• Published 24th May 2020
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Up to Fate - Onomonopia

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Fated Meeting

Nabu’s voice shook the chamber, knocking dust from the ceiling and cracking the stone around Pinkie’s hooves. His golden light that radiated from his helmet nearly blinded Pinkie while her ears rang from how loud his voice had been. She shook her head while blinking to try to clear up her senses.

“Can you tone down the light and your voice, please? You’re really bright and really loud,” Pinkie asked.


“That. Ow. That. You’re really loud,” Pinkie replied. For a moment the helmet did nothing, before the light radiating from it dimmed.

‘How is that?’

“Much better! Y’know for a moment I was afraid your voice was going to collapse the whole temple,” Pinkie said as she rubbed her ears. Her smile came to her face and she walked over to the helmet, able to see it better with the light gone. “Well it’s nice to meet you, Mr. Nabu! Not everyday I get to meet a talking helmet.”

‘It…is nice to meet you as well?’

“So what are ya doing down here beneath the quarry? I mean, it doesn’t seem like the place for a temple. Normally temples are on the surface, surrounded by forests, savages and all other sorts of things you see in movies.”

‘I am here because this world needed me. Needed my power,’ Nabu said. ‘This world has been changed. Tirek should not be in power. And I fear an even greater darkness holding his strings. A darkness that must be stopped.’

“Well I would say so. Tirek has been a real meanie for a long time now. Glad to hear that you are going to stop him,” Pinkie said, before she started to look around. “So if you could just point me to the nearest exit, I need to get back to my family.”

‘Did you not hear what I said?’ Nabu snarled. ‘I am here for you, Pinkie. We are bound by fate. You will help me.’

“I would love to help, but there really isn’t anything I can do against Tirek, so I’ll have to pass,” Pinkie said, before looking behind her to see that her exit was gone. “Um, was there a door there a moment ago or am I seeing things?”

‘Put me on.’

“What?” Pinkie asked as she turned back to the helmet.

‘Put. Me. On,’ Nabu demanded. ‘I will not ask a third time.’

Hesitantly, Pinkie walked over to the helmet and picked it up. Her arms nearly went numb at the raw, magical power that flooded into her. “Are you sure I should-?”


With a shrug, Pinkie lifted the helmet and placed it on her head, unaware that the helmet shifted to accommodate her pony face. Her eyes went white the moment the helmet came on and a moment later she was in the middle of a universe, with stars flying past her while galaxies swirled around her head.

“W-what’s going on?” Pinkie asked.

“Finally. Now we can talk.”

Pinkie looked behind her to see a figure standing behind her. He wore a white toga, but that was all she recognized. He had two arms, similar to Tirek but his arms and body had the same stars and galaxies in them that surrounded Pinkie. His legs were like nothing she had seen on another creature, though she did like his sandals. And his face was masked by the very helmet she had put on, except now it radiated a light from it’s eyes that blinded her.

“To answer your question, Pinkie Pie, I am Nabu. A lord of order. And one of the most powerful beings in existence.”

“I…can tell,” Pinkie whispered. Truth was, she was terrified. Before the helmet had been the strongest source of magic she had ever felt, but now…standing before this being, she realized that she had never truly felt power before. Because before her was a power unlike anything she could dream of. Anything she would dare to dream of.

“And I am here, Pinkie, because I need you. Or rather, I have chosen you.”

“Chosen me? Chosen me for what?” she managed to weakly say.

“To wear my helmet. To wield my power. To save your world,” Nabu replied, his very voice shaking the cosmos around them. And, Pinkie realized, he might very well be shaking the very cosmos in which she lived.

“Um, not to sound ungrateful, but why do you need me?” she weakly asked. “You seem…you are more than powerful enough to save my world. I can tell.”

“A fair question. And a simple answer. My being and my power is confined to this helmet. Therefor, in order for me to act upon your world, I need a host. Someone who I feel I can entrust my helmet to. Entrust my power to. And I have been here a very long time, Pinkie. And I have found only one worthy. I have found you.”

“Me? Come on, I’m not that special,” Pinkie chuckled, trying to back away but was unable to.

“Are you saying that I am wrong?” Nabu asked and the universe began to turn red around him.

“NO! Not in the slightest. I’m just saying…you can pick better,” Pinkie stammered. “I mean, Princess Celestia would surely be a better pick. Yeah she’s trapped in the sun, but I doubt that would be a problem for you. There are plenty of ponies that I’m sure could help you better. I’m just…a miner.”

Nabu regarded Pinkie for a moment, before he let out a sigh.

“This world has been tainted, Pinkie. Tainted by an evil quite possibly older than me. And I have been around since the creation of the universe,” Nabu revealed. “It has changed this world irreparably. Almost nothing is what it should be. Be it the stars, the worlds or the ponies. They are all…different. All except for you.”


“You have retained your laughter. You retained your love. You are the only one to still embody your Element. And despite being a being of pure chaos, somehow, you are untainted. Therefor, I know I can trust you with my power. I have to entrust you with my power. There is no one else. You must restore order.’

