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Horrifically Fun


Sonata stumbles upon a little video while browsing the internet. What follows requires an incredible amount of scrubbing and therapy to repair for all parties involved.

Sonata vector from mixiepie.
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You brilliantly insane lover of mothers!
You've accomplished that which only was possible in the dreams of mad men.

Have all of my homosexual love for your story and your tacos...especially the tacos!



I'm not completely sure I understand what was going on at the end there, with the tote bag and the messy walls, but still. In particular, though, I love the Sirens' characterizations and interactions, which are pretty much perfectly accurate to my own take on them - down to Sonata using Aria as a kleenex even as they're still arguing. Adagio seemed a bit fixated on the 'gathering energy' thing, but I wouldn't say that's really inaccurate to canon. All told, good job!

Aria rolled her eyes. “You’ve already shown us the cat playing the bagpipes video like a hundred times, Sonata… We’re not getting up for that!”

I see what you did there. :trixieshiftright:

I wasn't sure if everypony would get the reference...

Gir would be so proud of Sonata. That is why she is my favorite Dazzling.

5126192 I think Sonata is EVERYONE'S favourite Dazzling.

Even mine.

This is by far the greatest dazzling story on fimfiction! Kudos to you good sir, take a mustache!:moustache:

I definitely saw Aria as someone who openly insults Sonata, but secretly cares for her.

Just a thought. While I'm on my phone(and thus cannot quote it), when they're talking about collecting energy and Sonata suggests they get a "Fr@&$n Handbag", they stare at her as though she sweared. But she did swear!

Other than that, a nice, funny little work. A grade.

I don´t know if this video already exist in germany, but i like Sonata probably the most, she lookst like she is the silly one of the group

That... was beautiful. Have a taco and 5/5 mustaches. You earned it you glorious parakeet.



Comment posted by StarLadybugQuinn deleted Oct 11th, 2014

This was awesome thanks for the idea of a new taco. And also I'm Sonata but I'm a princess now and I'm better than Aria.

This was awesome thanks for the idea of a new taco. And also I'm Sonata but I'm a princess now and I'm better than Aria.

...I can die happy now. For realizes. :scootangel:

Was it? Was it worth it, Sonata? We'll find out what your colon has to say about it soon enough.

Headcanon: Sonata made the taco without so much as spilling a drop, but her diarrhea afterwards was what caused the huge mess.

I know, i'm messed up.

Yeah, if they thought this was a mess, they are going to be in for a real surprise...

All hail Sonata, the Taco Queen!

Oh dear lord. If she was human, she'd have died five times over from that goddamn monstrosity.:pinkiesick::pinkiesick::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I'd go to town on Sonata's taco, if you know what I mean. :trollestia:

That's our Sonata :eeyup: This was too funny :rainbowlaugh:

I just loved that moment where the girls thought Sonata was gone. Really emotional :fluttercry:

5127478 (̖̠͛́͑ ͍͎͐ͦͦ̊͋̋ͥ°͍̞̻̫̘̭̓ͭ̚ ͔̭̓ͥ̉̀͑̓́ͯ̍ʖ͍̤̝͉ͯ̓̎ͨ͂ ̣̊ͧ̓͋ͥͤ̿ͮ°̗̤͍͓̒ͦ̀ͨ̊͂̚)̻͚̠̓ͯͤͅ ̤̳̖̉͒̌̌͋̈̂̋

you know what I love about tacos?

Can you not?


Well then.


Hope the Dazzlings have more then one bathroom, because Sonata's gonna be spending the night there. :rainbowlaugh:

Great story, very hilarious, very full of Sonata adorableness, all in all an enjoyable experience! :yay:

Oh wow, this was great :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

Not quite as amazing as Cafeteria Control, but I enjoyed this regardless. :D


Got these! Thank you! :twilightsmile:

You've done it again, Justice4243! In addition to being hilarious, I really love your interaction between the 3 Dazzlings. Yes they fight all the time and dump on Sonata a lot, but at their core they do care about each other, and the other 2 take it upon themselves to watch out for Sonata. I've read a lot of other Sonata fics that just sprang up, and way too many of them have the other two dump Sonata in a ditch as soon as their gems break. I applaud your characterization.

I really love the way you wrote Aria and Adagio. You made them seem like a lot of real people; pretending they don't care, but they actually do, and they know it. Have a fav and a thumbs up!

Oh yeah and a mustache:moustache:

You get a thumbs up just for remembering this skit.

Now to see if Sonata gets her tote bag of spicy vegetarian chili...

I first realized while reading Long Road to Friendship that evil-ish characters can be the weirdest kind of cute.

This story reaffirmed that notion, if only in my head. Quite fun! :pinkiehappy:

¡This story rules! Sonata Dusk really suffered extreme cognitive decline over the thousands of years of exile. I understand why Sonata Dusk is a FanFavorite:

As the dumbest of these sirens, she is the least dangerous. I must caution fans of Sonata Dusk though:

In the presence of Sonata Dusk, always wear headphones and never turn your back on her.

Before the cognitive decline, Sonata Dusk might have been the leader.

Even though, they cannot the world like they want, they manages to make governmental employees create false identities with accompanying Identification. They also can make people give them money.

Now THIS is like the most DAZZLING Dazzlings fic on the site. All three characters were so perfectly characterized. Adagio and Aria were so nice. Loved the whole way they explain to Sonata about what's real and what's not. I really hope there are more stories like this out there.

This is the BAR OF QUALITY that many Dazzling fics should strive to be or surpass. As super lovable Sonata was in this, Adagio and Aria made it possible to appreciate Sonata's character. A prime example of the power of what one can achieve when they use the full set then pretend the Adagio and Aria don't exist.

I love the world you built for them here, so hope to see more continuations of these three in the future. You have a knack for writing these three like none I've seen yet. They each felt distinct to their movie counterparts while adding onto the characters without making anything feel tact on.

Again, hope to see you write another Dazzlings fic in the future. This was just full of awesome.


And here I was saying to myself how too tired I was to make a comment. lol;

5127478 That was bad and you should feel bad but so would I

Why thank you. I greatly appreciate it. I just gotta update my story that bears the same name. Heh.

Who wouldn't? That's the important question here.

Oh my god, I was laughing a good way through this.

This was damn good, dude.


I did not need that visual, damnit.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Going to leave this here:

Why do I get the feeling that Sonata was faking being unconscious and heard every word Aria said?


5127478 Goddamnit, Gary.

5138995 XD you beat me to it!

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