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Alright bronies time to show why we are best fandom! · 7:39am Oct 29th, 2015

So my best friends in real life need help and they need it bad!
my friend Sara's ex had custody of their daughter when he decided to go live in Arizona but guess what? He royally screwed up and lost custody of her.

This is my friends daughter Reanne.

She's 5 years old. The last custody hearing is November 23rd and Sara HAS to be in Arizona for that hearing or Reanne will be going into foster care permanently.

Sara and myself live in Vancouver Wa. It's not cheap to go that far! I've already volunteered to go and help drive. But it's still not cheap. Please bronies don't let this little girl go the rest of her childhood without her Mommy and a real home.

A go fund me account has been set up
If you can't donate please repost this. Lets bring Reanne home to her Mommy and a Daddy who already loves her with his entire heart.

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Damn, dude, that's rough.:pinkiesad2:

Please repost if you can't donate anything they desperately want their little girl home.

What is wrong with our world to let this happen! Every child should grow up with a loving family, a family who supports like my parents do even in my darks days of my depression where i almost ended my life. I will see what I can, I don't like seeing young people's lives destoyed ecpessily when it involves family.

3504522 I shall repost it. I'll just say your friend wants her little girl back. Is that okay?

3504525 I know, right? I had a douche for a dad, and my mom was the one who raised me and my little bros.

Anything is appreciated thank you!:twilightsmile:

Perfect thank you!:twilightsmile:

3504529 Tough up bringing I guess, but at least your mom has heart take pride in that, she is a strong woman to do that.

How do you repost?

copy and paste this link and write a blog directing people here. Thank you!

that sucks.

i'm afraid i can't donate, but i made a blog about this. that might get some people's attention, at least. http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/555997/guys-go-help-foals-errand-his-friend-is-in-danger-of-losing-her-daughter-

I may be one of the lucky few who can actually help with the finances, so I'm reposting and heading over to the GFM now.

Im reposting.

i can't donate, and im so sorry about that, but i can repost

I hate to be the one to say it but... If they can't even afford to fly down to be present for a custody hearing, how can they afford to raise a child? It is really expensive to raise a kid. Health/Dental, food, water, electricity, gas(car and heat), additional cellular phone line, school expenses, clothes. Individually each of these things are not much but they add up fast and hard.

If they have the income to do it but don't have the money squirreled away then they need to work out their saving issues, call the court and request that the hearing be rescheduled and get the tickets for then.

I'm all for helping a good cause but I'd rather see a child in a foster home that will take proper care of the child than in a home that tries but can't. I know a couple of people who grew up in foster homes and they turned out alright and had loving foster parents. Separating parents and kids, begrudgingly, is for the best sometimes. It is not as rare of a circumstance as I would prefer.

They are fine with having her with them and can easily afford her. The only problem was they already had to drive down there for a court hearing just over a month ago. It's expensive, as for postponing court it is almost impossible to get the court to agree.

And if they do get her it'll take longer for us to get home because we won't be able to just drive non stop home.

I cannot help but notice no one has said why the current parents don't have custody of her now? I mean sure the whole separation thing is obvious but why is the child going to foster care instead of the mother? Makes me thing there is something we are not being told.

Mom is in Vancouver Wa. Dad had gotten custody because he had a full time job while her Mom has been having medical problems which kept her from holding a job. Dad screwed up bad got very into drugs. That's why we have to go down to Arizona because thats where he was when he screwed up.

3505764 Dont want to sound like a dick but if the mother is haveing medical issues then perhaps Foster care may be the better option until your friends health improves. Like Keiger said children are expensive and parental affection doesn't put food on the table or clothing on your back.

This is amazing, what you're doing. I don't think I've seen an act so selfless in... a while. I honestly wish I could donate something, but I will repost this.

Good luck! I hope it all works out.:heart:

I don't know how to repost anything, can somepony tell me how?

If I could, I'd donate, I'm sorry that I can't, but I hope you succeed in bringing her home.

The feeling of loosing your child (or your child to be), is the most horrible tearing feeling in the world because you love them more than anyone else in the entire world. They're a part of you. You hope they won't get hurt, that they'll grow up to be great people, that they don't end up with someone you know will hurt them. Because you care about them so much. . . The feeling of loosing your child, is one of the worst feelings in the world, especially when you care about them. . . I have no money, so I cannot and would not normally fund this cause. That is because my mom's birthday is coming up and I would like to get her more than what I've already got her with any spare money I have. The very reason I don't have the money to fund this in the first place is because I spent it all on my mom yesterday. I wish you family luck though, I hope you'll make it through this time of pain, and raise your daughter to be the best she can be (without putting stress onto her of course).

Forgive me as i'm trying to stay calm. My Mom who raised me has been in a wheelchair my entire life and on bed rest from when I was 8 until I was 15. So try and understand why I consider the idea of a parent losing a child to foster care because of medical issues a bunch of BS.

Now if Sara and Kane were homeless? If Kane didn't have a full time job? If they didn't have family ready and willing to help out?
You may have a point.
If I didn't think Sara is a good Mom friend or not I wouldn't be so passionate about this.

I would, but this time however the dad needs to get the child. Too many cases where the mom steal the child away.

Dad had her he lost her already. It's Mom or the state or Arizona

3505954 We could throw her into a volcano to please the mighty volcano gods.

Donated! Because dang, that situation is messed up! :applecry:
Best of luck to them! Almost got to the goal! :yay:
And if nothing changes by Monday, I'll throw again to make up the difference

3506007 What the hell. Like seriously, I understand joking about anything else, but this? Really? Can you not just take it seriously? If you don't want to donate, just stay quiet, and don't. It's your choice. But don't just casually joke about a child who can lose both her parents. I've lost one of mine to cancer when I was 6. I cant begin to imagine what it must feel like to lose both your parents, when both are still alive.

I already spent the last of my money in the hope I might make more for it. As such, I regrettably cannot grant you funding. However, I shall repost this.

I can't donate, but of course I will repost. My mother was adopted, and I think it's sad for children to go through some of their life without parents. Others, like me, are just plain lucky.

3506915 If I wanted your sob story I would have asked, friend, however I didn't. I don't care about your life story. I couldn't care less what yo think about my volcano joke, and frankly I couldn't care about some kid I don't know. Going on to your ass hurt comment don'r presume to know my own story, you don't. Finally I'll joke about what I damn well please with or without you and any others approval.

3508056 Well aren't you bad ass.

Hi, Foals. I repost this to my blog. I'll try and help if I can by the weekend. Good luck to all of you!!

I'm broke as it is, darling. I'm in the hole, you see, but I WILL give a signal boost! Lets save this little girl!

3506007 Very poor attempt at a joke, dude.

3510748 In fact, it is actually 4th of July. Jeez, get it right.

3512178 rip in peperoni. Maybe you can guess the season right?

I put a link in the Equestrian Writer's Guild for the 2000-some odd bronies in that group to see. I sure do hope this will help you. May everything go in your favor. I pray for the dear child and her family.

3513174 close enough. Fall is right after summer. Maybe..... The name of this site?

3514932 It's the cream puffs united tasting club?

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