• Published 23rd Dec 2015
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Back to School - Thunder Roller

After making friends with The Rainbooms, The Dazzlings must face the consequences of their actions while trying to prove to their classmates that they have changed.

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I Say Goonight!

Adagio noticed it, Aria noticed it, but Sonata didn't seem to care. Or maybe she was too busy smothering Twilight with hugs to notice. Luckily Sunset was too busy trying to pry Sonata away from Twilight to notice Aria and Adagio's disappointed looks. But what were they expecting? Twilight did say that the energy was gone during the call.

But deep down inside, they were hoping that there would be a small lingering essence. Just a small taste of the missing link. Adagio ran her index finger over the gem as she started to go deep in though. What was the missing link? Was it the fact that they were untouched by harm before the battle of the bands?

Was it the fact, that from the moment of birth, the three of them had the pendents? Did they get so used to not having the pendents during the months of their disappearance, that they didn't feel the same? So many possibilities, but no solid conclusions. Not a single clue. Nothing made sense.

"A little help here?" Sunset asked, snapping Adagio out of her thoughts.

"Come on, Sonata." Aria said, pulling Sonata off of Twilight. "I know you're happy, but your suffocating her. I used to wish for that."

Twilight gasped, allowing air to re-enter her lungs. "Wow." Twilight heaved. "I didn't know that these meant so much to you three."

"You have no idea." Adagio said, putting on a fake smile.

"Sorry about that." Sonata said, rubbing the back of her neck while putting on a sheepish smile.

"Its fine." Twilight said, waving her hand. "But I gotta run. My Mom wants me home before it gets too dark."

"Alright, be careful." Sunset said as Twilight walked to the door.

"I will." Twilight walked over the threshold, closing the door behind herself.

"Okay, maybe now I can eat." Sunset said as she started walking back to the kitchen, followed by Adagio.

"I might as well finish too." Adagio said with a shrug.

"Yeah, if you two are done eating," Sunset said while turning to Aria and Sonata. "I'm sure you can find something on the T.V. to watch."

"Do you have the cartoon channel?" Sonata asked, clapping her hands.

"It came with the package deal." Sunset said with a nod. "I never really watched it, so you'll have to flip through until you find it."

This didn't seem to put down Sonata, as she ran toward the couch and quickly found the remote. Aria sat down beside her, and Sunset simply chuckled before continuing her walk to the kitchen, finally able to finish her meal. It was a little cold, but food was food to Sunset. As long as it didn't make her sick, she would pretty much eat anything edible. She often found herself thankful for her high metabolism.


Even though Adagio had ate more than Sunset before she could even start eating, Sunset finished her meal before her. Come to find out, Adagio really paced herself while eating, chewing her food thoroughly before swallowing, and swallowing before taking a sip of her drink. Not really the eating habits of an ex-villain that someone would expect. Sure, Sunset was well-mannered at the table, but Adagio really took it to the next level. Sunset wasn't quite sure why she didn't notice this before, but how often do you watch someone eat?

Not that Sunset was watching Adagio eat. It was just something she noticed during short glances. But in a way, it was intriguing. Aria and Sonata didn't have table manners like Adagio, but why not? Did Adagio one day notice how they ate and not like it, so she started eating in a more dignified way?

Or was she trying to set an example for them, but it never worked? She did tell Sonata to not talk with her mouth full. But did she only do this because she only felt like a guest in Sunset's home? Maybe she should do something to make this feel more like home to the three. Surprising how someone's eating habits can rise so many questions and conclusions.

When she had finished eating, Sunset took her empty plate and empty glass and set them in the kitchen sink. She then made her way upstairs and to her (and now Adagio's as well) bedroom. Like all the other rooms, the walls were yellow, her blanket over her bed was red, her pillows were red, the coverlet was yellow, the doilies on her nightstand and dresser was red, and she had pictures of her and her friends on the walls. She walked to her closet, and pulled out four backpacks, and lied them on the bed. The first one was her own.

A simple brown backpack with her symbol stitched on it. It wasn't as fancy as others she seen, but it functioned just fine. The other three had no decorations, but she got them just in case her primary backpack started to get torn. One was yellow, one was black, and the last was light blue. It was obvious which one would go to which, although the yellow seemed too bright for Adagio.

But she planned for them to be temporary, so it wasn't like it mattered too much. Slinging her own backpack on her shoulder, she took the other three in her hands and took them downstairs and into the living room, where she had the new school supplies sitting in the corner. Sitting down, she divided the school supplies four ways, and placed them in their appropriate places in the backpacks. Once she was done, she took the blue and black backpacks, and walked to the couch where Sonata was watching cartoons while Aria had fallen asleep. Sonata was so fascinated by the cartoon cat that was doing magic tricks, she didn't notice Sunset standing next to her.

Sunset stood there for a moment, waiting for Sonata to notice her. When this didn't work, Sunset cleared her throat. Still no response. A light cough. Still no response.

She tried kicking the couch lightly, but only got a small stir from Aria. She tried a more direct approach.

"Sonata." Sunset said a little loudly.

The magic cat pulled a rabbit out of a hat.

"How did she do that?" Sonata asked no on in particular.

With it now being obvious that there would be no polite way to get Sonata's attention, she settled with dropping the blue backpack in Sonata's lap, startling the seemingly young ex-siren.

"Here are your school supplies." Sunset said before Sonata could say anything.

"Uh... thanks?" Sonata said after blinking.

