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Pony Ville Champloo - The Fluttershy Guy

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A Duel Between Friends

Sorry this took awhile but yesterday I got a....NEW PUPPEH.....i puked rainbows and couldnt stop saying “DAWWWWW”. Okay proceed to enjoy. This was orginally going to part of a MASSIVE chapter, but I decided, more for my sanity's sake, that it deserved a chapter of its own.

“Kiss.My.Ass” Mugen laughed, continuing to shake his ass a mere foot in front of Princess Celestia's face. The whole group save for Mugen and Celestia had a look of sheer terror plastered upon their faces, unable to comprehend the situation.

“For the last time Mugen, I am not going to kiss your ass.” The Princess of the sun rather calmly, and even more strange, she had a twinkle of amusement in her eye.

Mugen grunted and dropped his rear end and turned to face the Princess, “Fine. That's not the favor I really wanted any way.” The human leaned in close to the princess, a fraction of an inch now separated the twos faces from colliding.

“Jin and I are going to finish the fight that we started and I want to temporarily enchant our blades so we don't cut each other to ribbons....and we're gonna turn it into a grand battle for all of Pony Ville to see who the greatest swordsman in Japan is. Also, I need to talk to you in private sometime before you go.”

Mugen looked straight into the Princess's eyes, not even blinking. Comeoncomeonecomeoncomeon. Mugen prayed and prayed in his head for the Princess to agree, while the Princess continued to stare blankly at him.

“Very well, I must admit, I am heavily interested in seeing this battle, especially since its non-lethal.” Mugen jumped pumping his fist into the air, his fist a mere inch from punching Celestia with an uppercut.

Mugen excitedly clamored to where he sat a few minutes before, a string of happy cusses streaming from his mouth. The moment he sat down, a very familiar hand slapped him upside his head at the exact same moment a certain hoof did.

“What in the hay is wrong with you Mugen!?!!” Applejack nearly shouted, at the exact same time, Fuu screamed into Mugens ear, “Mugen you idiot! Why would you even attempt that stunt!?!?!!”

Applejack gave the human girl the most hate, dagger and meanness filled stare the farm pony could possibly muster up. “And who in the hay do you think you are going around to trying to yell at MAH friends Mugen. Ah don't take kindly to that, thank yeh very much.” Fuu's jaw dropped, and she returned the death stare in turn, just as she was about to issue her rebutta, Celestia waved a hoof, a knowing smile on her face as she looked between Mugen and Aj, “Now, now my little ponies. Fuu and Jin are guests, treat them with respect. And Mugen.... you really should learn some decency.”

Mugen grinned sheepishly, but Aj continued to give her perceived rival the AppleFamilyPatentedDeathStare. Fuu, in turn just huffed and raised her head to face the opposite direction of the farm mare.

“Now where are we going to have this....showdown of a life time?” Celestia's voice range out.


Every Pony in Pony Ville had gathered around the town square, the entire pavilion had been cleared out on orders of the Princess for this duel.

Jin stood about fifteen feet away from Mugen, the two stared each other down silently, waiting for Celestia to start the bout.

Celestia trotted forward from her place amongst the crowd, “Attention Pony Ville, I hereby sanction this friendly duel between two friends.” Her horn began to glow and the moment it did Jin whipped his sword from its sheath, sending a small gust of wind out at the speed of which he drew. Mugen smirked and drew his sword and immediately both swords began to glow as a golden-yellow sheen covered both swords entirely, including the hilts and handles.

Celestia raised a hoof, every pony took in a baited breath, wondering what they were about to witness, “BEGIN!”

In a split second, Mugen and Jin immediately rushed forward, Mugen swinging his sword from side to side a look of sheer adrenaline pumped rage on his face. Jin, following Mugens lead, lightly stepped forward his sword held in front of him, a look of utter calm painting his face.

A mere four feet away Mugen jumped into the air and brought his sword down straight at Jin with his full strength behind the swing. Jin's own blade darted into the air clashing with Mugen's, a shower of sparks flew out.

As Mugen landed, each man swung their blades with a speed unseen, their blades whipping back and forth and around one another. Mugen hopped back when he saw the chance and readied himself for another assault.

But Jin didn't let him back on the offensive and instead darted forward, “Mugen...it has been a long time since we've clashed. Allow me to show you something I've managed to teach my self.”

Mugen struck out at Jin as the man got closer but....Jin merely side stepped leaving an....after image. Mugen's eyes grew wide as Jin's blade came down, Mugen's clashed against it, just barely keeping it from touching his taut skin.

Mugen grinned, “ Haha. That's a neat ass trick Jin. That'll make this all the more fn.” And as he finished Mugen slammed forward knocking the ronin back a little.

Mugen, wasting no time, lunged forward and slammed his blade into Jin's and began to push. The vagrant and ronin, slid along the ground of the town square as Mugen pushed and pushed against Jin. Mugen waited for it... comeonJinComeOnJin I know you want to.. DO IT!

Jin let his block go and vanished around to the side to strike at Mugen.


Mugen slammed his foot into Jin's side. Jin's face became plastered with shock as spittle flew from his mouth. Mugen immediately followed through with another strike from his sword, but Jin managed to raise his defense in time to block.

Mugen flipped back, again and again. A good fifteen feet between the vagrant and the ronin. Jin glared at Mugen, his face still one of complete calm.

