• Published 23rd Jul 2016
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School of Wizardry and Ponies - Ranoa- Walker of Worlds

Canterlot High gets dragged into a whole new slew of problems with its newest resident, one Harry Potter.

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Faust Residence

-Faust Residence, Canterlot-

The three residents of the Faust household were presently enjoying a lazy summer afternoon on the ever so used living room couch. Spread in front of them were scrapbooks of Celestia and Luna's visits to the Evens, primarily Lily. It was doing great things for Harry to see pictures of his mother during her younger years. Somehow, it helped to see his mother as someone as more than just the woman who sacrificed herself for him.

"And this is the time we tried chasing after frogs in a near-by pond." Celestia said pointing out a picture of four girls in overalls standing knee deep in scummy pond water with big smiles on their faces.

Harry could easily recognize Celestia and Luna in the bunch, and recognized his mother from the Mirror of Erised, but it really took some convincing that the last girl in the group was his aunt Petunia. The smile was too genuine.

"She was different back then." Luna explained, "She use to have fun with the rest of us, but after Lily started boarding school, Hogwarts, she became increasingly bitter, not just to Lily but to us as well. After that, she tried to spend as little time with us as possible. Then, I started having my own issues and it got harder to go over and see Tiger Lily."

Turning the page, they came across a photo of Lily next to a black-haired boy that seemed oddly familiar to Harry.

"Oh yah, him. Remember him Tia? That weird neighborhood kid that followed Tiger Lily around."

"Dimly," Celestia furrowed her brow in concentration, "What was his name? Some weird sounding name. Saherius? Selvius?"

Studying the features closer, and the botched attempts of his aunt, one name came to Harry's mind,


"Yah! That's the name! Severus!" Celestia declared, missing the look of disbelief on Harry's face for a moment.

"Harry? What's the matter?" Luna asked drawing attention to the boy's expression.

"He knew my mother?"

"Yah, from what I understand they became good friends before Lily went to… Oh…" Luna realized, "You've met him, haven't you?"

"He was my potions teacher at Hogwarts."

"Wow, I guess the world is even smaller when you're a wizard." Celestia said with a fair degree of surprise.

Luna, now recognizing the pain tucked away in Harry's expression, asked,

"Harry, did he do something to you?"

"He hated me. He would single me out. First day of class he asked me questions that I didn't know the answer, then he chastised me for not reading my text book. He was constantly on the prowl to catch me doing something wrong and punish me in some way."

Tears started to form at the edges of Harry's eyes as he ranted. He blamed the Equestrian magic for making him more emotional. The regulatory bracelet he wore was unable to keep his magic from spiking and making his pony features return.

"But the man saved my life when he could have let me die! He doesn't make any sense!"

Seeing Harry's distress state, Celestia put her hand on his back and started rubbing small circles, trying to help him relax.

"We don't know what happened between him and your mother, Harry, but expressing hate can sometimes show how we are hurting on the inside."

"Don't be quick to judge, Harry. Humanity is seldom black and white, and what we see is not always what a person is on the inside." Luna added.

Harry nodded and wiped the tears from eyes. The words of wisdom from his aunts didn't appease his confusion completely, but it was enough to calm him to the point where he wasn't at risk of accidental magic. A few deep breaths later and his emotions were level again. Though his Equestrian features didn't get the memo and stuck around for several minutes after calming down.


A quick rapping at the window brought everyone's attention to the window where a crow was sitting patiently waiting to be let in. Celestia obliged the request of the avian and opened the window. The messenger bird presented its missive to the older Faust sister and read it out loud,

"From the office of the Secretary of Magic

Celestia and Luna Faust:

Your presence is requested for a five-day meeting with the Secretary of Magic, the Board of Magical Education, and other members of the Executive Branch to discuss the details of Canterlot High School becoming a school that will cater to both normal education and magical studies. Hotel reservations and travel itineraries will be delivered in person within the next twenty-four hours.

Yours Sincerely,

James Wilson

Chief Assistant to the Secretary

P. S.

I apologize for the suddenness of the request but there is a very small window of opportunity if this program is to be instated before the start of the next school year.


Isabelle Saunders

Secretary of Magic

The older women looked at the summons with a mix of shock and insult.

"They want both of us? But Harry is not fit to travel, magical or otherwise." Luna protested taking the note from her sister and rereading it.

"I'll be fine on my own." Harry responded.

"Oh sure, mister 'I nearly fell down the stairs,'" Luna countered, pointing out events that had happened just earlier that day.

"Point is Harry, you are still not in top condition." Celestia continued, "It would very irresponsible of us to take you to a setting where we are going to be tied up in meetings most of the time. You'd be essentially staying in a hotel room for the week; and we are not going to leave you here on your own."

"Shall I go recruit some house sitters?" Luna asked needlessly, already scrolling through her contacts list.

Defeated, Harry leaned back into the couch. His Equestrian features finally fading.

'I really need to get a better bracelet.' He thought to himself, trying to distract his mind from the current situation.