"No problem. When Aria wakes up, whether it be on her own or when its time for bed, could you give her this?" Sunset asked, setting the black backpack down next to Sonata.

"Yeah, yeah." Sonata said, now only paying attention to the cartoon.

"So this won't be sitting here in the morning?" Sunset asked, crossing her arms.


"It will be there, or you'll give it to her?"


Deciding to just forget about it, Sunset grabbed her backpack and Adagio's before heading to the kitchen. When she got there, she found that Adagio had started the dishes. The fact that Sunset didn't have to tell her to do so was a good sign.

"Hey, Adagio." Sunset said, getting her attention.

Adagio turned away from the dishes to look at Sunset. "Yeah?"

"I just put all of our school supplies in our backpacks." Sunset said, setting Adagio's on the table. "I had some spares in my- our closet. They're only temporary until I can get you three more suitable ones."

"Its fine, Sunny." Adagio said with a smile. "I'll take it up to our room when I'm finished here."

Sunset nodded. "Okay, its the last door on the left."


Sunset spent the next few hours texting her friends on a group chat on her phone while sitting in the recliner in the Living Room, like she normally did when she wasn't watching T.V. The difference this time, was she had three other girls in the house. Aria stayed asleep on the couch, Sonata watched more cartoons, and Adagio spent most of her time listening to Sunset's MP3 player. She took a short glance to the time on her phone, noticing that it was getting late. She said a quick 'Goodnight' to her friends, and shoved the phone in her pocket.

"Alright, everybody." Sunset said, standing up and stretching. "Its time for bed."

When she didn't get a reply, she turned and saw that no one was paying attention to her. She walked to the chair Adagio was sitting in that she pulled in from the kitchen, and waved her hand in front of Adagio's face, getting her attention.

Adagio pulled off the headphones. "Hmm?"

"Its getting late." Sunset said. "Why don't you go put up the music and slide into bed."

"Eager to get me into bed, aren't you?" Adagio said with a seductive smile.

"I'm just saying that if we're going to school tomorrow, we'll need our sleep!" Sunset said quickly while blushing. "Besides, I'm not going to do that this early in a relationship!"

"Who said I was talking about that?" Adagio asked while keeping her smile, tapping Sunset on the nose. "You're a little pervert, Sunset Shimmer."

Not giving Sunset a chance to reply, Adagio stood up and began her walk up the stairs. Shaking her head, she walked over to the couch. She had already learned that it was very difficult to get Sonata's attention while there were cartoons on, so she didn't bother trying her previous tactics. As a wise man once said 'The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again, expecting different results'. Instead, Sunset grabbed the T.V. remote off of the side table, and walked around the corner where she couldn't be seen.

She then started flipping through the channels while listening.

"What happened to the cartoons?!" Sonata asked loudly. "Stop it T.V.! I said stop it! Go back to Captain Bravery! ARIA!"

"Ugh, what?!" Aria asked, stirring from her sleep.


"Stop shouting, Sonata!" Aria said loudly.

"But the T.V. is haunted!"

"Are you sitting on the remote?"

"No, I haven't moved for at least three shows!"

Sunset then walked back into the Living Room, holding the remote in her hand.

"Sunset, your T.V. is haunted!" Sonata shouted, pointing to the T.V. that was now showing Westerns.

"No, she has the freaking remote." Aria said while face-palming.

"Its time for bed, girls." Sunset said as she turned off the T.V. with the remote.

"But Captain Bravery was about to rescue Princess Buttercup!"

"There will be a re-run next week." Sunset said, setting down the remote. "But for now, its time for bed."

"But I'm not even" Sonata yawned. "tired."

"And you'll be tired in the morning if you don't get any sleep." Sunset said, walking toward the stairs. "Aria, can you make sure Sonata gets to bed after brushing her teeth?"

"Yeah, yeah." Aria said, standing up.

Satisfied, Sunset made her way to the upstairs bathroom, seeing that Adagio was now walking out.

"You just missed something funny." Sunset said with a grin. "I made Sonata think the T.V. was haunted."

Adagio chuckled. "She's easy to prank. Before our pendents were destroyed, I got that fake toilet paper that can't be torn, so she started yelling at it. But Aria got tired of it and threw a real roll at her."

Sunset chuckled as well. "I saw one of those in the gag shop. I'm surprised Pinkie didn't pull that on us during the sleepover."

"We've all seen what it looks like, so I doubt we would of fallen for it anyway." Adagio said with a shrug. "I'm going to get the bed ready."

With a nod, Adagio walked away. Sunset took to brushing her teeth, soon accompanied by Sonata and Aria. While brushing her teeth, Sonata seemed more sluggish than before. Apparently the bright screen on the T.V. was the only thing keeping her awake. Sonata finished first, rushing so she could get to bed, and Aria rushed simply because she didn't care.

Sunset finished not long after Aria, and made her way down the hall. As she was about to go into her room, she heard Aria's voice.

"Sonata, get up so I can prepare the bed!" Aria said loudly.

"Goodnight!" Sonata said just as loud.

"Sonata, I said-"

"I say goodnight!"


Despite what Sunset expected, Adagio wasn't 'touchy', that night. She respected Sunset's personal space, and never once suggested anything sexual while in bed. She didn't hear any commotion coming from Sonata and Aria's room either, so that was a good thing. Not that she would of told them NOT to do anything. She just didn't want them to be loud, or talk about it the next morning.

Sunset fell asleep easily, having sweet dreams about flying over the mountains like a Phoenix.