anyone be ashamed of their body?! I will not be confined just because your mind is stuck in a dogmatic institution that shames nudity!”
A male student with yellow skin and green dreadlocks under a grey beanie rose to his feet. He motioned towards Adagio. “Yeah! She’s just displaying how nature made her! What’s wrong with that?!”
Another male student stood up. This one with light blue skin, long dark blue hair tied with a ponytail. He wore a green headband around his forehead and a t-shirt with the planet Earth on the center. “She’s exactly how the earth wants her to be! She can show that beauty if she wants!”

Another female student stood up, her skin green and her red hair done up into dreadlocks. “Yeah, Ms. Cheerilee. I’m sorry, but you’re like… totally harshing the vibe in here!”
Another female student stood up. She wore a tan, wide brimmed hat over her dark green hair and her yellow-orange tee-shirt sported a green leaf on the front. “I have to agree with everyone here! You should just let Adagio live as freely as she chooses!”

Hippie idiots...

Good story. I quite enjoyed it.

And so, CHS instituted "Pants-free Fridays".

Best. Class. Ever!
Never stop writing the sirens!

Can someone tell me why I read this?

Even more, can someone tell me why I liked this?

7232870 because it's well written and funny.

Okay, I get why Adagio and Aria whent along with this, but Sunset is pretty straight laced, why on earth would she even consider doing that?

Initial reaction: :facehoof:

After reading: :rainbowlaugh:

Fight the power!
Down with skirts! Up with blouses!

It would be even crazier if someone show up completely naked.

7232962 Homesickness, maybe.

7232962 Maybe she's a pervert. Maybe she missed the freedom of nudity that being a pony gave.



Yeah! Pinkie thought Adagio might feel subconscious being the only person in her underwear!


7233226 It's Sonata. Perhaps the mistake is intentional. :facehoof:


If that's the case a little mention would have helped. Nothing major just some mention to help explain it is all so it wouldn't feel so out of character for her.

Heheheheh, I can see this, allof this happening. Well done Justice! Poor Cherilee.

This is the goofy awesomeness that the world needs! Keep up the great ideas!:pinkiehappy:

And then Miss Cheerilee was fired.

Oh, who am I kidding? The Great Principal Trollestia would probably join them.

Her green vest already removed, Aria pulled her short-sleeved shirt over her head revealing a dark purple bra. “Because I’m an adult!” she cried as she threw her clothes on the ground. “I’m not going to be a part of your system!”

I wonder how many people got this reference?

It's spoken dialogue by a character who is eccentric, quoting another character often portrayed as dim witted. Pretty sure that's a deliberate mistake.

Poor miss Cheerilee, always cops the stories with the weirdos!

This definitely needs a follow up chapter or two.

7232962 Maybe a vibe in the air, made it feel like 'What the Tartarus day' and decided to join in on the antics for once.

7233342 Or you could infer meaning from subtle implications instead of wanting all relevant information to be spoon-fed.

Yet another reason why we're all grateful that the outside world seems to have no idea that Canterlot High exists.

What drugs are you on..? :rainbowhuh:

7233646 and where can we get some?

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

I can already see a sequel entitled: Adiago's Schoolwide Nudist Colony.

7233483 Oh my gosh I was going to comment about that but I was checking to see if anyone beat me too it.

7234817 I think maybe we could ask Alondro what he's on...
Although whatever he is on probably would kill us.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Oh, an EQG fic on FP, nothing to worry abou-

As a Wise Handyman Once Said...

wait what

7235070 Caught my eye too, what have you been saying?

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