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After Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk get defeated by the Rainbooms on the battle of the bands they start to change.

Aria grows closer to Sonata and goes through an experience which is completely new to her/them.
She starts to feel guilty about what she and her friends had done but mostly about how she treated Sonata over centuries.

Sunset Shimmer wants to help them and offers her friendship. Will they accept her offer?

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very good chapter :pinkiehappy:
I loved the moment SonAria :heart:

I hope adagio change way to think :ajsleepy:
maybe you need someone who understands her. :heart:

I liked it :twilightsmile:
I look forward to the next chapter :raritystarry:

6093746 Thank you very much, glad you like it! :pinkiehappy:

6095147 welcome :twilightsmile:
and of course I liked :pinkiehappy:

Great story so far. Keep going.
Can't wait for the next chapter.

I wouldn't know if you have grammer or spelling errors because even though English is my first langue I suck at grammer and spelling

"I'm really glad to hear that. I honestly thought that you'd slam the door in front of my nose." Sunset replied.

that's what aria would do on a normal day basisXD

6104308 Thank you very much! :pinkiehappy:

6104320 yup omg they are so in character!

I hope adagio accept your help :ajsleepy:
and is a friend of sunset :pinkiesad2:
very good chapter :pinkiehappy:
I wait patiently the next :twilightsmile:

that good chapter :pinkiehappy:
I am glad to see that sunset and adagio become friendly :twilightsmile:
I look forward to see what happens :rainbowkiss:

by the way
as history has romance
I wondered what it would be couples
SonAria and SunDagio
I was just curious :twilightsheepish:

Ohc one on I need more!

6125071 welcome :pinkiesmile:
so... about question.... :fluttershysad:

6127503 Right I forgot to answer that

I think it could be possible :D

Aww that ending was adorable. :pinkiesad2:

very good chapter :pinkiesmile:
I loved it :heart:
you are good at writing :twilightsmile:
I look forward to the next chapter :rainbowkiss:
good work friend :raritywink:

It's 3:14am were I am yet I'm still awake and read this fuck I'm gonna regret this in the morningx3

6139943 guess whatXD I regretted it I crashed at like 8 something or 7 idk them woke up at 9 something. x3

My plan was perfect but then there were those stupid Rainbooms and that stupid bacon-haired bitch!

Oh my gosh!!!! I didn't know bacon was red and yellow.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::moustache:

Why did you leave a big space at the bottom?:rainbowhuh: You made me think it was important information:fluttercry::fluttercry:

"D'aaaaaaaw." said Adagio, "Why the fuck did I say that?!" she thought to herself.

How could you not say that?:rainbowkiss:

6142333 But now you do :D

Very enjoyable chapter. One criticism would be you need to be clear about who's speaking. In this, and other, chapter I lost track who was talking. Sort that out and you'll have no problems with me. Here, have a like and favorite :pinkiehappy:

very good chapter :pinkiehappy:
i love it :heart:
and the sundagio too :raritywink:
you really cool writer friend :twilightsmile:

6153792 Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

I'll try to fix it to make it clear who's speaking, thanks for mentioning it :twilightsmile:

"I never realized how beautiful a sunset could be." said a stunned Adagio.
"Do you mean the sunset or me?" Sunset asked with a wink.

I had to take a second and laugh at that:rainbowlaugh:

By the way you said this chapter was hard, did you feel like this every time you started writing?i.imgur.com/6nHt2HG.gif

6156582 Not really :D Good to know that it made you laugh :pinkiehappy:

Good story hoping for a sequel :pinkiehappy:
There is some really perverted stuff under this thing!!!

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You spelt dialing wrong

6179743 Since when is it spelled with I?

6179787 since always,i'm Not lying you can look it up on google

6179831 You seem to have a weird Google because I did.

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