“I…I don’t know what to say…but, I don’t know if I can accept…this power,” Pinkie said.

“It is too late,” Nabu said. “You already have.”

Pinkie’s eyes snapped open, looking around to see that she was back within the temple. She then looked down at herself and let out a yelp. A black suit covered with the cosmos covered her body, while gold grieves covered her limbs. A golden cape flowed out from behind her and an amulet around her chest hummed softly. But the biggest change was that she felt powerful. Far more powerful than she ever thought possible.

“What’s going on?” she asked, her voice echoing with might.

‘You are wearing my helmet. Therefor, you have access to a portion of my power,’ the voice of Nabu said in the back of her mind. ‘You are now the tenth wielder of my power. You are Doctor Fate!’

“…but I’m not a doctor.”

‘Do not test me, pony.’

“And how can this only be a portion of your power?” Pinkie asked, moving her legs in awe. “I feel unstoppable! Like nothing in the world can stop me.”

‘Because it cannot. The reason you only have a fraction of my power is because wielding my full might would shatter your mind and decimate your soul. You will have to learn how to wield what power you have.’

“Can’t you just, I don’t know, do it for me?” Pinkie asked. “Like, every time I put on the helmet you take control? Wouldn’t that work for you better?”

‘Why are you so hesitant, Pinkie? You are supposed to be courageous and so willing to help others, to the point that you might be called annoying?’ Nabu asked. When Pinkie didn’t reply, Nabu took a more direct approach. ‘Ah. You fear for your family. You fear what having his power will do to them. What dangers you will bring.’

“Did you just read my mind?!”

‘It was the fastest way to get answers.’

“You know friends aren’t supposed to do things like that, right? Major invasion of privacy right there!”

‘We are not friends. I am using you to save your world. Your compliancy, while appreciated, is not mandatory. To answer your early question, Pinkie, if I so wanted to I could erase your personality and take full control, giving me access to my full power. But, as I do not feel it is necessary…and because I promised Kent…I will allow you to keep control.’

“Well gee aren’t you just a swell guy,” Pinkie grumbled, but figured that at the moment she really didn’t have a choice.

‘You are correct.’

“Stop that.” Pinkie looked around at all of the rocks, not seeing an exit anywhere. “So how are we supposed to get out of here? Do you have a secret tunnel or a teleporting spell that will allow us to get past all of that?”

‘There is no secret tunnel. The cave in completely sealed you off from the surface,’ Nabu said. ‘And while I do have numerous teleportation spells, it would be easier to just lift that rock out of the way.’

“Lift it? There must be tens of thousands of tons burying us!” Pinkie said.


“And?! That is impossible to lift! Even the strong alicorn would have issue!”

‘Pinkie, do exactly as I command,’ Nabu said in a no-nonsense tone. ‘Lift your forehoof, call upon the power of fate and erase those rocks from your path.’

Pinkie shook her head, but did as Nabu asked, able to hear his patience running out. She called upon the power of fate, willed the rocks to move from her path…and her eyes went wide when all of those tens of thousands of tons of rock were erased from existence before her very eyes. The sunlight beamed down into the chamber where she was standing, but she didn’t blink. She was far too stunned.

‘Do you see now, Pinkie? You are not in the realm of possible, anymore. You are the impossible now,’ Nabu said. ‘And you will find, so long as you wear my helmet, that even the impossible means little to you. So shall you will it, so shall it be. Now let us go. There is much to be done.’

It slowly sank in to Pinkie’s mind the full extent of what Nabu was talking about. She closed her eyes and willed herself to rise into the sky. When she cracked her eyes open she found that the ground was far below her, while clouds softly passed by. She didn’t know what she found scarier. That she was actually flying or that she hadn’t sensed herself move. She was just…there.

“This…this is…” Pinkie began.

‘Save your disbelief for later. There is not much time. We must set this world right. We must restore the natural order.’

“The natural order…hey Nabu, what exactly is the natural order of my world?” Pinkie asked. For a moment, Nabu didn’t reply. Then images flashed before Pinkie’s eyes. Images of her and five other ponies discovering the Elements of Harmony. Battling against foes from nightmares. Solving the problems of not just Equestria, but the whole world. And, finally, helping to unit the world through peace. Through Harmony. And, causing Pinkie to tear up slightly, she saw that in this world that never happened, she saw her husband and son there, living happy, peaceful lives.

‘This is how your world is supposed to be. This is what must be restored. This is the reason I am here,’ Nabu said. ‘This world of peace and happiness was changed. The happy ending you and friends fought so hard for was altered. And now we must set it right.’

“And in this world, my family, my parents, sisters, husband and son…they lead better lives? Better than the lives I could give them?” Pinkie asked.

‘Yes,’ Nabu said with no hesitation. For a moment Pinkie thought about it. But only for a moment.

“Alright then, Nabu. Let’s set this right.”