• Published 23rd Jul 2016
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School of Wizardry and Ponies - Ranoa- Walker of Worlds

Canterlot High gets dragged into a whole new slew of problems with its newest resident, one Harry Potter.

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Summer Fun Festival

Nearly a week after school had gotten out presented the town of Canterlot with its favorite community event, the Summer Fun Festival. All members of city council had turned out, as did representatives from all branches of the emergency response forces, a few National Guard, as well as major local businesses and organizations. Booths and stations were scattered throughout the local park. Music blasted from the pavilion and everyone present was having a good time.

In a calmer part of the park there was a booth for the animal shelter, and manning the booth currently was none other than Fluttershy. Normally, she wouldn’t feel comfortable at such an event, but she was in her comfort zone, talking to people about the animals at the shelter. The pink haired girl was introducing a group of children to the dog the shelter had been authorized to bring when a familiar voice reached her ears,

“Hey Flutters, how’s it going?”

Fluttershy looked up at the speaker and was met with the familiar face of her friend Rainbow Dash.

“Hello Rainbow Dash. Just showing the children Goldie here.” Hearing his name, the Lab-Retriever mix held his head up high and tried to look as noble as possible.

“Take it from me kids, if you want an awesome pet the shelter is the place to look. Flutters here introduced me to my own pet and I have been happy with him ever since.”

“What kind of animal did you get?” One of the children asked.

“A tortoise, his name is Tank.”

The group of children continued to admire the gold colored dog until their parents called them away and left the two older girls alone.

“So what’s up Rainbow Dash?”

“The girls got a blanket set up near the Apple’s stand. Just coming to find you and bring you over.”

“Sorry, I can’t leave right now.” Fluttershy apologized, “I need to wait for my replacement. The director of the shelter should be here soon then I’ll come find you.”

“Alright, but hurry. Pinkie and Spike might eat all the food.”

With that, the athletic girl took off back into the festivities. Fluttershy was alone only for a few minutes before two very recognizable figures approached,

“Principal Celestia, Vice Principal Luna! How are you doing today?”

“We are doing just fine Fluttershy.” Celestia responded, “My cousin here has a question for you though.”

The two administrators stood to the side and Fluttershy just about had a mental meltdown at what she saw. A little skinny boy with messy black hair and amazing green eyes. The shy girl made the mental connection of who this was. The little cousin from England who had been abused for all his memorable life. The compassionate young woman couldn’t restrain her feelings.

“Hello, I’m-“

Harry didn’t have a chance to finish his introduction. He was suddenly in the arms of the older girl.

“Oh you poor thing. Having to grow up in such a horrible way. I’m so sorry you had to live in such a place.”

Harry wasn’t sure what to do, but the hug felt warm and genuine. Soon he was awkwardly returning the hug.

“Ehem!” Luna cleared her throat and Fluttershy suddenly jumped back and started apologizing,

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself!”

“I am sorry Harry; I didn’t think Fluttershy would react that way.” Celestia apologized to the young man.

“It’s alright.” Harry dismissed, a little shaken Harry extended his hand back towards the teenager, “I’m Harry, Harry Potter.”

“Hi Harry, I’m Fluttershy.” The animal loving girl introduced herself.

“Harry here needs a little help with some with an unusual pet.”

“Oh really?” Fluttershy was happy to have a nice distraction from her embarrassing moment a few seconds earlier.

“Well, she really is my first friend. She’s an owl.”

“Wow, I’ve never met many people who have an owl for a pet.”

“Harry doesn’t have the same connections he usually has for taking care of his owl over here. We were hoping that you might know of a place where he can get some help.”

“I can think of a few places that might be able to help. Can I meet her?”

Harry nodded and smiled, despite the less than superb meeting he decided that Fluttershy was a nice enough person,

“Of course.”

“Thank you Harry. Let me check with a few places and I will get back with you.” The pink haired young woman responded. The trio said their good-byes and moved on elsewhere into the festival. It wasn’t three minutes after they had left that the shelter’s director came and relieved Fluttershy of her position at the booth.

Fluttershy immediately grabbed her bag, said farewell to Goldie, and hurried off to find the girls. True to Rainbow Dash’s word her other six friends, plus Spike the dog, were gathered on a blanket not too far away from the Apple family stand.

“Hello everyone!” Fluttershy greeted. The resounding salutations from the girls and the dog brought a smile to the face of the shy girl. Fluttershy took a seat on the edge of the blanket and sat her bag down,

“You’re just in time,” Sunset Shimmer said, “Twilight was about to announce something big.”

“Yah, I think you will be impressed.” Spike said adding his two bits.

“Well, I was thinking the other day when Vice Principal Luna told us about her cousin and how quick we were to jump to assume that it was a magical problem. Well, I think I have the answer to that.”

