• Published 23rd Jul 2016
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School of Wizardry and Ponies - Ranoa- Walker of Worlds

Canterlot High gets dragged into a whole new slew of problems with its newest resident, one Harry Potter.

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The Professor's Explanation

It had been three days since that fateful night in the park. Three days since Harry had been taken to Canterlot General. Three days since Sunset Shimmer was taken into custody and the rest of the girls placed under observation. Three days since the disappearance of a possessed murderer. Three days and the world that was Canterlot was still in chaos.

At the moment, Luna was resting back at the house. She had been working with the DoM agents seeing what could be done to get Sunset released while Celestia was sitting beside a slumbering Harry. The gentle rhythm of monitoring equipment being the only real sound in the room. The senior administrator had large bags developing under her eyes, a tell-tale sign of her restlessness. For the hundredth time Celestia reached for her cousin turned nephew’s hand and gripped it like she was his mooring.

“Please Harry, please wake up.” She pled.

The door to Harry’s room open and Professor Smith stepped into the room with a roll of paper tucked under his arm.

“Hello Miss Faust,” He greeted curtly, “How is he?”

“No change. Your healers said that he might still be out for a while yet.”

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t do more to stop Death Flight.”

“You delayed him. I take comfort in that.”

Silently Colton drew up a chair and sat down next to Celestia,

“The reason why I am here, is because I have been asked to explain something to you, seeing as you are Harry’s legal guardian.”

“So is Luna.”

“I will advise her as well to what I am going to tell you.” The professor unfurled the paper he carried and set it in front of Celestia. To the administrator, the paper was covered with sketched triangles and circles with numbers and runic letters forming some kind of complex design.

“This is the magical equivalent of a blood test. Magic isn’t measured in proteins and cells, but it is measurable and plottable. Generally speaking, your boy has a great amount of potential. There are certain areas that indicate that he suffered from Magical Suppression for many years.”

“Magical Suppression?”

“A common condition in first-generation magical children. It means that the amount of magic that the body is making is not as much as it should be. This comes from an unconscious effort to try to suppress accidental magic.”

“The children are scared of what happens when they get angry.” Celestia said to show her understanding.

“The strange events that happen around them, the concern of their parents, the strange glances that come from their peers. All of these lead the mind to try and suppress magic. As a result, it takes a year or two of active magic usage to get the child back up to snuff.”

The professor ran his finger along an array that encompassed a great deal of the chart,

“This here though, I have only seen such things in theory.” Without being bidden the professor explained, “It is a powerful protection spell that is woven into Mister Potter’s very blood. Protections like this have never been fully investigated because of their rarity.”

“What does it protect against?”

“Not what, who. These protections were said to bestow themselves in moments of self-sacrifice to guard against a particular person. With how well integrated this is to Mister Potter’s magic, I would wager that it has been with Mister Potter since he was a year old.”

The implication of what the professor was saying hung in the air. Celestia hitched on her breath when the full impact of the protection meant,

“We know so little about what happened that night.”

“Sadly, the wizards of Britain did not allow for an investigation into the events of that night.” Colton let out a harsh breath in disbelief, “A child takes a killing curse full on, not only survives but somehow destroys the caster. The biggest anomaly of magic in a century and they forbid any study to be done. Stinking Unspeakables…” The professor cut his ramblings off and shook his head,

“Sorry, anyways, the real thing that I needed to point out to you is this.” Colton traced an array with his finger. The area that he traced looked very different from the rest of the chart; where the rest of the chart had some kind of functioning chaos, like looking at the gears of a giant clock as it ticked, this section was simply broken apart.

“We believe that this area represents lingering magic from your students’ magical blast. From what we can tell their magic is trying to latch itself onto Harry’s magical core.”

“Is that even possible?” Celestia asked with great concern.

“It’s possible… maybe.” The academic wizard rose from his seat and started pacing, “There are reports back from the sixteen-hundreds of some pureblood families attempting to graft the magic of pregnant women into their unborn children to try and make their children more powerful.”

