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Sunata in C (For Champagne) - BluesyTreble

Although many prefer solitude in their darkest times, meeting someone who'll go through those struggles with them is what they truly need. Sunset Shimmer runs into an evicted Sonata Dusk. Story's after Rainbow Rocks but before Friendship Games.

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10 - Truth and Reconciliation

Author's Note:

That was a longer hiatus than I thought, my sincere apologies. Personal reasons and new school and stuff. Well, looks like I'm back again. Hopefully this isn't too dead for a revival, but either way I'll be finishing this fic eventually.

The next morning saw the rest of the Dazzlings re-enrolling into Canterlot High. With the assistance and recommendation of the Rainbooms, re-entry wasn't much of a problem. The idea of re-enrolling to complete their education surprisingly sat rather well with the duo, the pair having grudgingly admitted its role in securing employability and in turn, self-sustainability.

But the issue of walking straight up to Sonata, their youngest sister and the victim of their violent verbal and physical abuse suddenly did not sit well at all.

Adagio could remember, some rather clearly, the times both herself and Aria had reduced their bubbly, naive sister into a sobbing, heartbroken heap.

Despite all these centuries spent with her, Adagio only realised now how much Sonata meant to them. It had took the loss of their immortality and magical powers to teach them something as simple, as given, as familial love.

She contemplated approaching them during lunch, where she would have the safety of the Rainbooms. But a part of her wanted to see Sonata with Aria, a trio once more in weeks. So much was her anxiety, she had prepared on paper a brief note of the things to say. A sigh deflated her form as she recalled how much of the paper were apologies.

"C'mon, Ria." She nudged her sister, who dozed on the bench where they had met the Rainbooms for a brief recap on Canterlot High's rules and regulations. "Time for our first class."

They shared the day's History period with Sonata. Adagio wished they didn't share a period so early in the day. Adjusting her spiked headband, she made a beeline for the restroom beside her class venue, Aria silently following behind.

"I'm still sleepy, Sunset!" A drowsy, disoriented Sonata flung her arms around the former as she exited the restroom stall, eliciting a surprised yelp from the bacon-haired girl. Sunset flailed wildly as the weight of Sonata rocked her on her heels, barely grasping a sink edge for balance. She draped her other arm about Sonata's neck, allowing herself to be pulled back into a stable standing position.

Chidingly staring into the Siren's pouty eyes, she couldn't help but lose herself in a short giggle. "You still have to go for class Sonata." Sighing Sonata released a long tired grunt, she reminded her that it was already Friday. That seemingly did little to help. Sunset shook her head with a small smile as she pulled her new lover into a hug.

With her own chin over Sunset's shoulder, Sonata craned her neck to take a deep whiff of Sunset's fiery mane, burying her nose in the recently-shampooed locks as she felt a finger tickle its way up the channel in the middle of her back. As the warm palm hot on her skin slowly slid down her waistband, the siren could not help but let loose a soft sighing moan. Sonata's long breath beat at Sunset's ear.

"It'll be the weekends after today," Sunset giggled. "We gotta get you some new clothes or something, you look odd in my clothes." She frowned as she felt Sonata pull away. She turned to face the same way as the Siren, then hastily yanked her hand out of said Siren's skirt and swore unceremoniously.

For there stood two more Sirens, their faces mirroring Sunset and Sonata's expression of shock and disbelief.

Sonata moved first, attempting to shove past her sisters for a quick escape before her emotions overtook her physical self. Aria reached out and grabbed her wrist, causing her sister to literally thrash about violently in a fit of panicking fear. Adagio held out a palm, the expression on her soft and concerned, abruptly turned into one of pain and surprise when the youngest siren broke free and threw to her jaw an unbridled, furious hook of a punch, fueled by centuries of bottled-up pain and hurt, that sent her reeling back and brought her down to her apologetic knees.

The littlest of Dazzlings had lost control.

Aria nervously raised her own fists against Sonata, but what made the gesture different this time was the intention. Instead of causing physical pain along with the verbal abuse she let fly at Sonata, she would this time bring her sister under control so that she would listen to reason, and accept her apology and hence the reconciliation of the three sisters as the remainder what was left of themselves in this world. She knew she had this coming, but had no idea "this" would come at such a critical moment.

They had discussed this beforehand, and Adagio had put the two of them in Sonata's shoes. She pulled out the emotions, the self-blame and harm, the depression they had nearly drove Sonata to. They best understood Sonata's predicament, for all they had done was to cruelly tailor their insults, beatings and abuse to bring down their sister. Discovering something new often brought about several emotions, as evidenced by the increasingly heavy weight of guilt and regret upon their hearts.

"I thought we were done for good!" Sonata yelled through angry, mournful sobs and tears. What followed was a series of uncontrollable, unintelligible screaming that shredded her voice hoarse, the sound of pure, raw emotion unleashed served to curdle Adagio, Aria and Sunset's blood.

"What more do you want from me?!" She manically screeched, before throwing a volley of berserked punches, forcing Aria to bring her forearms over her head and curl up into a ball. Only then was the furied Siren stopped when Sunset wrapped her arms around Sonata, clamping her arms to her sides. Her eyes began to water at the thought of the extent of abuse dealt towards her lover to see her driven to such a state. Sunset turned the Siren over to face her, preparing to soothe and console the frantic wreck, only to have the Siren go limp and collapse in her arms, causing her to stumble forward with the sudden weight. Her eyes bright with tears, she looked up to see the two conscious Dazzlings were in no better shape.

"We just wanted to apologise..." A distraught Adagio managed, her hand tangled in her curls, mascara and tears streaking down her cheeks. Blood ran free from a split lip. Aria, the epitome of apathy and harsh words, hugged her knees to her body, hiding her head. Sunset could swear she saw the her slumped shoulders quiver in a way that suggested sobbing.

Her bright teal eyes squinting to fight back her welling tears, she choked, threw Sonata's arm over her shoulder and offered the Sirens their sister's other arm. She took a shaky, ragged breath, and allowed herself one sob.

"If that's what you two wish to do, we'll head back to my place right now. None of us are in a condition to follow through the school day."

The mid-morning sun beat down and cast the Dazzlings and the lone Rainboom their shadows amidst its pale, barely yellow light. Despite the bright warmth of a day's beginning, their hearts were quivery and heavy from the emotional and physical beating taken all within a ten minute span.

Sonata was conscious, but kept a blank thousand-yard stare upon her haggard blue face. She could only stagger along as Sunset Shimmer and Adagio Dazzle supported her limp weight. Aria trailed along behind, her hands in her pockets and face sporting several a bruise.

The four made their way to Sunset's apartment, where they would collectively have to nurse Sonata into an alert and receptive state of mind, and ensure the three would reunite sisters again.

"Sunset?" Adagio peeked from under her curled orange fringe. "Rarity'll be joining us later, at around four."

"What about the others?"

"Rarity told me the others would come visit at a later date, they didn't mind her coming alone."

"Okay then."

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6562318 so is this story dead...or what?

7172772 Nope, but will take some time before things get up and running again, sorry

Huh. This chapter totally slipped by me.

Also, yikes. I can sympathize with Sonata, but still, yikes.

I only understood half of it, I mean I understood part of Sonatas problem here, but I don't exactly remember what happened between Sonata and them in this story so far.

7176310 do you know when you'll get back into this?

Excuse me but i think that 10 should be 11, unless there something i miss

I would like to have a new chapter please.

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