• Published 5th Oct 2015
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Sunata in C (For Champagne) - BluesyTreble

Although many prefer solitude in their darkest times, meeting someone who'll go through those struggles with them is what they truly need. Sunset Shimmer runs into an evicted Sonata Dusk. Story's after Rainbow Rocks but before Friendship Games.

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10 - You Might Just Take Home Someone Else

"So, what was it y'all wanted to see us for again?"

"Adagio and I want Sonata back." Came the flat reply from Aria. While she needed the help, she wasn't one to throw her dignity out just for that by asking pleadingly. Her bouffant-maned sister leant back in her seat at the far edge of the table, stretching out her open palm-back to examine her nails.

Rarity nodded, recalling their discussion earlier in school. "Ah, yes." She mused, pinching her chin with her own manicured fingers. "We've seen her around our school, and from what we've gathered, she's staying with Sunset Shimmer for the time being." She looked on as Adagio nodded. She made eye contact with the Siren, receiving an eyebrow raise in return.

"Anything else? We can't have come down just to know that she's under someone else's care."

"We understand you two want to find out as much as you can," Clearing her throat, a fist to her lips, she placed her free hand on Adagio's, causing the latter to pull back in surprise. Her eyes met Adagio's, the Siren's raspberry-coloured eyes reflecting a curious wariness.

Clearly these two haven't warmed up yet, my misjudgment.

"P-perhaps we all could get to know you two a little better?" Rarity awkwardly tried, then immediately brightened up.

"A-ha!" She pointed at Adagio's hand. "That nail polish! I believe it's one of Sassy Saddle's series, am I right?"

Adagio's sullen lips immediately broke into an amused grin as she slowly nodded.

The fashionista leant back in triumph. "Only she releases this shade of ruby."

The small exchange was thankfully joined by Fluttershy. She leant forward, grabbing Adagio's hand in hers to see. "Really? I thought Suri had a similar one."

"Yeah, but it was a limited edition," Aria butted in. "The last of it went like... Late last year? Keep up with the times."

"Umm.. I'll try."

"Nice observation though, what was it- Rarity? I must say I am impressed." Adagio nodded in Rarity's direction, receiving an enthusiastic smile in return. Her deep, ancient raspberry eyes locked with the brilliant glinting sapphires that made up Rarity's.

A knuckle knocked rather loudly upon the table surface.

"Ah' appreciate all this icebreakin' an' stuff, y'all." The least fashion-inclined member of the gathering raised her eyebrow. "But don'cha think it's high time we all do somethin', anythin', y'all get?"

"You even got her number, Adagio!" A confused yet rather unhappy Aria chided. "What were you thinking?!"

Adagio rolled her eyes, a small smile playing across her lips. "Oh, shush Aria. It isn't often you find people who can recognise nail polish and their manufacturers." Tapping off a text on her mobile she hit send, looking up only to find Aria looking, a smirk plastered on her usually surly face.

"Was it... Her?"

"No, ugh! Yes! Besides, we'll need to keep in contact with them, won't we?"

"But contacting her so soon? Yeah, sure." The purple Dazzling twirled a lock of her highlight-streaked hair, delivering her reply amidst chuckles. "She'd love a call from you."


"Careful now, Dagi." Aria was full into her laughing fit, amused. It was a rarity to see the Dazzling lead singer in such a frazzle. She smirked again at her sister, adding a cheeky wink for effect.

"You know all this looking for Sonata? Well, you might just take someone else home."

"...Then I ask her for a spare pen, cos' I sorta lost mine, and she just borrows it to me! I mean no one's ever borrowed me anything, not even BEFORE the Battle!"

She laughed at the naive happiness her Siren housemate and partner radiated from her once-corrupt form, now pure and joyful. Wrapping her arms around Sonata's hips, she laced her fingers behind and pulled her into a tight embrace, the Dazzling's smile so wide her eyes scrunched shut in bliss and delight. Sunset felt the breath from her resulting laughter hot on cheek, as a pair of frost-blue lips pressed themselves against said cheek for a quick peck before the warmth and weight of Sonata's head rested on her chest.

Cradling Sonata's head in one arm and running the other hand across her light-and-dark blue streaked hair, she pushed off of the girl to gaze deep in her magenta eyes, the orbs bright in the strong afternoon sun.

"Let's go, Nata, I'm dead beat." She took the Siren's hand in hers. "I'd give anything for a nap right now."

A small whine escaped Sonata's lips as her fiery-haired housemate pushed her onto the bed.

"I thought you wanted a nap!" She decided to comment.

"Oh." Sunset brushed a lock of hair from her face, her bedroom eyes and slightly puckered lips visible despite drawn curtains. "Would you rather I take a nap now?"

Her blush cheekily spread from her heart into her pale blue cheeks. "No."

She broke into her signature high-pitched giggle as the Rainboom kicked off her skirt pounced into a straddle, her body comfortably pinned between Sunset's smooth orange thighs. She let escape a gasp, the thin inhale turning into an involuntary moan as her lover placed a finger on her lips and leant into her, pressing their breasts together.

"You sure don't space things far apart, Sunny," She huskily whispered. "I like it."

Stripping her lover of her leather jacket, she tossed it aside, withdrawing her arms before letting them snake out again to wrap around Sunset's neck to pull her in for another kiss.

Their lips parted, ample time for Sunset to comment amidst their heavy breathing. "You smell like sweat." Looking down at Sonata's legs, she traced her gaze back up past the Siren's cute round hips to lock eyes with her. "And school."

Sonata could only raise an eyebrow. "That's a really odd thing to say in times like this."

"Odd things happen in bed, Nata," Sunset purred in her lover's ear, then softly nibbled at it before adding, "Even more if the bed happens to be shared."

"Her mobile's off, Dash!" Pinkie raised her own pink one into the air.

"Dagnabbit, Sunset, there's a jam session this afternoon and ya bookin' it on us?"

"She's probably ruttin' that Siren in the locker room of something, I'd bet it!" Rainbow shook a fist, her dark blue guitar hanging around her neck.

"You could use a little more tact, darling."

"There's literally no other way to put it, Rares! Maybe I should even-"

"Alright y'all, alright! There ain't no Sunset today, but us and what's left of them Dazzlings are gonna make sure there'll BE a Sunset next time. Perhaps there happens to be a little somethin' that held her up today, nothing much!" Executing a series of rapid hammer-ons and pull-offs on her bass, Applejack looked around at her four friends.

"Dash'll just fill in on vocals, and we'll play without rhythm guitar, just like ol' times. We'll start with something a little older, say, 'Better than Ever?'" Her blonde eyebrows furrowed into a frown as she turned.

"Rares', who's that you're textin'?"

"N-no-one, Applejack, just a minute."

"Y'know, ya can't just tell me ya ain't textin' "no one", then ask me for a minute to complete your text. Spill em' beans, Rares, if it's a boy we wanna know, don't we? With that grinnin' like a fiend an'all, Ah'd think it is!"

Author's Note:

Reaaaaaaaally sorry for not posting any chapters lately. I'm deep into my finals exams, ending on 6th November, so things'll resume their normal pace pretty soon. Meanwhile, have this! :D Leave a comment, rate or follow if you liked my work, really helps me a ton! Thanks for reading!

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