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Life As They Know It - TheNewYorkBrony

The Dazzlings try to get used to their new lives as humans while also trying to keep it together.

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Thoughts and Schemes

Adagio gleefully smiled at Sunset, who was visibly uncomfortable under the Siren's gaze. The morning could probably be salvaged with this delight, but she knew just making the younger girl uncomfortable just wasn't enough.

They had retreated to a secluded area of the cafe, in a corner where people with laptops and headphones could shut themselves out from the world. It was the perfect little corner for her interrogation.

"Say, Sunset," She mewled, drawing the girl's attention back to her after it had wandered off some time ago. "I have a few questions," she raised an eyebrow, expecting a response out of her.

Sunset blinked. "Okay. About?"

"This whole...reformed thing. Surely you didn't just wake up one day and decided to just give up on everything you worked so hard for," Adagio lightly tapped the lip of her cup with a manicured finger as she spoke.

"No, of course not," Sunset responded with a sigh. "It's not an automatic thing. I had to make the choice myself. Twilight and the girls just simply gave me a push in the right direction."

"So why didn't you chose to stay as you were?" Adagio asked, her head tilted.

"Because...." Sunset pursed her lips. "Because there was no going back for me. I couldn't go back. There was nothing to go back to." She looked away from the older woman. "It's...complicated."

"Complicated? Sunset Shimmer me and my sisters have lived more years than you or your friends ever will. If there's one thing I know it's that nothing is ever 'complicated'." Adagio said, making air quotations. "We aren't exactly taking this well, and quite frankly many times in the past I thought of more ways than one of killing you and your friends.

Sunset's face froze.

"But that wouldn't change anything, as I realized. We'd still be as powerless as before. Only thing that would have changed is that we'd have gotten some sort of revenge. And even if we got that, our hearts would still not be satisfied. We still see that green mist we used to feed on everyday. Greed, fear, disharmony, it's all there. And oh is it tantalizing," She made eye contact with Sunset, her eyes burning with passion. She reached out and grabbed Sunset's hand, massaging it with her deft fingers.

"The power we felt...it was exhilarating. Feeling like nothing could stop you, nothing could tear you down. We were invincible. Immortals in a mortal world." She lead Sunset's hand down her body, eyeing her the entire time, her eyes igniting with mischief as she saw the blush set upon the younger woman's cheeks.

"You could even say it felt better than sex."

At that, Sunset let out a shuddered breath. "B-But what does this have to do with me?" She asked, thanking the heavens when Adagio had let go of her hand.

Adagio looked at the clock. She had about five minutes to get back to work. Sighing, she pulled a pen from her bag and wrote her number on Sunset's hand. "Text me and you'll find out," she said ominously, getting up to leave.

She didn't even spare the girl a second glance as she walked out the door.

By the time that Aria and Sonata had made it to work, the place was packed with people. Any other day it would have been practically empty. But because it was Monday, and more than a few people used their lunch breaks to get drunk, they had a full house.

"There you are!" A girl with long magenta hair said, pulling Sonata. "I had to take over your tables for you! Cherry hasn't suspected anything yet but if you don't get your sorry ass out there and pretend like you've been here for the past hour she'll ring your neck!"

"Thanks a bunch Plum Luck! I owe ya one!" Sonata told her with a smile as she tied her black apron on.

"Damn right you do! I'm getting half your tips, Sonny!" The other girl responded, disappearing into the kitchen to grab some plates.

Sonata watched the girl leave and then turned back around in enough time to see Aria slip behind the bar. Unlike her, she hadn't made friends with anyone at the grill yet. And it seemed like Aria found that just fine. She sighed, and went over to a table that had just been seated, beginning of what was to be a busy work day.

Aria slumped against the bar and groaned. She hadn't had time to get something to eat before work and she was starving. She nearly passed out making a cocktail for the woman in front of her.

"Someone's in a cheerful mood," A blonde with green skin said with a smirk.

"Shut the fuck up, Daisy," Aria muttered, not even bothering to look up at the girl. "What do you want from me?" Daisy Dukes was the other bartender at Cherry's Grill that started working a few days after Aria. They manned the bar together, even putting on shows for the late night college crowd for extra tips. Aria didn't really see her as a friend, more like a pain in the ass who she could have a smoke with.

Daisy tapped her chin even though Aria couldn't see. "Well, for starters you could take me on a date," she said with a wink.

"Ain't gonna happen," Aria snapped. "Seriously though, what do you want?"

Daisy shrugged. "Nothing really. I just wanted to bug ya." she nudged Aria. "Chin up, soldier. You just got here and the Monday rush isn't going to end because you want it to."

