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Applejack and Apple Bloom desperately want to get back to the farmhouse, but Winona won't be budged where she lays. What reason could this normally obedient dog have to be so... disobedient?

The answer may surprise you. Or not, if you've skipped to the end already. Talk about impatient.

Featured! Thanks to everyone who read it. :scootangel:

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Sorry for your loss. I lost my cat back in 2012, was like a little brother to me. Never really came over it. As a tribute, I based some cats in my stories of her.

I really liked how you showed that animals can feel/sense if one is no longer here/needs comfort

Same. I've had multiple dogs over the years pass away and wrote my story 'Sterling' about the recents

That was an interesting twist ending.



Sorry for both your losses. Sadly, like everything good in life, pets don’t last forever. If only the same could be said for bad stuff... :moustache:

Thank you. Hope you enjoyed the rest too.... :coolphoto:

You tell me. It just pains me so was as said cat was just 7 at the time, so still young. Our first cat, despite being of Senior age, had lived longer hadn't it been for that sickness/properly treated

How dare you make me shed a tear and feel feelings?!

Oh nos!! REAL feelings?! I better lay low ‘til this thing blows over... barricades windows and doors with bricks cartoon style :pinkiegasp:

Awww man, I wasn’t expecting that being the reason. Great work

Goddammit, I was expecting that Winona was close to death herself or something. Did not expect that ending.

The concept worked, then. :coolphoto:

I can't remember exactly... is this based on Odysseus's dog?

I think I know what you mean... and yes, I'd say there was obvious parallels here. :scootangel:

Comment posted by TexasDragon1995 deleted Jan 2nd, 2021

I wonder what TexasDragon posted, before they deleted it? ( I never delete comments) I guess we'll never know... :unsuresweetie:

I was wondering if Winona had died as well.

Nah, that would've ended up in this fic being in the 'Tragedy' section. :applecry:

Phew. I'm still sad that Granny died, but she's really old, whereas we don't know how old Winona is.

In dog or person years? Don't know either, sorry. Hopefully he'll be keeping the Apples company for a long time to come though. Pets are so special. :twilightsmile:

I think any dog will sit in one place when you’ve just lowered a tombstone on their tail.

Way to break the mood! :rainbowwild: Something tells me she wasn’t there when it was planted, otherwise somepony’s getting fired in the morning. :trixieshiftleft:

Poor, poor Winona.

Reading this, I was reminded of this YouTube video where a dying woman is visited by her parrot companion. The parrot was...unusually solemn as he made his final goodbyes.

I think it is astonshing how empathetic animals can be..

Im actualy suprised o was halfway right bout the end

Yeah, this fic didn't really do it for me. Between the obsessive way they dwelt on 'Appleized' sayings, not to mention the abundant focus the story spends on them, and some of the more unorthodox words choices I got the impression that this was written with a book of idioms open on the desk.

("bin" was an especially grating offender for me. While it can be used to display a particularly rustic dialect in the form of " 'bin ", the lack of the apostrophe when the same technique is used liberally in the text had my brain defaulting to the definition of 'a British trash can' rather than the more colloquial 'been'.)

In addition the tone missed the mark by a wide margin. The opening section maintained a feeling more reminiscent of a comedy than what would be expected given the twist. Even after the revelation that Granny Smith is dead the tone remains if not jovial at least unconcerned.

Unfortunately the twist does little to help the story. Winona's proximity to it, and the short time frame since the incident, calls into question the Apple's inability to connect the two occurrences. I think this would have worked better if it was played straight. A scene focused on the family grieving in the first half would have lead into the ending presented very well without the conflicting tonal issues.

Minor nitpicking aside, (A book being under a dish? A dirty dish? By the sink?! Twilight would have a conniption fit.) I think I can see what you were trying to do here but, unfortunately, it fell rather flat for me. And while that eulogy was rather beautiful, I have a hard time believing that it would fit on a tombstone.

I see. :duck:

Indeed. :raritycry:

Oh well, you can’t please everyone and the vast majority of people seem to have enjoyed it. Thanks for reading anyway. :scootangel: (p.s have you ever noticed how in depth negative reviews usually are compared to positive reviews? Almost like they’re more fun to write... just a thought). :eeyup:

Mine was more morbid while this was sad. I knew granny was dead thanks to the drama and sad tag, but i tough she prevented them from entering since she died in her rocking chair and woona didnt want them to se

Aww man that's so sad even animals can feel sadness when their owner is gone 😞

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