“Why would they even try something like that?” Celestia reacted, outraged at not only hurting the mother but messing with the unborn child.

“This was in an age that marked the start of decline in the Pureblood population of Britain; many children were born weak in power so the parents turned to this desperate form of magic to shore up their futures.”

Still sickened at the action these wizards took Celestia ventured,

“I take it that this experiment was not successful?”

The professor shook his head.

“The children that were not still born did not have any magical ability, and their children’s children also suffered the same affliction. And their mothers were rendered infertile. Turns out having a piece of your magic forcefully cut out of you is a bad idea. A lot of old families were killed off because of what those wizards reportedly did.” The Professor was no longer restraining his concern as it started to reflect into his mannerisms and tone of voice,

“But this magic from, eh, Equestria, is too different for us to get a handle on this early. We don’t know what could happen. If it weren’t for the fact that a child’s life hangs in the balance this would be really exciting for me.”

“So, you don’t know what will happen?” Celestia asked, slightly annoyed that this academic was not giving her a direct answer.

“My knowledge of the facets of magic is vast. I can see an unknown spell, analyze it, and tell you fifteen ways the caster could have performed the spell better. Despite all my knowledge, I cannot tell you if your cousin will survive.”

“Well, is there anyone who can?” She practically shouted at him.

The professor shook his head in shame,

“I can safely say that there is no witch or wizard that you would want near the boy that can tell you with certainty what is going to happen to him.” The professor made to leave but Celestia stopped him,

“Wait,” She said with regret at losing her temper at him, “There’s something else you might help me understand.”


“The thing is, the magic that the girls used cleanses the target. Obviously, it wasn’t meant to hit Harry, but it shouldn’t be causing him this much harm.”

The academic nodded his head at her thought process,

“I had a similar train of thought Principal Faust.” The man regained his composure as he started leading a thought process, “We can assume that your student’s magic didn’t deem Harry’s magic itself as a dark force. Otherwise, Harry’s magic would have been all together purged from his body. It gives us some hope of compatibility between the two brands of magic and a greater chance of Mister Potter’s survival.”

Celestia nodded her head and let Colton continue.

“The fact that their magic found a foot hold to graft itself onto his is interesting. You see, magic is directly linked to a person’s soul. The soul acts as a protection to magic as the skin does to physical body. Breaching the soul should be near impossible, especially so if the magic used is positively aligned as you claim your students’ is.” The professor let out a cleansing breath and took a solemn expression,

“The only way I can see of this happening is that their magic did its job. That something dark was latched onto him for so long that its removal caused enough damage to penetrate into his magic. Then in an act of mercy, your student's magic attempted to repair the damage. The only thing I can think of that can breach the soul is dark soul magic.”

“Dark soul magic?”

“The American definition of light and dark magic is drawn by three main factors: the intent of creation, how it forces nature against its course, and the price that must be paid. Dark soul magic is the epitome of evil magic. The creators of this branch of magic were trying to achieve immortality by finding ways to bind their souls to the earth. To accomplish this, they committed heinous crimes. Rituals that made them less than human. Indeed, because of them Dementors were brought into existence.”

“And you are saying that Harry has been exposed to that kind of magic?” Celestia asked feeling a little sick hearing just from hearing about this kind of magic.

“It’s the only explanation that I can think of; but even then, there are holes in my theory.”

“How do you mean?”

“The primary purpose of binding the soul is to anchor it to something that will outlast you. An enchanted object for instance. Only a desperate man would try to anchor themselves to a living being. Especially a living being with a will of their own. There are too many things that could go wrong with the process.”

“Professor, I know that this is not the direction you were going but I have to ask: how do you know so much about such a dark topic?”

The professor visibly winced at the question.

“I am not authorized to answer that in detail Miss Faust. I will say that movies and stories about mummies and zombies have a very real, very dark, truth in the magical world.”

Sudden sporadic coughing and groaning alerted the two occupants of the room to the youth.

“Harry?” Celestia asked hopefully.

Fitfully, emerald green greeted the world. A dry voice asked,

“Aunt Celestia?”

