• Published 23rd Jul 2016
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School of Wizardry and Ponies - Ranoa- Walker of Worlds

Canterlot High gets dragged into a whole new slew of problems with its newest resident, one Harry Potter.

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The Unexpected

-Faust Residence, Canterlot-

Stunned silence would best describe Harry at that moment. “Little brother,” hung on his mind. The other girls and Spike decided to leave Harry and Sunset alone so they could talk over the slip up that Pinkie Pie had made. Although, Sunset was fairly certain that the everyone was right around the corner, listening to every word.

“Why did Pinkie call me your little brother?” Harry finally asked.

Sunset gave a nervous chuckle and scratched the back of her head,

“Well you see… I’m kind of taking you on as my brother. If it’s cool with you, that is.”

“Taking me on?” Harry asked.

“Honorary sibling, someone to look after you at the student level. Make sure you’re adjusting to school life and everything else. I know what it’s like to be thrust into a new world and being hopelessly lost. I know I would have been completely lost if I hadn’t managed to find help when I came here from Equestria.”

Sunset watched the gears in Harry’s head turn, thinking about the situation.

“So, we aren’t somehow secretly related?” Harry asked.

“Not that I know of.” Sunset replied. A sigh of relief and small laugh escaped Harry,

“Oh good. With everything that’s been happening to me I wouldn’t be surprised if we were somehow brother and sister.”

“Not unless you were somehow born in Equestria to a mother I really didn’t know. Fortunately, chances of that being true are next to nothing.”

“Don’t jinx it.” The wizard replied with a serious face, that is until it failed and he started laughing with Sunset joining in shortly thereafter.

This cued a round of laughs from both young adults that lasted a good few minutes. With all the crazy things that had been going on recently, it wouldn’t have been that surprising if they really were siblings.

“But seriously Harry, the girls and I talked about it and we figured it would be a great idea if one of us took you under our wing, so to say. Help you adjust to Canterlot, be there for problems that Principals Celestia and Luna don’t understand fully, and make sure no one gives you crap at school.”

Harry could kind of see where Sunset was coming from. Might not be as big of an adjustment going from normal school to Hogwarts, but he definitely didn’t want to look like an idiot the first day at Canterlot High.

“But why you? And why ask for sister status?”

“Well, all the other girls have a sibling or someone who looks up to them as one. I don’t have one so I thought, ‘Why not give family a try?’”

Those words, ‘Give family a try,’ gave Harry reason to pause and think. Could he really refuse someone who wanted to help him? Who wanted to make his life easier? Who wanted to be family?

“You know the concept of a real family is still rather new to me, right?”

Sunset smiled and nodded,

“Same here. So, I guess this is new for both?”

“OH, JUST HURRY UP AND HUG ALREADY!!!” A very irritated Pinkie Pie yelled sticking her head into view. Said head was quickly grabbed and pulled out of sight by an unidentified hand.

The two potential siblings looked at each other with confused looks before Sunset started busting up laughing, Harry joining in the mirth. Eventually, Sunset did move to the seat next to Harry and caught him in a side-long embrace,

“For better or worse?” She asked.

“Brother and sister?” Harry asked back.

“Best friends forever.” Sunset finished ruffling his messy.

The two newly affirmed brother and sister only had a moment of tenderness between them before there was a sudden, “POP!” Confetti flying from all directions.

“Sibling Party!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed excitedly popping up from behind the couch before blowing on a party horn.

“How does she do that?” Harry asked.

“It’s just Pinkie.” Sunset replied with a warm grin.

The day quickly dissolved into a celebration of relatively small scale (after all it is a Pinkie Party). Finally, as the sun getting low in the western sky, Rainbow Dash announced that it was time for what she called, “The most important part of a depraved wizard’s education.” What she really meant, was an all-night movie marathon to catch Harry up on popular culture. Since it was her idea, Rainbow had first pick tonight. Of course, as was expected, she picked out the action genre.

It was getting onto midnight when Harry’s eyelids became very heavy. Without meaning to, his head and body came to rest on the most comfortable thing nearest to him, Sunset’s side. This show of comfort was reassuring for the new surrogate sister. Maybe it was the tiny bit of her Equestrian magic that went into creating Harry’s own, or perhaps it was truly just him being that comfortable with being in close contact with her. Either way, having the preteen resting against her made Sunset smile.

Deciding to make Harry more comfortable for the night, Sunset guided the boy’s head from her shoulder down into her lap. She nearly squealed with delight when Harry unconsciously squirmed in closer and let out a content sigh. Sunset tried to turn her attention back to the movie, but after a few minutes of watching the older girl noticed she was running her fingers through Harry’s messy mane.

Ignoring everything else, Sunset grinned as she put her life into retrospect. From being Princess Celestia’s student, becoming an exile, finding friendship, and now she had family. She could honestly say that a year ago that she could not have seen this moment coming. Her mind began slipping from the waking world into sleep; but before it did, she took a moment to thank whatever powers that be for these moments that no one could expect.

