• Published 5th Oct 2015
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Sunata in C (For Champagne) - BluesyTreble

Although many prefer solitude in their darkest times, meeting someone who'll go through those struggles with them is what they truly need. Sunset Shimmer runs into an evicted Sonata Dusk. Story's after Rainbow Rocks but before Friendship Games.

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5 - Scheming Apple I

Sonata awoke to the shrill beep of Sunset Shimmer's alarm clock, slightly sad that she had to rise from one of the best sleeps she ever had. Remembering Sunset's chiding reminder for her not to oversleep, she triumphantly rolled over, threw off the covers and gave the still-sleeping Sunset a playful slap on the thigh, jolting the ex-demon awake.

"Mrrmmmmppphhhghhhghhh." Sunset made a sound between a grunt and a groan, rubbing her sore thigh and frowning in her sleep.

"Sooo, who's having to drag who outta bed, huh?!" The Siren repaid Sunset for last night, digging her fingers into her sides and armpits, breaking into a series of sleepy giggles when her victim squirmed and ended up rolling off the bed entangled in the blankets.

"I still wish you didn't have to do that," Sunset complained, digging a knuckle into her bruised hip. "The carpet is only so thick." She swiped at the snickering Siren, who deftly side-stepped the clumsy swing, only for her suppressed laughter to be cut short as Sunset wrestled the girl into a headlock, proceeding to noogie Sonata as she squawked her protest.

Sunset couldn't help but break into a smile when she let go, covering her mouth with her hand as Sonata pouted and attempted to sweep her frazzled fringe back into shape, afterwards comically stamping her foot and putting her hands on her hips.

Having alighted the bus before the little scuffle, they now rounded the bend in the sidewalk leading to Canterlot High, the building stood, Sonata remembering the structure just as vividly as the first time she had saw it, but in a much more different light.

Previously having viewed the human educational establishment with not much other than predatory contempt, she hadn't cared much about its inhabitants, any opposition easily swept aside or converted with their song. But now that she was powerless and vulnerable, the school would most likely more be more liberal in bringing about her repercussions. Sonata knew she had it coming, but that did not mean she looked forward to receiving.

An orange hand reached down and squeezed hers, giving her the slightest spark of reassurance.

"Remember I had to go through this too, Sonata." Sunset softly told her. "It sucked and all, but coming out with a lighter heart is worth the experience many times over."

"Besiiiiiides," Sunset added. "Today's Tuesday." Her voice dropping to a whisper, she cupped her hands about the Siren's ear and whispered.

"Taco Tuesday."

Leaning back as Sonata gasped with delight, Sunset chuckled and grabbed the Siren by the wrist, pulling her along as she ran for the school gate.

Having already received a timetable upon her first visit, physically re-adjusting into school was easy, for her classes and free periods for each week were laid out nicely. All she had to do was turn up for her classes when it was time, then decide what to do for lunch and the occasional free period.

But mental and social re-adjustment to Canterlot High as a powerless, villified mortal wasn't so easy.

Realising she shared the day's first two periods of Double Maths with the cowgirl friend Sunset had, she thought, perhaps sitting close to her might provide some protection from the rest of the class. After all, Sunset must've meant all six of her friends had wanted to help her, so she decided to trust her inference.

Nervously taking a seat to Applejack's right, she slowly sat down. The cowgirl took no notice, her signature stetson sat on her head, brim pulled way down low.

Apparently, the clock at the back of the class told her, they were a little early, for a quick look around the room allowed Sonata to spot maybe four other students out of the thirty or so seats laid out. A few of them gave wary looks, but that was all she had received today. Taking the opportunity, she leant towards Applejack.


No reply. The way she sat told Sonata the cowgirl was snoozing, judging by how her chest slowly rose and fell. No wonder she didn't react when I sat down so close to her.

She waved her hand in front of Applejack's face, then remembered sleeping people had their eyes closed.

She tapped the farm girl's shoulder, then clamped a hand on it when her taps did not stir the dozing blonde.