Taking his que Spike buried his head into his owner’s bag and pulled out a very familiar trinket. The sight of it brought a lot of raised eyes,

“Twilight, is that what I think it is?” Sunset asked, trying to hide an edge in her voice.

The item in question looked an awful a lot like the very same magic receptacle that she was carrying around at the Friendship Games. The violet clunky necklace certainly looked like the same trinket that had stolen the magic from around Canterlot High and had nearly led to a dimensional collapse when the magic it collected drove Twilight to the dark side and made her obsessed with learning more about magic.

Twilight raised her hands defensively,

“I know this looks bad but hear me out, please.” The former Crystal Prep student pleaded with her friends.

“Ah hope there is a good reason why you rebuilt that thing Sugar cube.” Applejack stated sternly.

“Well you see, I thought that if we had something that could detect magic as it appears in this world, then we would be able to find it quickly.” Twilight explained, “I upgraded its scanning capabilities to pick up magic from at least three miles away.”

“But what about when we Pony up? Wouldn’t it go haywire? I don’t want to set that thing off whenever we’re rocking out or being awesome.” Rainbow Dash pointed out.

“I would need to take a few scans so I can calibrate the internal sensors not to detect our magic whenever it manifests.”

“Pinkie darling what are you doing?” Rarity asked the fluffy pink haired girl.

The party planning girl was not paying attention to the conversation. Instead she was looking around the park with a pair of soda bottle binoculars and a serious expression on her face. With a tone that conveyed her focus Pinkie responded,

“My Pinkie senses told me that someone new is here. Someone very important.”

“Oh! That reminds me! Principal Celestia is back, and she has her cousin Harry here today.”

“Really?” Rarity asked enthused.

“You didn’t say this earlier?” Rainbow Dash demanded.

“Well then, let’s go find the little feller and introduce ourselves.” Applejack suggested.

Just then a beeping sound filled the ears of the girls and the dog. Looking down and saw that Twilight’s magic detector was going off. A segment of the device was blinking an off white color pointing in a certain direction. The girls looked in the direction the collector was indicating. To their horror it was pointed right at the Faust sisters and the mostly unknown black haired boy; who, incidentally were walking right towards them.
Thinking quickly Twilight stored the collector in her bag and took off towards the parking lot with the intent of stowing it in her brother’s car. By the time Twilight was out of range the two administrators had approached the group.

“Hello girls, how are you all enjoying the break?” Celestia asked. A chorus of positive responses came from the six girls.

“Girls, this is our cousin Harry,” Luna stated motioning to the boy with them, “You know, the one we talked about a week ago.”

Remembering the situation that the boy had just come from Sunset stood up and extended her hand,

“Hi, I’m Sunset Shimmer. These are my friends.”

“Well howdy-do little feller, name’s Applejack. My family owns an orchard here in Canterlot, you should stop by sometime, we make the best apple based products this side of anywhere.” The blond farm girl said holding out one of the red delicious fruit for the boy to take; which he did with a polite,


“Hey there little dude, I’m Rainbow Dash.”

“Rainbow Dash is involved in many of the sport teams at Canterlot High.” Celestia elaborated.

“It just goes to prove how awesome I am.”

“You already know Fluttershy,” Luna pointed out, to which the timid girl wave hello.

Rarity didn’t wait for the Faust sisters to introduce her,

“Hello darling I am Rarity; I must say your eyes are an amazing shade of green. They look more like a pair of emeralds than just normal eyes.” At this Harry blushed at the compliment from the older girl,


“Oh but we must do something about that hair.” Rarity critiqued, “Such a royal mess. With the right style and something to bring out those eyes…”

“Rarity is a fashion expert. All of us have something made by her.” Sunset interjected.

“And I would love designing a look for you darling. Oh, you will be such a handsome heartbreaker when you are old enough.” Rarity said, causing the already blushing boy to turn beet red with embarrassment.

“Word of advice little buddy,” Rainbow Dash stage whispered, “When she breaks out the measuring tape, run.”

“Rainbow!” Rarity chided. These antics got a laugh out of everyone present. When the laughter died down Harry suddenly saw pink, as in a very pink girl up in his face,

“Hi, I’m Pinkie Pie but everyone calls me Pinkie. Do you like parties? What’s your favorite flavor of cake? When’s your birthday? Do you want to be my friend?” Any further questions were cut off by a slice of apple pie being shoved in her mouth, courtesy of Applejack.

“Easy there Sugar cube, don’t want to overload the little feller.”

“Sorry about her. Pinkie is more than a bit energetic and she loves sharing her joy with everyone.” Sunset explained.

