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Well, no... it's the stories that you have enjoyed reading or wan to keep track of as they are released. You own stories appear under the "Stories" tab, also at the top of your screen.:pinkiesmile:

2002588 it does, but one more, it it your books that you put in it?

A bookshelf is a sub-section of your personal library. When you look above a story's page, over the cover art, you'll see that you have some options such as "Tracking," "Favorite," and "Add to Other Bookshelf." If you want to place the story on a custom bookshelf use the later. I have one for all of my favorite Spike stories, for instance. If not, you can just click "Favorite" and it will go to that bookshelf in your library. The library tab is located on the top of your screen on the right. Hover over it and you'll be taken to your "Favorite" bookshelf and any other bookshelves you may have, as well as see where you can make a "New Bookshelf." I hope this helped!:twilightsheepish:

2002572 i have a question, what is a bookshelf?

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