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Hi everypony! My name is Harmony and I am so excited to be here :D


What I love about this website · 7:34pm Sep 10th, 2013

At school today, I was thinking about this website and it's potential. Then, I thought about the people that created and are on this site... Eventually, I realized something.

This is the one place I belong.

This is one of the only places I really talk with fellow bronies!

Guys, we are all the same here and for that, this is truly the one place I belong.

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Of course! Can't wait for the next update:D

Thank you for your supportive comment on my story Sweetie Belle's search for immortality. it’s readers like you that make my work worthwhile. :unsuresweetie:

Thanks :) And of course I'll have a great time ;) My sister said that this website is amazing!

Since no one has said it yet, I'd like to welcome you to Fimfiction! I hope you enjoy your time here :pinkiehappy:

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