Sunset found herself having very odd dreams that night. It was like she was watching a home movie, but everyone around her were Equestrian ponies. This dream wasn’t that strange, she’d been having dreams like this ever since she gained the trust of her friends. They wouldn’t be much, a day at the park, listening to music, simple things that made life enjoyable. The thing that was odd about this dream was a foal that was accompanying them through their adventures. A unicorn colt without a Cutie Mark, with a tan coat and a messy black mane and tail.

Her dream suddenly dissolved into a nebulous sea of stars. Sunset was extremely confused,

“What is this place?”

“Take care of him, my child.” A motherly voice echoed from everywhere.

“Who’s there?”

“You and your friends are now tied to my little one’s destiny. The road ahead will be difficult, but I know you and your amazing friends will be able to handle it.” The voice said again, and just as before there was no sign of who or what was speaking to her.

“Where are you?” Sunset pled to the voice, “How do you know me?”

Sunset suddenly felt a presence behind her. She quickly turned around hoping to see the source of the voice. She barely had time to process a shape of tremendous size when a white flash of light took over Sunset’s vision.

In the real-world Sunset woke with a start. She was still on the couch where she had fallen asleep. Her lap was noticeably empty of her adopted brother’s head, but she could hear his voice coming from the kitchen. Satisfied with having an idea where Harry was, Sunset took in the messy living room. She was apparently the last one awake this morning, seeing herself completely alone in the room. The room was littered with empty pizza boxes, soda bottles, and candy wrappers.

“Good thing Principal Celestia isn’t home right now.” Sunset commented standing up from her place.

A quick trip to the other end of the house brought Sunset to the kitchen and all her assembled friends.

“Well, well, well, look who decided to join us.” Rainbow Dash greeted. The athletic girl was apparently up earlier than anyone else, seeing as she was decked out in exercise clothes and her face was flush with blood flow and glittering with a small amount of sweat.

“We were wondering if we should send someone in to wake you.” Rarity said.

“Sorry, didn’t realize I was holding everyone up.”

“Ain’t no problem.” Applejack said, “Gave us time to fix up some grub.”

The counters of the kitchen were laden with plates of waffles with different kinds of toppings.

“I see. I guess Pinkie was busy.” Recognizing the overly happy girl’s handy work.

“You’re welcome!” Pinkie declared from the other side of the kitchen.

A quick rapping sound came from the window. The girls were surprised to see a crow at the window wanting in, but Harry let the black bird in.

“Why in the world would you let a crow in?” Rarity asked a little revolted.

“The Americans use them for sending messages.” Harry explained taking the message from the bird.

Harry’s eyes scrunched in confusion as he read the message. When prompted by the group he read the message aloud,

“Dear Mister Potter,

In yesterday’s session of the ICW the Wizard community of Britain has issued a request that you be relocated from your current residence and moved back to their custody. Any proceedings have been postponed as the American representatives revealed Supreme Mugwump Albus Dumbledore’s breach of the Flamel Agreement with the Goblin Nation.

The ICW’s office of Internal Affairs has launched an official inquiry into the validity of the allegations. As such, do not be alarmed when a member of the ICW comes to perform an interview. Depending on the outcome of the initial investigation you may be asked to attend the trial. We advise you to be truthful in your answers and not withhold any information.


Martha Westford

Office of the Secretary of Magic.”

Almost immediately after finishing reading the message there was another knock. Except this time, it came from the front door. Sunset sent to check on who could be visiting this early in the day. Sunset cracked the door open and took a peek,


Standing on the front porch was a blond woman dressed in a maroon suit jacket, skirt, and cap.

“Good morning.” The woman spoke English, but carried in her voice the undertone of French having been her first language, “I am looking for Mister Harry Potter. Does he live here?”

“Perhaps.” Sunset responded a little suspicious of this woman, “May I ask who you are?”

“Of course, you may. I am Jennette Malfoy, Inquisitor of the International Confederation of Wizards. I take it you are one of the Faust sisters? You look much younger than I expected.”

“No, I’m Sunset Shimmer,” The teenager responded opening the door, “My friends and I are house sitting while Principal Celestia and Luna are away. Don’t worry, we’re all in the know.” Sunset added when she saw the Malfoy woman reaching for what Sunset was sure would have been her wand.

“Oh, that is a relief. Might I come in? I would rather not attract any undue attention to myself.”

Satisfied with the woman’s identity, Sunset permitted the Inquisitor to enter the house.

“I must admit, we only just now received word that someone would be coming to ask questions. We weren’t expecting someone right now.”

“No one expects the Inquisition.” Jennette said with a smile to herself, enjoying a silent laugh.

“Harry! You got company.” Sunset called out before entering the kitchen with Jennette following behind her.

“Oh, I beg your pardon. I did not know you were ready to eat breakfast.” Jennette apologized at the sight of the mounds of waffles.

“No worries, we hadn’t started yet.” Sunset explained, “Harry, this is Jennette Malfoy, she’s here to ask you a few questions.”

Harry perked up at the name,


“I see you are familiar with the name. You are from Britain, yes? Then you might have met my distant cousins.”