Mugen darted forward again and again, a few feet from Jin he jumped into the air. Jin prepared himself to strike out but in mid air Mugen....turned his back to Jin.

Jin didn't know what to think. Here Mugen was with HIS BACK TURNED to him...and in mid air no doubt, where he wouldn't be able to dodge effectively, what is he doing? The thoughts raced through Jin...until a blur of motion off to Mugen's right.

Jin's blade caught the incoming strike from Mugens....SHEATH!?!! Jin realized all too late that Mugen's sheath was missing from his back and had lashed out at Jin...Mugen twisted in air and....slammed his sword down into nothingness as Jin barely managed to scramble away from the surprise strategy.

Jin and Mugen stared each other down... Mugen stepped to the side...Jin stepped to the side. The two began to circle, neither of them closing any distance.

“Come on Mugen! Ah know you can put the Apple Family hurtin' on this here Jin feller! Come On MUGEN!” Applejack cheered from her spot in the crowd.

Mugen smirked... and dashed forward. Jin readied his blade and surged forward to meet Mugen, his body moving so fast he left a trail of after images as he charged forward.

Mugen slammed his blade into the ground and heaved himself into the air forward at Jin. As they closed the distance Mugen flipped around and kicked at Jin with one foot. Jin blocked the kick and Mugen twisted around to kick Jin square in the top of head Mugen grinned a little...only for a fist to dig its way into Mugen's stomach.

Mugen let out a gasp as spittle flung from his mouth. He scrambled back and Jin did the same clutching his head with a hand.

Mugen glared at Jin, and Jin glared at Mugen. The two surged forward again their sword clashes sending sparks flying and gusts of wind to rock the town square.

The very familiar voices of the CMC rose above the noise of the clashing steel and the roar of the wind, “COME ON MUGEN!MUGEN!MUGEN!MUGEN!” The chant picked on as most of Pony Ville began to recite it, every pony pumped their hooves into the air as Mugens and Jins blades clashed again and again. Mugen danced away from Jin, Jin followed up with a slash of his sword. Mugen defected the blow and closed the distance between the two. Mugens blade slammed into Jins and the faces of both men were separated by a mere foot of space between them. Mugen grinned at Jin, and Jin let a small smile grace his lips as the two distanced themselves from one another for the umpteenth time.

2 hours later...

Mugen panted off to one side of the square, the CMC and all of his friends still urging Mugen on. His shirt was torn and he covered in bruises where Jin had managed to get him.

Likewise, Jin stood on the other end of the pavilion, he too panted and his robe had been torn a little. His body was covered in scratches and bruises from when Mugen had managed to land blows on him.

Even though it had been two hours since the start of the bout, the ponies drank in the duel with their eyes. Their voices, although heavily sore and raw, continued to ring out as they cheered.

Mugen lifted his blade up, his arm straight off to the side. Jin held his sword out with both hands. The two squinted at one another...they surged forward.

The distance between them closed...

Mugen raised his sword as he jumped at Jin...

Jin raised his blade as Mugen began to fall at him...

and with a resounding THUNK! Both men hit each other with direct hits to the head. Jin had swung his blade and it collided with Mugens thick skull from the side and Mugen's blade hit Jin square in the top of his head.

Both men fell to the ground, their bodies sending up a cloud of dust as they collapsed onto the ground.

Every pony surged forward to see if the two humans were okay.

Applejack managed to fight her way to front of the ground a look of sheer panic in her eyes, but when her sights fell on the rising and falling of Mugens chest as he breathed, a smile came to her lips as she looked over... HER human.

She glared daggers at Fuu who stared down at both humans with disinterest.

The CMC trotted forward and began to poke at Mugen with their hooves, “Hahaha! Mugens fun to play with even when he's blacked out.”

Every pony laughed as the doctor ponies inspected the two out cold humans.

Celestia looked at both humans and raised a hoof in the air, she shouted for all to hear, “TIE!”


Celestia raised her as Mugen began to stir. When the human opened his eyes he was looking straight in her eyes. He began to croak, “Who-” Celestia raised a hoof cutting Mugen off, “It was a tie, both of you knocked the other out. But...earlier you said you wanted a...private audience.” She smirked at the human, knowing all to well what he wanted to tell her...considering Applejack had come to her earlier with the same “dilemma”.

Mugen blushed profusely and raised a hand to scratch it, looking for the right words to what he wanted to say. Mugen thought until Celestia spoke up, “You've developed feelings for Applejack and don't know how to follow up considering shes a different species. Also you've been having embarrassing dreams of a sexual nature with a human Applejack.”

Mugen's eyes grew wide with shock, “How did-” “Magic” Celestia cut him off with a wink. Mugen glared at her and she spoke completely ignoring it, “Ask her out anyway. SPECIES BE DAMNED! Love blossoms where it wants to Mugen, not where it makes sense. I'll call you up to Canterlot in a while with a... surprise. “

Mugen began to ask a question but magic held his lips shut, Celestia trotted over to the door of....Rarity's boutique? “Oh by the way, you're done with loyalty and will be staying with Rarity learning generosity. I took the liberty of writing a friendship report for you while you were kncoked out.” Celestia winked at the human. “Chow”

What the FUCK just happened?!? The thought burned into Mugen's head.

To Be Continued......