If one woke up and the first thing they saw was someone who had previously threatened them on a world-destroying magical scale, it was completely understandable that the following ensued.

"Wh-wha-wha!" Applejack flailed around before tumbling out of her seat, the floor and crashing of furniture serving to re-iterate for the umpteenth time to her the perils of leaning back in the chair so that it balanced on its two back legs.

"Oh hey!" Sonata enthusiastically bent to face Applejack. "You're awake!"

"Way-ell thank ya very much." The frown Sonata got told her she wasn't really conveying gratitude.

"So..." Pressing her index fingertips together, she rummaged her brain for conversation material.

"So help me out here, will ya?" Applejack deadpanned. "Ah didn't know takin' out that gem took out somethin' else from up here too." She tapped the side of her head.

"No!" It was her turn to frown. "I didn't feel anything missing. What did you need help with though?" She blinked twice, eyes wide open. If she wanted to make peace with the students here, it would make sense to start with Sunset's friends, for she could simply bring up the affiliation to their rhythm guitarist if needed.

"Maybe there was nothin' up there ta begin with, airhead!" Applejack facepalmed. Getting to her feet, she gathered up her scattered stationery and resumed her previous position before realising something was off and turning back to the Siren.

"So whatcha comin' back for? We didn't see the three of y'all for some time." She pushed up the brim of her stetson to drawl.

By the time Sonata had finished her story plus personal insights, Applejack had one calloused hand on the Siren's shoulder.

"Fret none, sugarcube," the cowgirl had realized the after-effects of their magical blast. Ironic as it was, she did not expect a ball of magic powered purely by the power of Friendship would cause someone to be driven into such a lonely and painful predicament. Squeezing Sonata's shoulder, she shook her head. "We didn't expect somethin' as terrible as that tah happen, and Ah'm givin' ya mah' apology."

Sonata somberly nodded. "Eh, I'm sorta stable now, so things aren't that poopy now."

"Ya sure Sunset took yer in and not some sympathetic soul out on yer street?"

Another nod, her ponytail bouncing.

"Alriiight then. Scoot on over tah any one of us when ya feelin' blue." Turning away from her new ex-Siren friend, she attempted to rationalise in her head Sunset's qualms about telling the girls herself. Surely she'd tell them something as big as bringing one of the Dazzlings back to school?

Whipping out her mobile phone, Applejack began to text the rest of the girls, sans Sunset.

"P.S. Do NOT ask Sunset along, it's something concerning her." Read the text on Rainbow Dash's phone. The athlete previously sat sprawled now tensed up and frowned at her screen under the desk.

Rainbow's arm shot out to poke Pinkie in the sides, causing the party girl to drop the handful of sweets she was holding.

"You could've just asked if you wanted to tickle," Pinkie turned to wink.

"Not now Pinkie, look!"

"Sooooo later?"

"Ugh, no! Look what Applejack sent me! She wants to see us, but not Sunset." Rainbow turned the phone so that it faced Pinkie. The drummer tilted her head, patted herself in various places before rummaging in her hair to pull out her own pink mobile.

"I got the same thing too!" Pinkie exclaimed, shoving her phone in Rainbow's face.

Their annoyed teacher rapped a fist on the whiteboard, causing Pinkie to throw her phone back into her hair and swivel back to face the front of the classroom.

"Why doesn't AJ want Sunset coming?" Rainbow whispered.

"I don't know!" Pinkie's voice dropped to a whisper as well.

"Sooo, tickles later?"

"Ughhh!" Rainbow hid her face in her hands. "No!"

"Just your sides and armpits this time!"

Blushing furiously, the athlete leant forth to slap her drummer across the head, again making Pinkie turn with an expression that definitely did not spell "kid-friendly".

"...So you've taken a liking to the rougher road, hmm?"

Rainbow pursed her lips and cupped Pinkie's cheek to turn her head back towards the front of the class.

Author's Note:

That's for the first half or so of the school day FYI

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