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Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here and working on stories with a religious fervor.


John Joseph was just an average patron of Comic-Con, right up until he was inexplicably transported to the land of magical ponies that he had once thought to only be fictitious. Now, like many other probably-innocent-visitors-of-popular-conventions-who-disappeared-off-of-the-face-of-the-Earth-without-a-trace-yet-strangely-no-one-seems-particularly-adamant-about-investigating-their-disappearances, John has merged with and taken the identity associated with the particular articles of fabric that he had decided to drape himself on that specific day.

It was just too bad that he had decided to go casual for the convention.

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Did you just...?

Edit: Yes you totally did you magnificent bastard.

~Skeeter The Lurker

"...Well, I won't lie and say that that wouldn't put them in a sort of weakened state, that's for sure."


You brilliant piece of work, you. This is the story that Fimfiction deserves.

holy crap this was hilarious!
10/10 would facedesk from laughing again

First Displaced story I've read. I don't think I need to read any others. :rainbowlaugh:

I would have thought he'd turn into that one X-men guy though, the crazy one who's always wearing jeans and a white T-shirt who can have anybodies powers if he just pretends to be them. I think his name was David or something.

He... he did.
God damn. Well done. You actually made me read one.
My sentiments exactly.

It really hurts how true this is. I have seen a very small amount of actually interesting stories come out of the displaced concept, but overall it's mostly just used as a lazy way to bring in people's favorite fictional character without it ACTUALLY BEING THEM. It makes absolutely no sense to my why so many of the displaced people in those stories would just magically adopt the personality and name of the character they were cosplaying as.

I know of CGotG
I'm in it.

I find this simultaneously hilarious and aggravating at the same time. While I do admit that there is a certain percentage of displaced stories that have turned out to just have the main characters causing wanton destruction without rhyme or reason... there are actually a few stories that do take the time to really create a world you can be engulfed in. When I started my story (Which is still going, mind you... just with a very slow update) I thought it was just an idea that the guy who made the solaire-story created as an offshoot. I don't actually know who specifically called it Displaced first. There certainly stories there that could use an editor or two to help with progress, but not all of them are actually terrible if you can get past the initial cliche that 80% of them seem to have where the main character is trapped in stone.

TL:DR- I did find this story to be very funny, and even this Displaced author admits that not all of the stories are as well thought-out as they could be.


Hence their personality only being: 'clothes deep.'

"But of course," Joseph replied in a sickeningly oblivious smile, "and why shouldn't I? After all, you'd be surprised at how many great things a man can accomplish when he's wearing pants."

Scroll up to the top, up-vote.

Alright Twilight, you have your mission, go make some people naked.

Hah. And the winner of the internet is...

This was not nearly as funny as I had hoped. More of a metacommentary.

I am disappointed that he didn't suggest that Twilight start out by ambushing the guy cross-dressing as Satsuki Kiryuin of Kill La Kill.

Though the fact that it would be a guy cross-dressing as such would have disturbing implications. :trixieshiftright:


I get ya, and I'm not against the concept as a whole. After all, people don't follow the leader if the leader didn't first have some quality already in him. What I am against though, is when writers delving into the genre don't properly handle the whole 'trapped in a different world, and stuck in a body that is not mine' trope.

Yes, that was my favorite bit and earned a chuckle out of me. :twilightsmile:


Gah! Just noticed that that first sentence doesn't have a question mark.


Ha! Thank you for this satire. The Displaced universe needs to have the piss taken out of it.

6093625 THAT'S THE NAME OF THE ANIME THAT I WANT TO TAKE A LOOK AT!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, I remember watching a trailer for it and the only thing I couldn't remember was the damn name of the anime

6093640 Yeah, that's actually one of the things I was trying to avoid in my story, the characters who were initially thrown into the universe for my story are finding themselves slowly losing their original ways of thought to become a hybrid mentality of space marines and the people they originally were. Although I kinda do wish that this story had a few more chapters to it where your character is the one regular human among mutants and masterminds that's simply trying to be relatively normal while being cajoled by Twilight and friends because of these super-powered antagonists

Well... interesting story... and leave Twilight to be clueless about what she said... just leave it to her... you deserve both like and favorite.

100 / 100
Best Fic

So, let me get this straight. Twilight is now going to grab a bunch of friends And travel equestria undressing humans to save her land And possibly send them home?

Am I the only one who thought Those Who Hunt Elves?

All of these group works are bad, to be honest. I've seen people write semi-decent shit because of them, but that's as far as I'd go. Collab writing projects just don't work well when you aren't planning ahead, and none of these people seem particularly fond of that.

Watch out displaced. Twilight is coming for you, she's climbing in your windows, snatchen up your clothes...

Cadence is gonna get jealous. As the princess of live, it's her job to make people naked.:heart:

Sorry, it's just... wow, you know when you summarize it all up like that, this whole situation sounds like a Chess Game of the Gods ripoff, except with even less original character designs

A great many lulz were had.

Spot on satire.

Though to be fair to the Displaced universe, the majority of stories from the Chess Game of the Gods universe were equally as terrible and were just as likely to be abandoned half-way.