A sudden familiar screech permeated the air as a snowy owl flew through the window and made a bee line for Harry.

"Hedwig!" Harry declared excitedly. His focus on his feathered friend was interrupted by a heavy thud against the window.

A large grey owl had somehow missed the open part of the window and face planted right into the glass.

"What was that about?" Celestia asked going to check on the owl that had fallen into the flower bed below. The owl in question hopped up onto the sill and amazingly crossed the room to Harry without incident.

On both owls' legs letters bore letters with his name written on them. Excitedly, Harry removed the letters,

"Celestia, could you grab some owl treats from my room?"

Not wanting to wait any longer Harry undid the letters and opened the first. The messy quillwork was enough to tell him who it was from,


I got your letter. Hopefully you'll get mine. Errol is a menace and can't fly straight. Sorry to your cousins if he damages a window, don't know how well muggle windows hold up. I was a bit angry with you mate, you left the country and didn't tell me or Hermione? But hey, glad to know you are away from those other relatives of yours, from what the Prophet made them out to be. What about your new cousins? Are they good with us? Wizards I mean.

Dad says there are rumors floating around the ministry about a plan to get you back here to Britain. It would be brilliant if you did get to come back. Maybe they would let you live with us! That would be brilliant. You'd love it here at the Burrow. We'd be able to play Quidditch with Fred and George every day if we wanted to.

Anyway, Mum says we could meet at the Alley whenever you go to London. Let us know alright?


Harry's eyes went back up to the line above. The Ministry was trying to get him back? What did that even mean?

'Do they think I'd be happier over there than here with my family?'

Not wanting to dwell on the thoughts that threatened to invade his mind, Harry set the letter aside and picked up the letter offered by Hedwig. Much like with the first, the penmanship gave the writer away without even having to look at the signature.

Dear Harry,

I hope this letter finds you well. Hedwig was kind enough to stay while I wrote this letter. I am upset that you didn't try to contact us before leaving, but I am glad that you are away from the Dursleys. From what you told me they were absolutely dreadful; the news report didn't do them any favors either.

I did some research on magical education in the Americas. I guess we won't see you back here at Hogwarts in September, …

Harry noticed some wet spots on the paper that messed up the ink around them. This got Harry wondering,

"Was she crying when she wrote this?"

…but, I suppose you are somewhere you'll be treated right. All the books I read said Salem was fine, but somewhat lacking in their curriculum. Don't think that just because we are an ocean apart you get to put off doing your homework.

Anyways, I set up a social media account for when I am home on summer break. You think you can set one up as well? It would make it easier for us to communicate rather than sending Hedwig back and forth across the Atlantic, at least from June to August.

Also, my parents are just asking when you are going to be in London, they volunteered to help you and your cousins around the city. I can't wait!



The letter from his bookish friend confused him. It didn't really feel like Hermione writing, it was like she was struggling to find the words to say. On top of that, there were the water marks and the scratched-out closings. She was suppressing what she really wanted to say, was Harry's conclusion. Absentmindedly, he started stroking Hedwig's feathered body contemplating the thoughts that were coming to mind.

He understood his sudden departure from England was unexpected, but he supposed he could have made more of an effort to try and talk to his first real friends one last time. Ron hardly seemed phased by Harry's sudden transatlantic relocation, in fact the red-head seemed more intent on the possibility of the Ministry taking action to bring him back. Hermione was deeply impacted if the quality of her letter, or lack thereof, was any indication.

He vowed that the next time he had his computer in hand he would try searching for Hermione online. He really did owe it to his friends back in England.

-Two days later-

"You really didn't need to get a baby sitter for me." Harry said a little indignantly from where he sat on the couch watching his aunties getting their luggage by the front door.

"We didn't get you a baby sitter Harry," Luna explained, "We got a house sitter and care taker. You are still on a minimal activity order from the healers, young man."

Harry grumbled a bit, still not liking the situation. He knew that his aunties had a point, but that didn't mean he had to like it any. He was frustrated that he was being treated like a porcelain doll; he'd nearly been bucked off a broom more than fifty feet in the air by someone trying to kill him, he could handle getting around the house. It was one thing to have doctors giving restrictive orders in a hospital, but being limited in your own home was downright humiliating for Harry right now.

Suddenly, the negative feelings Harry was feeling evaporated for no apparent reason. He felt unusually calmer.

"What…" He started to ask himself when the doorbell rang.

Celestia's loud greeting told him who it was at the door,

"Sunset! Girls! Come on in!"

The seven teenage girls came into the living room proceeded by Celestia,

"Thank you all for agreeing to help out."

"No problem Principal C." Rainbow Dash said with more confidence than what was needed, "We got this covered."

Hedwig's screeching heralded he sudden flight into the room straight to Fluttershy,

"Hedwig! It's good to see you too." The usually timid girl said letting the snowy owl perch on her shoulder.