“It’s alright.” Harry dismissed the concern, “But to answer your questions: I haven’t been to many parties, but the ones I did go to were fun. I can’t say I have a favorite flavor of cake. My birthday is July the thirty-first. And, sure, I’ll be your friend I guess.”

The party girl grinned wide at what she deemed to be a whole hearted confirmation at her request to be friends. Pinkie stole a hug from the surprised boy before backing off and gave him a smile so large that she gave off a soft, “Squee!”

“By the way, where did Twilight run off to?” Celestia asked.

“Ahh, I think she had something to put back in her brother’s car. Something to do with the school’s statue.” Rainbow awkwardly explained. The assembled group knew that eventually Harry might have to learn about the portal to Equestria, but they didn’t want to make the new resident think that they were all crazy.

“Sorry everyone, just had to put my bag away.” Twilight said as she returned to the blanket and the gathered people with Spike at her heels.

“Finally we have the newest addition to Canterlot High, Twilight Sparkle.” Celestia stated.

Twilight was very polite and extended her hand to Harry,

“You must be Harry. Welcome to Canterlot. I’m Twilight, and this is my number one assistant Spike.” She bent down and picked up the purple and green dog.

Everyone was surprised when Harry took a tentative step back in fear, but Twilight was quick to dispel it,

“There’s no need to be afraid. Spike won’t hurt you. Will you Spike?” The now pretend not to be talking dog gave a little cute whine to let Harry know it was safe to approach. Hesitantly, Harry began scratching behind the pup’s ears, soliciting a happy bark from Spike.

“Sorry,” Harry apologized, “I had a bad experience with a dog, it chased me up a tree. My relatives encouraged it…” Harry went silent when he realized how much he had revealed by saying so little. Seeing his distress Luna placed a hand on Harry’s shoulder,

“It’s alright Harry. You don’t have to worry. Here you can have a new start.”

“And you have a group of friends already to help you.” Sunset said kneeling enough so she could look Harry in the eye and give him a gentle smile before moving enough to show all the rest of her clique of friends. Each of the girls gave Harry a smile, a silent confirmation of what Sunset had said.

“Thank you. Thank you everyone.” Everyone could see the moisture building in Harry’s eyes, but he banished the tears with a quick brush of his hand. The next thing he knew he had an eyeful of pink hair,

“Welcome to Canterlot Harry!” Pinkie shouted happily. The boy was quickly absorbed by the girls who had promised to make him feel welcome only a week before. Inviting him to sit with them and share their lunch. It was in this scene Celestia pulled Twilight aside, asking for a word alone. Once the administrator and student were out of the main hubbub Twilight started the conversation,

“Principal Celestia, what is this all about?”

“Twilight, I have a bit of a favor to ask. It’s about Harry. First of all, I must thank you and all your friends for trying to make Harry feel welcome. It makes me happy to know he has a group of friends already, even if they are several years older than him.”
Twilight blushed a little at the situation. It was a bit odd for a group as old as they were to take interest in an almost twelve-year-old, but they all had decided to be Harry’s first friends.

“The favor I wish to ask of you is right up your alley. I was reviewing Harry’s public school grades and saw he was just not failing. So, I was wondering if you would be so kind as to tutor Harry this summer? See if we can’t inspire the love of learning in him.”
At this request Twilight’s eyes lit up,

“I would be more than happy to! Oh, I have so much to prepare!” The honor’s student exclaimed. Twilight then started rambling on where to start, planning out a teaching schedule, and what books she should use. Celestia smiled and waited for her student to simmer down enough to continue

“Thank you Twilight, it means a great deal to both Luna and myself. I’ll help you with bus fare and pay you a commission for your troubles.”

“Principal Celestia, I may still be relatively new to the idea of friendship, but from what I understand this is something that I would do for the sake of being a friend to Harry.” The principal smiled at Twilight’s willingness to be a friend and to help her friends,

“Be that as it may Twilight, it would not be fair to keep dragging you out this far without some sort of recompense. I will pay you for Harry’s lessons, end of discussion.” Celestia declared with authority in her voice. Twilight submitted to the declaration and nodded.

“By the way Twilight, Rainbow mentioned something about the portal. What is wrong with it? Not another issue from Princess Twilight’s home I hope.”

“Oh no, nothing like that. I simply repurposed the magic collector I used at the Friendship Games to act as an advanced warning system if a threat from Equestria does pop up. I didn’t want Harry to ask questions so I put it in Shining Armor’s car.”

“Well, that will certainly prove useful in the future.”

“It still has a few bugs to get worked out. It pointed out Harry to us. As if your cousin from England has magic.” Twilight giggled at her statement, thinking such a thing was absurd. Her mirth caused her to miss the concerned look on Celestia’s face.

“Erm, yes, well then… Why don’t we go rejoin the others? It looks like Applejack is passing out pie.”