Harry looked at Jennette in disbelief, a Malfoy in his house and not a taunt or pompous comment. Apparently, the Inquisitor could see his doubt and smiled,

“They left the main family years and years ago. Apparently, they were not satisfied in inheriting the land holdings in France and went north to make a name for themselves in Britain.” Jennette explained, “But my family history is not why I am here Mister Potter.”

Any further comments were cut off by a sudden wall of pink right in the Inquisitor’s face,

“Hi! I’m Pinkie Pie! Waffle?” A plate of waffles was offered to the visiting woman who took a startled step back.

“I beg your pardon?”

Applejack intervened,

“Sorry ‘bout her Ma’am. She’s a little more than enthusiastic when it comes to meeting new people.” AJ then lifted Pinkie by the elbows and walked her back to the other side of the kitchen.

Dismissing this display for the moment, Jennette turned her attention back to Harry,

“Do you mind if we have a seat Mister Potter? Your caretakers may remain, provided they don’t prove to be too… disruptive.”

A minute later the occupants of the house were gathered at the dining room table.

“Now, Mister Potter, are you aware how one of these investigations work?” Jennette asked.

“No Ma’am, I’ve only been part of the wizarding world for just under a year.” Harry explained.

“Then allow me to explain. When an accusation is made against a member of the Confederation, representative or executive, a team of Inquisitors are dispatched to check the validity of these claims and gather evidence to either confirm or dismiss the accusation. If the evidence convinces the Grand Inquisitor that the accusation is valid, further investigation is conducted by the Inquisitors. Evidence is then presented to the Grand Inquisitor who will then pass judgement, and decide innocence or guilt.

“As of right now, we are still gathering information to determine if the accusation presented against Albus Dumbledore are accurate.”

The words of the message from the DoM rang in Harry’s mind. Being truthful might get people back in Britain in trouble, but he didn’t want to betray his family.

“What do you want to know?”

-Knockturn Alley, London-

The dark festering backstreet of the Wizarding shopping center was the hangout of all kinds of scum of British wizards and witches. Dark magic and illegal dealings were all the rage in this part of the Alley. If you wanted something the Ministry didn’t want you to have, you could find it here, or at least find someone who could get it for you at the right price. It also happens to be a prime business spot for one Mundungus Fletcher, discount importer and self-made retailer.

Fletcher was finishing up yet another shady business deal which had gone better for the buyer than Dung. The Alley was abandoned save for the occasional soul that wondered by, leaving Mundungus alone on a walk back to his current hovel. He made a turn down one of the side streets when he walked headlong into a dark figure.

“Oh! Sorry I…” Mundungus didn’t get to say another word before the figure grabbed him by the scruff of his jacket and lifted him off the ground.

“Hmm, not much, but I don’t think anyone will miss you terribly.” A voice hissed out of the shadows. There was a sudden green flash and by the sudden change in the air quality Mundungus could wager safely that they had arrived in a wooded area, maybe near a river judging by a rushing sound that came from somewhere in the darkness.

The smuggler was thrown to the ground rather harshly by his abductor,

“Now, my friend, you are going to answer some questions for me. Do so willingly, and I will let you go. Reach for your wand or try to disappear and I will be most… displeased.”

You don’t work in Mundungus’ line of work without hearing death threats often. Mundungus was also not the bravest or brightest the underworld had to offer; so, when he heard the voice of his abductor threaten him he did what any sane coward would do, he froze. Looking up at the dark shape that had pulled him out of Knockturn Alley.

“Good, at least some of your kind has a sense of self preservation.”

A pair of venom green eyes shone through the darkness, deep red iris slits and a kind of purple haze seeping out of the corners only intensified the fear that Fletcher was feeling.

“Wha… what do you want to know?” Fletcher finally managed to say.

“Information, you rat. Tell me everything you know about Voldemort.” If there was any light, Mundungus would have seen the man smile at the fear the name inspired in the thief,

“I see my other half inspires fear here too. How wonderful. Now, talk.”

Mundungus spent the next hour stammering out all that he knew about Voldemort. The stranger listened intently to tales of fear and destruction that the dark wizard had wrought. Finally, he interrupted,

“You mentioned followers. Did any escape capture?”

“Uh, some are suspected of being Death Eaters, but they avoided Azkaban.”

“Name’s worm. I want names!” The abductor hissed out demandingly.

“Err, there was Karkaroff, he ratted out a few others so he was let go. Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, Macnair, several of the old families were suspected but they all claimed to be Imperiused.”

The figure began to pace back and forth in contemplation, muttering to himself. After a while of this Mundungus finally found his voice,

“I’ve… I’ve answered your questions, sir. Can I go?” He asked hopefully.

Without looking at him, the kidnapper reached out his hand and clenched his fist. A poison green field of energy enveloped the smuggler and he was lifted into the air. With a hard pull, Mundungus was pulled over to his kidnapper,

“Hardly. I have more questions for you.” The field pressed hard on Mundungus’ body, squeezing the air out of him, “Tell me everything you know about the school called Hogwarts.”

Author's Note:

Sorry this took so long everyone everyone! There was a small issue with my computer that was limiting where I could write. Hopefully, the issue is resolved and I will be able to write more often and get my work out to you guys. It hasn’t helped that work is pretty demanding right now. Working retail during the summer, need I say more?

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