Pleasantries were exchanged and instructions from both the adults were given before a chauffeur from the DoM arrived. Both the administrators gave Harry one last hug and a kiss on the head before leaving. As soon as the adults were gone all seven teenage girls turned their focus on the Boy- Who- Lived.

"Hey Harry, how's it going?" Rainbow asked propping herself down on the floor while the other girls took different stations around the room.

"I'm doing fine, but what are all of you doing here?" Harry asked confusion.

"Well, your cousins wanted me to help you with your physical therapy." Rainbow said.

"Pinkie and Ah are here to make sure you eat right." Applejack stated with the giddy party planner nodding happily.

"I was asked to tailor something a suit for you for when you take your trip to London." Rarity revealed.

"We've fallen behind schedule in your lesson plans, so that is why I'm here." Twilight explained with Spike poking his head out of her backpack,

"Yah, you would not believe the fuss she's been raising over the, 'lost time.'"


"I was asked to help take care of Hedwig." Fluttershy said stroking the white-feathered beauty gently.

"And I'm here to help out in general." Sunset said, "Make sure you're getting around and such."

Harry was still confused,

"But why did my aunts ask all of you? Even just one person would have done the job."

"We just wanted to see how you were doing and volunteered to keep you company while your family was gone." Pinkie responded with her usual smile and fast pace tone.

Harry was touched at the gesture, confused but touched. However, he didn't get a chance to relay this before Twilight launched into study time with Sunset and Fluttershy joining in. Occasionally, Rainbow Dash would interrupt and have Harry do some light exercises. At one point Rarity disappeared upstairs, a short while later she came back down with a very recognizable cloak,

"Harry, why on earth do you have this in your closet? The fabric itself is amazing but it's so old fashioned."

"It was my father's." Harry said flatly to the fashionista.

The girl suddenly realized the importance of the cloth she was holding, and the insult she had paid it,

"Oh, I'm… I'm sorry darling."

Pinkie was quick to take a closer at it,

"Ohhh, shimmery." Pinkie said before snatching the cloak from Rarity and wrapped it around herself.

Harry wasn't sure if the cloak would work for her, his answer came when the hyperactive girl's body disappeared, leaving her floating head.

"What the…" Was the general consensus.

"Ooohhh, I disappeared." Pinkie responded not really phased at not seeing her body.

"It's an invisibility cloak. Right useful." Harry commented, amused at the reactions his new friends exhibited.

There was new interest shown in the cloak as it was passed around. When it finally came to Applejack she took a good long look at it then turned her focus on Harry,

"Sugar cube, did the school you attended allow an item like this?" She asked in the same tone she had used more than once on her younger sister. Harry wilted,

"Um, I don't think so. The Headmaster knew about it and let me keep it, if any of the other teachers knew I don't think they would have let me hold onto it."

"Applejack lighten up." Rainbow chided, "It's what he has left of his family."

"Ah appreciate that Rainbow Dash, if yah care to remember." Applejack said tipping her Stetson hat, "Ah'm more worried about Harry usin' it to get into trouble. Or perhaps he already has gotten into trouble over it?" She turned her gaze back at Harry.

As much as he wanted to deny any mischief done while using the cloak Harry couldn't feel it in him to hold back,

"Well, I did use it to sneak around after curfew a few times, but it was all for a good cause." He quickly threw in the last part to try to rationalize his behavior.

Applejack looked like she wanted to scold Harry some more but a gentle hand on the shoulder and the shake of a head from Fluttershy made the words stop dead on the lips. Instead, Applejack took a deep breath and nodded.

"Sugar cube, Ah guess Ah'm bein' a bit protective, but Ah don't want to see yah hurt. None of us do." Applejack stood and respectfully folded the treasured item into a neat square before crossing the room to Harry, "Please promise me yah'll think twice before doin' somethin' dangerous."

It took Harry a moment to realize that every one of the girls had some degree of pleading on their faces.

"I know we're not the best examples of staying out of trouble, Harry," Sunset added after there was a few seconds pause, "It's our job to stop rouge magic from Equestria so we have to be on the lookout."

"But that doesn't mean that you have to jump headlong into danger." Spike added.

The looks he was getting from around the room were enough to crack Harry's shell,

"Alright, I promise not to go looking for trouble. I make no guarantees about trouble that finds me."

Satisfied, Applejack placed the heirloom into Harry's possession and caught him up in a hug,

"That's all we can ask."

"Yah, we wouldn't want Sunset's little brother to get hurt." Pinkie said without thinking.

That jolted Harry out of the embrace.


Author's Note:

Hope this chapter turned out alright. You have to admit, Pinkie Pie with an Invisibility Cloak would be terrifying. I know the argument could be made that because the two kinds of magic are so different, wizarding relics wouldn't really work. The way I see it, they would work, but not always in the intended way (as we'll see in later chapters).

I appreciate all the support and comments that all of you are leaving, positive or otherwise. It let's me know that those reading have opinions and are able to look at my work critically, and warns me of becoming too generic. Until next time,