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This is my first Fan fiction.
Aria is home alone and decides to play Five Nights At Freddy's. Before she can even play the game Freddy Fazbear appears in her bedroom. Will she survive?

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Awesome story! I don't play fnaf but I know absolutely everything about it. Anyway, sometimes as I'm reading or watching a video on my iPod (like right now) I look up and expect to see Freddy staring into my face lol. This made me even more afraid. Also whenever I walk out of my bathroom I see Bonnie's face in my wall. It changes between withered Bonnie, toy Bonnie, phantom Bonnie, shadow Bonnie and occasionally spring trap. Is that normal?

Thanks for the fav.:rainbowdetermined2: and the game did stuff like that to me until I played a demo version. I think it's the demo not positive, if not it's a great place to start! Here's a link :raritywink: FNAF 2

5846079 welcome :twilightsmile: sadly though I can't play the game. My parents say it messes up my brain. But great story!

Hello! I came here because this story was submitted to multiple hate groups. (Truly a pious reason, I know.) However, I have to say that there are two reasons as to why it was submitted.

1. Anything involving FNAF seems to be downvotes on principle, with the flood of crossovers as of late.
2. The story is very short, leaving something to be desired. Also, you might want to work on your pacing.


Thank you for you for the warnings. Maybe I should put out there that it was a random idea that just popped into my head. I decided to write it out for the FNAF fan girls (and boys) like myself.:ajsleepy: I am over obsessed.

Comment posted by Lunar Dusk deleted Apr 10th, 2015
Comment posted by Sapphire the Gem deleted Apr 10th, 2015

WOW that was the first FNAF fic I have read and it was pretty good.

I have to admit the "Mr. Ted" part made me giggle and the general story was fun.

8/10 great job.

I thank you for my enjoyment.

This is an interesting story. It's light, upbeat, and humorous. I'm not that good of a critic, so I can't really find anything negative to say. It doesn't make me laught out loud, but it does make me smile from amusement.

I can't play FNAF; (one time when I was babysitting I was a bit creeped out by the life-size teddy bears that the kids had.) I'm more interested in its backstory, and that's what I use for MY FNAF fanfics, but I do like the random story when I'm in a bad mood.

Okay, I keep sidetracking. All in all, it's a nice story and I am bad at saying exactly how. Sorry.

Thank you.:pinkiehappy: I have actually played the game demo a few times, I am also interested in the back story, it is very interesting.:trixieshiftleft:

Well THAT eskaleted Quickly. *sitcom lauth*

Comment posted by Aria Frickin Blaze deleted Jul 6th, 2015

Not Bad, Pretty good! Finally had a chance to read it. :pinkiehappy:

Was pretty good! Although the correct weapon to use is a fire axe...

Can't wait to read more

I have a feeling she destroyed Mr Ted.:rainbowlaugh:

That would probably make a very interesting sequel. :rainbowlaugh:

7275892 well , it does look a lot like Freddy , you should make a sequel , and I would definitely read it , because I'm interested now !:pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

6176067 like in I hope you die in a fire ?!?!:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

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