• Published 23rd Jul 2016
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School of Wizardry and Ponies - Ranoa- Walker of Worlds

Canterlot High gets dragged into a whole new slew of problems with its newest resident, one Harry Potter.

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Lunch with the Secretary

Sunset felt really out of place at the moment. Immediately after the brief introduction to the Secretary of Magic, Miss Saunders had insisted on lunch. Just her, Sunset, Agent Hankinson, and Professor Smith at an upscale restaurant in the uptown district of Canterlot. So now Sunset was sitting with someone she assumed was an extremely important person. She was still under ‘assumption’ stage because no one had bothered to explain what Miss Saunders’ role was.

Speaking of said woman, the Secretary was an alright person to be around. Sunset remembered the nobles of Equestria and found them to be rather snobbish. In retrospect, she laughed when she realized her own attitude towards others at the same time was extremely rude, not too different from said nobles. Miss Saunders however? She was trying to be a genuine person.

Finally, in a private dining room with food ordered did Isabelle Saunders get down to business.

“Now Sunset, I can imagine that you have many questions.”

“Yes ma’am. I do.”

“Well, now is the time to ask.”

Sunset took a breath,

“First of all, just what are you all? I gather that you all are magic users that are living in secret, but please tell me more. How wide spread are you? How long you have you known about us and the portal?”

“I suppose that a brief history is in order. Colton, try to get it brief. This is magic 101 not one of your advanced courses.”

“Alright,” The Professor huffed, visibly miffed at the stab the Secretary made at him. Still, he cleared his throat and started,

“In almost every nation in the world there exists a community of magic users. Our precise origins are still a mystery to us, but as far as we can tell we grew up the same time the rest of the human race did. Some argument is made that we developed slightly faster than the rest of the human race because of our access to magic. Scientifically we call ourselves Homo Sapiens Magus, or magical humans. For various reasons, we prefer to keep to ourselves, but individuals have appeared throughout history that have tried to either subjugate the rest of humanity or expose Magic to the world. For that purpose, we established an international law that we call the Statute of Secrecy, in which all wizards and witches agree to not do anything that will attract the attention of non-magical folks.”

“How do you enforce a law like that?”

“It is up to the individual countries to police themselves against high risk security threats.” Secretary Saunders explained, “Herding magical beasts away from populated areas, responding to public displays of magic, enforcing restrictions on underage magic, memory modification…”

“Memory modification!? As in you make people forget?” Sunset asked more than worried. If these people could make people forget about magic what else could they make her forget?

“Only in isolated situations, and only what is needed to keep magic a secret.”

Seeing the sudden look of fear in her eyes, Saunders continued,

“You don’t have to worry about having your memory modified, seeing as you and your friends could classify as magical. But yes, the thought that we possess the power to alter memories is a scary thought. That’s why we restrict who is permitted to learn those spells. It makes the non-magical government feel safer.”

“Wait,” Sunset interrupted, “You mean that the normal government knows about you?”

Secretary Saunders nodded,

“The President, two or three members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, along with a Supreme Court Justice.”

“So many?”

“I have to make regular reports to the president, as well as advise him on helping maintain our secrecy. The other people represent the non-magical interests within the Magical Congress when we make decisions that could impact both communities. It’s part of our charter.”

“The document that allows magicals to tend to our own needs and secures our rights.”

“Wow, sounds like an interesting system.” Sunset commented. To her it sounded like that the magical community was almost its own nation.

“We are still American citizens. I may be one of the most influential people in the American Community, but I still am subject to the non-magical government.”

“But you are the one that has the final say in terms of things magical, right?”

“To an extent. It depends on how much the situation impacts the non-magical side of life. Much like our situation here.” Isabelle said leaning forward,

“Tell me Sunset, just how many people know about your brand of magic?”

“Um, the entire student body, a couple of camp counselors, and a handful of people from Crystal Prep.” Sunset confessed bashfully.

The Secretary sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose,

“This complicates matters. If the people who were in the know were relatively low, we could brush this situation under the rug and no one would be none the wiser. The whole town however? The ICW would be all over us if we kept this hushed up.”

“But they wouldn’t be able to complete an entire memory wipe.” Agent Hankinson countered, “They would have to find something else to do.”

“If we don’t come up with our own solution that is.” The professor supplied giving the Isabelle a knowing look.

“You think this is a good place?” The Secretary asked.

“The locals are already aware of a kind of magic. What would be the appearance of a few more magic users other than a new addition to something already strange?”