“Oh, thank heaven Harry!” The administrator declared as she did her best to embrace the prone boy.

“I don’t feel so good.” Harry complained.

“You’ve been through a great ordeal Mister Potter.” Professor Smith said making himself known, “You still have a long way to go.”

Celestia slipped Harry’s glasses onto his face allowing him to see what was happening in the world around him.

“You’re… you’re that man from the park.”

“Professor Colton Smith of the American University of Magic. If you’d excuse me, I need to make a call.”

Without another word the man slipped from the room pulling his phone from his pocket. The two were not alone for very long as the healers disguised as doctors came sweeping in and started looking over Harry.

Although the young man’s awakening was a relief to Professor Smith there was something else on his mind. Something was off with the Faust sisters. Both of them were just all too accepting of the magical world. True they had been exposed to magic of a different sort for the past several months but this sort of… willingness to accept what they were told was not right. It was a reaction that he saw in many of his First-Generation students. They had become so numb to the idea of magic pushing the boundary of reality that when something new was dropped on them they simply shrugged it off. And if the dossier on the sisters were correct, when they were informed of Mister Potter’s status as a wizard they did not react like it was a massive bombshell dropped on them.

There was also the hidden test he included in that lecture. The dementor was not part of the introduction to magic conversation, and yet she did not ask what they were. She obviously knew more than what she was letting on. Or perhaps, what she could remember.

‘Perhaps I should ask Phil about this. His specialty is the mind after all.’ He mused to himself.

Just as he was about to dial Agent Hankinson his phone went off in his hand, and just as luck would have it, Agent Hankinson.

“Agent Hankinson, what a coincidence, I was going to call you.” The Professor listened to the other line for only a few moments before his eyes went wide, “She’s coming here? When is she… Ten minutes? Alright, I’ll be there soon.”

The professor set off in a brisk walk for an area he could Disapperate. If she getting involved, then the importance of the situation had been realized by the higher ups. Finally finding an abandoned room Colton turned on the spot and a moment of compression later he was back at Headquarters. With quick movements of his wand, he transfigured his day wear into his formal robe-suit and went inside.

The scene inside was more than a touch chaotic with agents and his fellow consultants using different cleaning spells to get the place back in order. In the middle of this was a very confused Sunset Shimmer, who was wearing formal clothes similar to his own. Taking pity on the poor girl the professor approached her.

“Miss Shimmer how are you today?” The teenager shrugged,

“I feel like a well-dressed prisoner.” She stated flatly.

“Well, you’ll be pleased to know that if my suspicions are correct, that will no longer be the case.”

“What do you mean Professor?”

“We are getting a very important guest in a few minutes. Her word will determine your fate. Well, to an extent.”

The doors to the headquarters suddenly opened to reveal a young woman being flanked by two agents. The woman’s long blond hair was braided to keep it manageable along with very pale blue eyes indicated northern European heritage. She was dressed in black slacks and matching suit and carried an air of authority with her.

At her appearance, all the wizards and witches stood a little straighter and all conversation came to a halt. She started towards the assembled group with a brisk pace with a smile on her face.

“Agent Hankinson,” She greeted and shook the aforementioned agent’s hand and shot a quick smirk at Colton,

“Professor Smith,” She said with a nod of her head, a gesture that the professor returned.

Finally, this woman got a good look at Sunset.

“And you must be Sunset Shimmer! An honor it is to meet you.”

With trepidation Sunset shook the mystery woman’s hand as she introduced herself,

“Isabelle Saunders, Secretary of Magic.”

Author's Note:

I'd like to thank ChaosInfinity-X for helping me hammer out Isabelle Saunders. You'll be getting to meet her in the chapters to come.
I have been informed that my version of the American Magical System is different than the one presented in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, truth be told I haven't seen it so I do not know how it is set up in cannon. I am writing what makes sense to me and what I think best fits with history and the mindset of early Americans. Tell me what you think in the up coming chapters and keep those comments flowing, they make any writers day.