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-Taking place after Rainbow Rocks but before the events of Friendship games.-

The fall harvest has always been back breaking work, but Applejack finds it doubled after Big Macintosh sprains his arm in the field. After trying to take on the whole workload herself she is working herself into the ground. Her friends are concerned but take her at her word that she'll be fine. All but Sunset Shimmer who fears her new friend has taken on more then she can chew. Sunset through force of will manages to convince Applejack that she needs help and afterwords Applejack starts to see her once foe in a very different light.

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Now that’s just ridiculous I know that she was conscious for a few of my classes, some teachers weren’t as forgiving as Cheerilee about sleeping in class after all… but for the life of me, I can’t think of single thing she had retained from those classes. It was all like a vague fog, I remember the mantra of ‘gotta stay awake’. But beyond that…

I'm pretty sure that this is Applejack thinking to herself, so shouldn't these be "I" instead of "she"?

You don't see a lot of Sunset x AJ out there. I'll keep an eye on this

I was going to search for another story, but I had to stop when I saw the cover art for this and give props to the artist whoever he/she is.

Well this is cool. Just one thing through, the perspective keeps jumping all over the place. Is it first person through applejack or third person? It goes from her using I to stuff like "She gazed out".

Here is an example.

All the work I needed to do!. O would have to do more from here on out, to make up for todays slip up. I’ll work through my nights too if I have to. The Apple harvest could still be managed. She looked at the setting sun the unquestioning feeling of dread as her muscles protested the upcoming workload.

See, its switching from first to third person in the paragraph.

6548187 ah. Shit. yeah I originally wrote this in a kind of no cares 'its 3 in the morning and I want to write' sort of way.
tried to edit it to be exclusively first person.
never was good at editing
I'll try to fish some more of those out. Sorry bout that

6548213 No worries, just thought it would be worth pointing out. If it interests you there are editing groups on fimficiton. Not sure how good they are but they exist.

Okay SunnyApple is a new ship for me! Man, fans are infinitely creative when it comes to this stuff, aren't we? :raritywink:

Is this story going to be entirely from Applejack's POV? I think that you've done a good job getting into her head here!

Looking ahead, hanging around the Apples might be odd for Sunset. Most fanons have her as an orphan or at least extremely disconnected from her biological family. So, being stuck in the middle of a very, very tight-knit and happy family like the Apples are will be strange, maybe even a little claustrophobic for her. Then there is the very real possibility that some of the girls at school might gossip in a nasty way. It will be interesting to see where you take this story.

I always thought that Sunset didn't have much potencial for shipping outside of Twilight and maybe adagio but boy was I wrong :pinkiegasp:

6548213 Ok. This is rather different from other shipping. But as the saying goes 'don't knock it till you try it' and I most certainly liked this fic. Hoping to see more in the future.:twilightsmile:

Three obvious things come to me from this chapter.

1) I'm actually surprised that Rainbow was of any use to Applejack whatsoever. It's always nice when you're reading a story and the author takes you pleasantly by surprise.

2) Pinkie is Pinkie; the idea that she hadn't noticed that AJ is pining after Sunset is somewhat ridiculous, when you think about it.

3) Is... Did Sunset just tell AJ and Pinkie the origin story of the Changelings?

Just a note, the title of a head teacher is spelt 'Principal'.

6551166 derpicdn.net/img/view/2015/9/28/990321__safe_rainbow+dash_fluttershy_applejack_shipping_equestria+girls_screencap_lesbian_sunset+shimmer_spoiler-colon-friendship+games.png


Yeah, you would be surprised.

Also exert from the "Sunset Shimmer’s Time to Shine" chapter book.

“There was lots of giggling as the girls frosted the donuts. They added swirls and sprinkles. Sunset Shimmer discovered that she wasn’t bad at decorating and was good at using the pastry bag to create pretty designs. When all the donuts were frosted, they looked beautiful—and delicious. There was still frosting left in the bowl, and Applejack swiped her spatula in it and frosted Sunset Shimmer’s nose! Then Sunset Shimmer did the same to Applejack.
“Now we’re decorated.” The girls laughed.
They wiped their faces clean and licked the last of the frosting from their fingers.
“That didn’t take any time at all!” said Sunset Shimmer, amazed.
“You are wrong about that,” said Applejack, pointing at the clock. Hours had passed.”

1) Good I'm glad I was able to do that for you. :)

2) Yup.

3) Yup :D. I love filling holes in lore when I can. :)

and thank you I have gone back to fix it, thank you very much for pointing that out ^_^;

There are some grammar mistakes, but I'm liking this story.

Sunset is probably an orphan or worse. What's 'worse'? Somepony whose family rejected her and thus she has the situation of them being alive but not willing to associate with her. That would be horrible; the sort of agony that could have set her on the Dark Path for sure.

It's interesting how much like Twilight Sunset Shimmer is in many ways. They would have been sisters-in-all-but-blood, in a better and saner universe.

Seriously, the bad grammar is killing me.

Sweet story. Needs some editorial lovin' but it's pretty damn good.
Just a note though:
*I don’t think that’s a very goo” - I think you lost couple words here.
Also - Pinkie Pie is written in two words, not like "Pinkiepie" as you did.

The Grammer needs some work and the story could use some editing but it's really enjoyable. Looks likE it's been a while since an update. Hope you haven't given up!

I want the rest!!Dx good job on the story!

Between how you portrayed RD and the H&H story I am loving this.

I bet Dash doesn't turn up, in an attempt to give the girls "alone time."

I really want this to continue. Between Rainbow actually having some depth of character H&H story I love this.

I love the chapter I can't wait to read more of this story:pinkiehappy:


it could even be worce then that as in sunset having to run away due to abuce

i can not wait for the update
Edit made nearly six months later: I don't think it will

Lol I don't know why I played myself like this. This thing haven't been updated in years :raritydespair: For what it is worth, this was a really interesting story and the characters and plot were written in a way that it was canon enough that it was easily acceptable to believe. Hopefully one day the author finds interest in this story, but it was a great one :pinkiehappy:

Why did you stopped this story? This was getting sooo good! I was actually sad that there wasn't another chapter lol! You did good on this!

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