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What if Sunset Shimmer was not born a pony? What if she was more special then she thought? More importantly, what if there was more to the world beyond the mirror portal than first thought?

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Well, that was... a lot of exposition?

Well I'm still a bit on the fence about this, so far so good but we'll see🤔

I like it. Can you continue it please?

Tirek Lord?

At least on Equestria side they name their people better.

Whoa 2 chapters in 1 day?! I LOVE IT! Keep it up!:pinkiehappy:

I bet Sombra's "walkin' on sunshine.:trollestia:"

Thank you. My current plan is two chapters a month, that might change depending on how busy things get

There's a teeny, tiny, often-insignificant-but-ever-present flaw in that plan: by the time you finish this masterpiece, I'll be dead.

No joke.

So, how bout, instead of 2 per month, you try 1 per week? You have the option to say no, but I would very much like to be alive by the story's end. So what say you? 1 a week, Yea or nay?

Maybe. I already have plot points on the next chapters, i just have to write. Like I said it depends on how busy I get. We shall see.

That's all I ask. Until then, namarie, mellonin.

Excellent work, as always. Can't wait for your next update! Until then, mellonin.

Well that was a great chapter nice job on adding the song it made it even more enjoyable 🥰 Thanks for the chapter🙏😘

Huh🤨didn't not expect for Zuko to be the one coming to this world I was think it would be Korra and Asami since the spirit world was more explored in that series and i was thinking like maybe they came here after the events of the series since it ended with them coming to the spirit world🤔 anywho thanks for the chapters😉

You're welcome. And Yes, I was originally thinking those two, but then I decided on Zuko, because I really wanted to see two of my favorite redemption characters meeting. And now I have plans for Zuko (including a little ship I like to call 'Sunko')

[A.J.]: "Didn't see that comin'." :rainbowderp: :pinkiegasp: :rainbowhuh: :ajsmug: :trollestia:

So, when's the next chapter comin' out? :duck:

Well, after this weekend, I should have more time, so hopefully before Christmas. I've placed my current plan up on my blog

This Story is certanly interresting, even if it feels a bit rushed and the names are a bit weired as well.

Why do I get the feeling that the Sirens have arrived? As always, keep up the good work mellonin!

Hm, I thought she is too old for the Elementary.

Alternative dimension is a airbender dimension. Weird, but okay.

I'm liking it so far.
One point of contention: the word simply is being used far too often, and in most places it's been used, it could be cut altogether.

Well, that was an interesting twist. Just one problem, without Zuko the Avitar is doomed to fail.

Yes it is a bit like that isn't.
As for your comment a few chapters back about Zuko, don't worry the avatar world isn't doomed, don't forget that chapter was based around the time when Zuko first got his scar when he was thirteen.
And not to give too much away, but I do have plans for that world, after all, you can't help but wonder what Azula and Ozai's reactions will be to their brother/son showing up with both firebending and magic, and some powerful people/ponies by his side:trixieshiftright:

Harry Potter and My Little Pony? Sounds like my kind of crossover

Celestia, along with her husband Sombra King

Is that a comic reference?

Well that explains pinkie's hair

I forgot there was a nice King Sombra in one of the comics, so it's an accidental reference

One such location was Canterlot City, California, USA. Canterlot City had a couple of ley lines crossing through it, which cause there to be two portals. One portal led to the spirit world of another universe, this was location in the basement of an abandoned warehouse, which since its discovery had been transformed into a facility for Canterlot City’s own branch of the Portal Agency, led by Tirek Lord. Another portal was recently found in the base of the Wondercolt statue in front of the mixed school of Canterlot High School (CHS). Not much was known about this portal, other than that it admitted an energy that was like magic, but not many studies were done on it after it was discovered that it only seemed to open for three nights, every three years.

I though it was texas.

I really didn't know where it was. I checked all of the MLP wiki's and they never specified where the human Canterlot was located, so I just went with the first USA state that popped into my head

Did Sunset just write in the "journal" I think she's wrote in?

I hope Lily haunts James.

No, sorry to say it's a normal journal, the one you're thinking of doesn't come into play until Rainbow Rocks

“Oh, wow,” Sunset gasped as she took the beautiful fire coloured flower from him. “It’s gorgeous!”

I saw a Zimbabwian Flame Lilly

That's the flower I was looking at for inspiration when I wrote that part, so I'm glad you saw it

To be fair the setting is so far from canon that it makes sense to have it.

BTW the greater good comes ftom the profesies recorded in the hall of profesies, many of wich would talk about the end of the wotld if or when muggles became aware of magic and started to use it.

Did they never thought of using cameras to see ehat is on the other side of the portal?
Off course they didn't...

But she has it already, it was one of the items she took with her through the portal.
Makes sense that in her amnestic state she would think of it as a diary.

... Sorry, I forgor we are not following any canon.

From Discord and Luna, she got a Nintendo Switch and games to go with it.


Why do all your coments have a downvote even when it is nothing much like this one?

She is 10 in this story, so far.

Whay change would make names like Snowdrop Honey to be normal in our (hp) world from the 90's?

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