Aria rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, okay." She said, sitting up.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the grill, Sonata was taking orders and talking to costumers with ease. She had a special formula down for each kind of customer. For families she was polite and gave the kids free sundaes. For women on their lunch break, she commented on their appearance. And for the rowdy boys from the college a few blocks down, well, all she had to do was to put a little bounce in her step to show off her "girls" and there'd be a twenty dollar tip waiting for her.

She loved her job. It was nice speaking to people. For centuries she had wondered what it had been like interacting with common folk normally. (They had all kept their contact with mortals minimal in fear of being discovered.) But now with no powers to worry about, she could do whatever she wanted as she pleased.

Even if Aria and Adagio saw her as nothing but a space case, she was very observant when it came to people's feelings and facial expressions. She always knew when someone was contemplating something, or when something was about to happen. It was her Sonata Sense in a way. A sixth sense in that she could always be one step ahead. After being around mortals for so long, she had realized that one thing about them had stayed constant through the millennia, never changing.

They all exhibit the same behaviour. Sure times, cultures, languages, even places themselves change, but what was always so fascinating about humans to her was that no matter what they were named, where they came from, they were all the same.

And with that information, she lived her daily life, interacting with the world around her.

"You sure are a people person," A fellow waitress, Misty Rain told her, patting her on the back and disturbing her from her thoughts.

"Oh, yeah, well, when you've been around people for as long as I have, you start to see that there's nothing scary about them," she answered, smiling in the girl's direction.

"Keep this up, and Cherry might promote you to manager or something," another waitress, Rose Bud, added.

Sonata's smile grew at the kind words. She blushed. "Well, I don't know about that. Especially since I haven't been working here for that long," she said modestly.

"Who cares?!" Misty told her. "You're like, totally the best waitress here! Well, I mean, not to sell ourselves short or anything. But seriously! You're awesome, Nata!"

Sonata's eyebrows raised at the nickname. The only person who had ever called her that was Aria. And that was in the early days of their banishment, when all they had was each other. The moment they had stepped foot into this world they had decided that they weren't going to let each other drift apart or go mad with power.

Of course, no one can control the future, but had Sonata known what was to come she would have warned her sisters to just not bother. Adagio had become even more of a megalomaniac, and Aria became as bitter as the limes she puts in her cocktails.

And Sonata...Sonata had just stuck with them through it all because that's what sisters did. They stuck through it all with each other. Even though they weren't blood related and were only sisters through a millennia long bond, Sonata would die for the two women she had spent so much of her life with. Whether or not it was the same for them, she wasn't sure, but what she was sure of was that she dearly loved them both.

She smiled warmly at Rose. "Thankies. You guys are awesome too," she told them all sincerely. She meant every word too. She'll never know these girls as long as she's known her sisters, (due to their mortal lifespans of course,) but she was sure that they were good friends that she could keep around for a while.

By the time Adagio had gotten back to work, Hot Shot's coffee had gotten cold. She honestly couldn't have cared less as she made her way into his office and slamned the cup down on his desk.

"What took you so long?" He asked, glaring at her.

"There was a long line," Adagio said curtly. "Is there anything else you need me to do?"

"Yes," Hot Shot answered. "Go make copies of these and set up a meeting with my most important client." He shoved some papers into her hands and made a shooing motion with his own.

Grinding her teeth, Adaio stomped out of his office and walked down to the copy room. There she saw another girl who worked closely with him, leaning against the machine and popping her gum. She was an unpaid intern, there to learn about the ins and outs of business for her college classes.

Adagio didn't particularly like the girl, but she didn't really hate her either. More than once she's seen her roll her eyes at something their boss had said, and seemed to have the same reactions as her when it came to him being touchy-feely.

The girl didn't give her so much as a second glance as she walked past her out the room, but Adagio was thankful for that. She was in no mood for idle chit chat.

Slamming the papers onto the copy machine, she felt her phone buzz in her pocket. Irritated, she unlocked it to see she had a text message.

It wasn't from a number she had saved, but she had a pretty good guess of who it was when she read the contents of it. It wasn't very long, just a brief answer to what she had told Sunset earlier.

Despite her feelings about her, Adagio had to admit Sunset was a smart girl, and the edge of curiosity that reeked from her message had the former Siren smirking like a cat.

Speaking of cats, she knew what happened to the curious ones.

And this kitten had fallen right into her trap.

Author's Note:

Yes this story is still a thing. My only excuse is laziness but it's summer and I'm preparing for stuff. Can't blame me.

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She had a special formula down for each kind of customer. For families she was polite and gave the kids free sundaes. For women on their lunch break, she commented on their appearance. And for the rowdy boys from the college a few blocks down, well, all she had to do was to put a little bounce in her step to show off her "girls" and there'd be a twenty dollar tip waiting for her.

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