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After a rather not so Dazzling argument Sonata is rather mad at Aria. She had gone way to far, as far as bringing Sonata's new friends into this one. Now Aria wants forgiveness from the depressed blue girl, who now has a rather different view on things.

Well I finally got around to write something. Cover art by hisshi shoujo.

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Comments ( 7 )

Well done, I love this couple! :heart:

Cute story. Very sweet. ^ ^

Btw, the artist is hisshi shoujo, or zetsboshoujo. You can find their work here. (Caution: Some is NSFW)

I think my biggest issue is that, I wish I would be able to actually watch the argument

Thanks, I needed that. :raritywink:
Thank you! :twilightsmile:
Yeah. I didn't really have the whole argument planned out. :twilightblush:

6819126 Reading the authors note I kind of figured that but without it the whole story for me felt kind of flat. I had no emotional investment in it. I didn't feel that Sonata was too easy to forgive or that aria shouldn't be forgiven because I had no clue what she was apologizing for.

Just my two bits

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