“I would have to get it passed by the President, but I think we would be able to get something going come September.”

“Madam Secretary?” Agent Hankinson interrupted, “What are you talking about?”

“Just a little project that has been in the works for a while.” The Secretary clarified, “For the past twenty years the Magical Congress have been working on a plan on integrating a defined magical curriculum into public schools. Problem was finding a place where if magic got out of hand that it wouldn’t be noticed too much.”

“So how do you know about it professor?” Hankinson asked.

“I have been part of the consultation board since I got my Bachelors.” The Professor said simply.

‘What isn’t this guy part of?’ Sunset asked herself.

“Now that we have that taken care of, there is the matter of this portal that I read about.”

“It appears to be a naturally occurring rift between our world and a realm called Equestria.” The Professor said.

“Does it pose a threat?”

“To be honest? No more dangerous than the world that we already live in.”

Sunset let out a breath she didn’t even know that she was holding. It seemed that the Secretary greatly valued Professor Smith’s input and hearing him call her only connection back to Equestria not a hazard was a great relief.

“However, it does come with a few troubles.” Agent Hankinson interrupted, “I assume you read the report on the one called Death Flight? He nearly killed an underage wizard to achieve some sort of nonsense.”

“It’s not nonsense, Agent Hankinson.” Professor Smith retorted before explaining, “He was attempting to use the soul link between the realms to destroy an enemy back in his home realm.”

“Soul link professor?” Isabelle asked. Sunset felt compelled to explain,

“The friends that I made here have a version of themselves back in Equestria.”

“And there are likely versions of all of you in other worlds too.” Professor Smith added, “In my Grandfather’s notes he says that certain souls are linked together. Sort of a way that the multiple worlds binds itself together; like lengths of rope. If anything happens to one end of the line it will do harm to the other.”

“And Harry’s other half is in Equestria?” Sunset asked.

“Death Flight seems to think so; and I find it oddly coincidental that Mister Potter is pulled from Great Britain to a random town in America shortly before an evil from another world comes looking for the shared soul of his enemy.”

“That does seem a bit odd.” Secretary Isabelle commented.

“Then there is the matter of Death Flight. I am worried who his link might be, and what that implies.”

“Pardon?” Sunset asked. It was Secretary Saunders that took lead on this topic,

“Sunset, something that you have to understand is that not all wizards are good. The magical community suffers from its own share of terrorists and would be tyrants. At the beginning of this last century there was one such wizard in Britain. Went by the name of Voldemort. It is because of him that Mister Potter was orphaned.”

“He… he…” Sunset couldn’t find the words to say.

“According to popular belief, Mister Potter was somehow able to reflect the curse meant to kill him back onto Voldemort. Gave him his distinguished scar.” Professor Smith continued, “But I don’t think Voldemort is gone. Not anymore.”

“Because of Death Flight?”

“Voldemort loosely translates to ‘Flight of Death.’ My Grandfather in his notes said that you can discern a soul linked pair by certain similarities between the two.”

“This whole area reflects Equestria.” Sunset added, “There are so many similarities between the two it’s not even funny.”

“Precisely.” Professor Smith confirmed, “Now, it is near impossible for one half of a linked pair to survive without their counterpart. If one half is destroyed then the other half suffers; unless the connection between the two was cut, but that is an entirely different matter. Therefore, it stands to reason that if Voldemort and Death Flight are connected halves, if Death Flight is still alive then so is Voldemort.”

“But how…” Started Agent Hankinson but the academic wizard cut her off,

“That is not a discussion for this table.” He said giving a nod towards Sunset. Catching what the teacher meant she silenced her question.

“Is Mister Potter still in danger?” Secretary Saunders asked.

“I won’t claim to know the mind of a deranged dark sorcerer from another world; but any tactician would not try to strike again so soon while we are on guard. As for the threat from this world? I really don’t know.”

“We’ll have a team continue to monitor Mister Potter for his safety.” Agent Hankinson offered.

“Please do Agent.” Isabelle said, “I’ll strongly suggest protective wards placed around the house as well.”

“We’ll get on that right away.”

“Good.” Then Isabelle shook her head before turning her attention back to Sunset, “I’m so sorry Miss Shimmer. We have been all over the place. Please, tell me more about yourself.”

