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Horrifically Fun


Sonata is left alone in a supermarket by the other Dazzlings. Presumably left for dead, she’ll have to pull together all her survival skills to if she’s going to make it on her own.

Inspired by artwork by the wonderful and talented thegreatcat14

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Okay, I loved the ending.

The constant mis-use of words grated a little at times, despite being able to tell it was deliberate. Even in your other stories she usually had a better grasp of English than that.

Not sure whether to laugh, or cringe, remembering the story I read a while back that postulated that Sonata's ditzyness was a result of her traumatised mind slowly collasping in on itself...

Except for the Derpy part, because that's totally the former.

I was really hoping Sonata would do a rain dance when the sprinklers came on, I was praying for that!

You have caused so much pain to my sides:rainbowlaugh:

It was like trying to solve a puzzle...

Why is Button in like, all of your fics? Not complaining, just making an observation

I just HAD to read the first half out loud. It was hilarious! Like working through a word puzzle. Though I'm surprised Buzz Lightyear didn't show up with Woody

I'm glad I'm so well-read, otherwise I might not have gotten all of Sonata's "word puzzles." Can't take her anywhere, can you?

Those intentional spelling errors...Those Veggietales and Toy Story reference...Sonata and her randomness.

You did this story justice, Justice :rainbowlaugh:


:twilightblush: Yeah... Sonata dropped a dew IQ points for this story and her word choices had me cringing at times as well.

Still was fun to write, though. :rainbowwild:


Button and his mom make for good cameos, though they're fun to give their own stories to.

It does amuse me that his brother has become so much more important in the Wheel and The Butterfly. :derpytongue2:

That has to be the stupidest Sonata I have ever seen. It was hilarious.

Normally I cringe at excessively stupid Sonata instead of regularly clueless, ditzy Sonata, but this...this was inspired.

Inspired by WHAT, I'm not sure. :rainbowwild:

That was absolutely brilliant :rainbowlaugh:

They should probably take Sonata to a hospital, I'm pretty sure the Rainbooms gave her severe brain damage. If not... they should still go. That girl needs some serious help.:rainbowlaugh:

5882574 There was a fic sort of based on that...

5882582 What was it called? You can't just dangle such a story at me and not tell me what it's called!:raritydespair:

5882582 Really? What was it called?

D'awww. Sonata's so adorable when she's mildly psychotic.

5882672 I kind of have a link in my previous comment :rainbowlaugh: Highlight 'a fic'

Comment posted by Justice3442 deleted Apr 19th, 2015

Aria is like me, grab the toys and make tracks

5882735 Oh. Stupid low contrast screen!

Unknown stupidity. Amazing

5883628 and by that I mean Sonata

:yay: xD This is just about one of the best fics I've ever read. :rainbowkiss:

I had stopped to examine an odd arty-fact of unknown organ. [...]I had meant for Aria to help me ass-or-tame its porpoise.[...] the girls had vanished into the vast ex-pants of this bright, colorful world

I shed a tear at how beautiful that opening paragraph went. So glad to see you make more new stories with the girls. If there's one thing I agree with Anderson from the comics, is she's always looking for something new and exciting to latch onto and learn about. Not so much dumb as she is inquisitive.

Too bad we didn't get to see that in the Sirens comic much. -_- Still, the art was cute.

Well, onto the rest of this story. Just had to comment on that magnificently crafted paragraph. It really takes in the whole typo thing and turns it into something extra special.

Vegetales. xD

All I can picture is Sonata as Tom Hanks. Pnly to heck with the sports aisle, toys section has way more cooler stuff you can talk to as if they were real people.

I we see life through Aria's eyes someday.

Sonata is such a feral spirit. xD

> “⸘How would I make tacos with only grapes‽”

¡Sonata is deep! Also, use Interrobangs.

> “¡Someone even killed a Tauntaun and took a bunch of sausage out of it!”

¡TaunTauns smell even worse on the inside!

¿Is the MuffinMare a Grey-Skinned Blonde-Haired, Golden-Eyed young woman with Strabismus named Miss Derpalina Ditzy Doo Whooves?

Very nice. Good work.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

Well, that was hilarious.
Just a few things I'd like to point out:

Button’s ‘mom’ turned and gave Sonata a disapproving scowl.

Why did the narration suddenly turn to third-person past tense?

Maybe I can quickly take him out before he or anyone else even knows what hit him

Missing period.

Adagio exclaimed as motioned down the toy aisle.

“NEVER!” Sonata cried as motioned to the toys

Should be "as she motioned"?

Adagio’s eyes eyelids

I I’ve been

Extra word.

a look of utterly disbelief


Night Watch eye’s

Night Watch's eyes?


Fixed! Thank you! :twilightsmile:

I originally was going to do third person omniscient with Sonata's thoughts italicized, but this looked pretty unbalanced and strange altogether. The narration shift was me missing one line where I had done this when I went back to remove those parts.

The rest was my brain filling in gaps during proofreading it shouldn't have. :twilightblush:

Thanks again!

Omg derpy at the end was hilarious, I love this story, great work! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:

left for dead

Could gaben make a third?

However, another attempted to seize control, saying that I was his ‘favorite deputy’. When I pro-test-Ed and declared myself his ruler, he had the a-draw-city to say that the town wasn’t big enough for the both of us! After a fierce rebel-lion where someone even went so far as to poison the local water supply, my foe was brought low by my strength and also the fact that a snake snuck into his boot.

*facedesk* you have officially changed my impression of sonata forev-nope.

Still, freaky! Primitive Sonata is not want.

Oh great, I meed slep os ah cen talk acain.

Lyra described as blue? I always thought she was on the blue side of green.
Or in the cyan/turquoise/teal range if you separate colours that way. Maybe.
But yeah, I always thought she was mint green.


*Alondro bows to the master of sheer, unfettered insanity*

...Maybe I missed something, but what's wrong with Sonata? Why is she so, so... stupid? I could deal with her difficulty with English (even if it is a bit weird), but when it got to the point where she had to check her hands to figure out what was left and what was right, it just got ridiculous. There's exaggeration for the point of comedy, and then there's flanderization.

Maybe it was just me, but the OOCness, combined with the weird word salad sentences, made this virtually unreadable. Unfortunate, as I thought the premise was brilliant.

Sonata is an idiot.

The person who wrote this is a genius.

Majin Syeekoh

So I've been seeing this story in my also liked for a couple days and I decided to check it out.

...just. Just take the like. You've fucking earned it. This is patently ridiculous.

I think it's time to re-evaluate if learning to cook is more trouble than keeping Sonata around.

Eight Minutes alone...Wow.
I'd love to guess what an hour does. (Or her reaction to sleep and a bath.)
I can imagine sleeping in veggies and a bath...let's leave it where it stands.

Sonata, don't stop being adorably stupid.

By Luna's teats Sonata must be trippin' balls here...

Kinda explains quite a bit :derpytongue2:


Some vegetables can talk and teach us valuable lessons about me being special and God loving me!

This is referencing something, but the only animated veggies I know are Veggie Tales...and I don't remember them doing the 'God loving me' part Sonata is mentioning. Just singing, dancing, typical cartoon stories, and some skits.

So...what is she watching? :rainbowhuh:

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