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This group is dedicated to science experiments on FiMFiction. Anyone is free to join, authors, readers, or volunteers.

Authors can submit stories and have an experiment set up, perhaps testing the effect of italicizing certain words to use the power of suggestion or even testing the effects of replacing a character in the story with a human.

Readers can sort through experiments and see the effects of doing one thing or another to a story before they decide to take their hand at it.

Volunteers can participate in experiments and read the control/variable story. You can find on-going
experiments in the "Unfinished" folder.

Story Submission

1. Story must be testing a hypothesis.

2. Story must state in the description when the experiment is on-running or concluded.

3. On start of story experimentation, you may submit the story to the "Unfinished" folder.

4. If Experiment is concluded, create a blog post and link the results to your story then add the story to the "Requests" folder. The experiment and story will be evaluated and then put into the "Completed" folder.

Organizing Experiments

Experiments may be organized however the creator of the experiment wishes, but it is recommended to create a story with the intended differences and a seperate version as control. Such as writing a story about the mane six meeting a new pony. However, create a new version of it, but replace the new pony with a human.

However, the second copy of the story, or the original if you prefer, must be kept as unpublished and will have to be linked to from the published story. That way it does not break the site rules.

Lastly, it is recommended to make a post on the group forums about any new experiment started before or after adding the story.

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