Sunset then took up the next part of lunch talking about what life was like back in Equestria. When she got to the part about her coming to earth she hesitated, but somehow Isabelle was able to coax the truth out of her. So, with regret Sunset confessed to the people who controlled her fate about her scheme for invading Equestria and how Princess Twilight stopped her.

“So, am I going to be arrested now?” Sunset asked with her shoulders slumped down. She was not expecting the Secretary of Magic to burst out laughing.

“Arrest you? My Sunset my dear, we don’t arrest teenagers for getting high off magic. You would get community service and a mark on your record.”

“But back in Equestria I am considered an adult.” Sunset protested, feeling really confused now.

“You may be an adult back where you come from but I can see several things that prove you’re not.” Isabelle said looking at Sunset’s adolescent body, “You’ve still been growing into your body, have you not?”

With a blush on her face, Sunset remembered everything that had changed over the years.


“It would also be safe to assume that ponies from Equestria grow about the same rate as they do from our world. Human and non-human years don’t exactly match up, do they?”

“Shorter life spans, quicker growth periods, makes sense to me.” Professor Smith commented with a smile, seeing where Isabelle was going with this. “Missing an actual conversion table, it we would be safe in declaring you a minor.”

Before Sunset could question the Secretary for her decision, Isabelle sealed the discussion,

“Just go with it.”

Sunset had to take a hard thought minute before she accepted that she had been essentially pardoned for everything she had done from a legal stand point. There was that nagging part of her that said she didn’t deserve it; but if there was she had learned since being blasted by Princess Twilight at the Fall Formal, forgiveness is not something you necessarily feel you deserve, but it is still yours to be had.

“Thank you, Madam Secretary.” Sunset replied gratefully. As conversation progressed to other topics, Sunset felt a warm sensation that she had come to know well. She was hopeful of the future.

-Headmaster’s Office, Hogwarts-

Albus frowned at the marring on his office door. The inscription that had etched itself into his door a few days ago, was still there. It wouldn’t fade and no matter the spell he used he could not fix the damage. He was beginning to believe it was a dark spell and planned to summon Severus to give him a second opinion. Albus sighed and turned away from the offending message and returned to his desk.

It had taken a few days but he had convinced Cornelius of a path to take. When the ICW would next meet, the British representative would present a claim that Harry represented the future of Great Britain. They would build him up as an icon for forward progression and play it as imperative for Britain to have Harry back. Of course, since he, Albus, hadn’t presented the claim he could retain his seat in the proceedings and break any deadlock in the vote. Albus conceded it was a longshot, but it was imperative that Harry come back to save his own authority and power.

Albus let out a groan as he took his place behind the desk. The lateness of the hour and his recent activities took its toll on his body. Unconsciously, his eyes grew heavy and he slipped into slumber.

Though to the world Dumbledore was asleep, the old Headmaster had not realized that he had slipped into the realm of Morpheus. To him, he had gone from sitting in his office chair to someplace entirely different in one moment.

He stood on a pathway that appeared to be made of starlight and cosmic gas. All around looked he was surrounded by scenes of the cosmos, filtered through a light blue mist. The whole place radiated with power and comfort. Here, Albus didn’t feel the aches of age or even the worry of tomorrow. If there was anyplace comparable to Muggle’s idea of heaven, he felt this must be it.

All at once, the happy feeling left. Washed away in a wave of rage that washed over the heavenly place. The nebulous gas stirred with great agitation; the peaceful colors grew into deep and angry reds and oranges. Wind whipped his robes and long beard about; the gusts stung his eyes, forcing him to now squint at the world around him. Even though the wind was fierce and whistled in his ears he heard a booming voice,

“I warned you to leave him alone!” The voice belonged to a female, that was obvious. The sternness was not too different from what he heard mothers use in scolding their children, and carried tremendous power behind it.

“If you proceed with your plans all that you have worked for will be undone! This is your last warning!”

A gigantic equine figure rose from amongst the mist. The beast looked like it had been born from the blue star mist from earlier with a flowing mane of rainbow color billowing behind it. The creature also had the wings of a Pegasus and the horn of a unicorn. Albus didn’t have much time to process what he saw though, because the moment that the beast had risen into view a beam of light originating from the tip of the equine’s horn blasted Albus.

The Headmaster woke with a start and nearly fell out of his chair. Taking a moment to assure himself that all that transpired was simply a dream Albus took a look outside to gauge the time. The sun was just starting to rise, just about as good as time as any to get out of the office. Some cool morning air would help him clear his head. So, the Headmaster left, never considering greater forces than him at play.

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