Damn right. 'Collaborative' Writing of this kind is an excuse for laziness and 'lol so awesum and randum!'

I've often wanted to read a Displaced story about a guy who goes LOOKING for that damned merchant. Think about it, what if you dress as your OC from an RPG game? What if you dress up as 5 of your OC's from 5 different RPG's at the same time!? Stacked OP OC's!!

Cape and cloak from an Ultima Online character (Grand Master at melee / healing / anatomy / attack magic / magic resistance / able to res self at a shrine / resurrect others using just a BANDAGE etc.)
Under the cloak I'd wear what Steve wears in Minecraft (for all those matter manipulation / construction abilities etc.)
Buster Sword from FF7
Top hat and smoking jacket from Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
Pipboy on your arm from Fallout

It'll be the human equivalent of a red and black Alicorn OC hah.

THANK YOU for making this

ps: I can definitely feel your "religious fervor", as you put it.

I read Displaced stories because of Chess Game of the Gods. CGotG had a bit more originality to it, though.

As someone who actually wrote in the CtotG group, you've hit everything squarely on the head. I'm still planning on going back and finishing what I started, and ignoring everyone else, though.

Alright, this was plain awesome :rainbowlaugh:

You know what this inspires?

A 'those who hunt elves' crossover parody!

You're doin' the work of a righteous man, my friend. Keep at it.

A clever deconstruction of how a horde of talentless hacks ran a decent story concept into the ground.

As a Displaced author, I can confirm that is exactly my writing process.
I actually agree with that. The whole idea of the original 'Humans Acting Villainous' was to subvert the usual cliche of 'human goes to Equestria and is loved by everybody.' There were stories that defied convention even before this was a thing. Now, it's become a lazy vehicle plot device.

Enjoyable read and a very welcome satire after the constant barrage of displaced. The author's note is already stepping into preaching, however. The story itself already does an excellent job in pointing out the weaknesses of displaced fics. We don't really need the author to step out afterwards to do a little after-story sermon.

You forgot to mention the cross story nonsense that take the few 'might be goods' and throws them into a black hole made of shit by dragging in characters out of nowhere in obvious deus ex, To accomplish 10 chapters worth of build up (finding safe houses, artifacts ect) and crams it into 1000 words of total nonsense by just GIVING them what they need with no effort. I've even seen a few where the story gets derailed to have a, my character is stronger than yours, wank fest that ends up serving no propose what so ever.

6097510 I didn't read the entirety of your displaced story, but I can say that it had alot more quality to it that the average displaced story. I can tell you actually put some effort into it.

I've always felt that when you do something, you might as well try to do it right. I really should update my stories, but I'm lazy.

I get it's supposed to be funny, and I suppose it's written in a funny way, but this story just makes me sad.

"in fact, it seems to me that your personality is entirely clothes deep."


This is perfect. This is, quite literally, the perfect displaced story. It points out all the major flaws that make those stories so mind-crushingly bad; the bland unlikable main character, the fact that the main character's personality consists entirely of "Look at what I can do! Look at the memes and references I know!", the fact that the characters are just pretending to be the people they are imitating, the fact that they could be much more interesting with the actual characters instead of badly written self inserts pretending to be them, this story just gets it all right. The only flaws of this story are that the main character is actually funny and interesting, along with the fact that there are good descriptions and writing quality. Obviously a real displaced fic would be written to account for the readers apparently having no skill at reading the context of a situation.

You know, I think what makes me laugh the most is the fact that so far, the greatest and most well written displaced fic I have read is one that basically mocks the entire thing. Actually, it kind of makes me sad.


Your name.....

I want this crossover now.

Write it my friend! Or don't.
........... !mooB
I could always just draw a sketch and post it somewhere, right? .....!ngab ,gnaB
Right? ............ !mooB



There's a snake in my boot(y)!
And a gun in my heart!

[Have I won an award yet, or do I need to be more clever?]

But in all seriousness, I have just one question after reading this story. What about characters with no shame, or those that grow more powerful/dangerous/unstable when their clothes are removed? Let's see... Ryuko.... That virus girl from Legion of Super Heroes.... Kenpachi.... The monks in Bravely Default... Alucard.... Any character whose clothing seals or limits their power.... Ichigo... Actually, no, not him... Wait... Crap. Well, I guess your premise holds strong for the most part. I could only come up with a few examples. I concede victory to you.

6100247 Thanks! I really wish I could, although I'm not very good a writing.

This was quality satire. It is nice to see someone doing some original parodying, instead of just a millionth spoof of the standard HiE or black and red alicorn.


That sounds amazing. Link please?


Hence the or don't part. But seriously, I'm an artist. I'm also a fantasy writer. If you like, I could write a quick one-shot and draw a character sketch for the cover art. You can post it on your account (but credit me, of course). I'd do it for free, so long as I get some exposure on the site. Actually, why don't I make it a Displaced parody as well? What do you think?

PS- if you agree, I do have some other projects I'm currently working on, so it might take some time...


I just realized how ridiculous this comment looks on mobile. FAK.

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