• Published 23rd Jul 2016
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School of Wizardry and Ponies - Ranoa- Walker of Worlds

Canterlot High gets dragged into a whole new slew of problems with its newest resident, one Harry Potter.

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What Happened Because

-Faust Residence-

Celestia Faust was called to her front door by a sharp knocking. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw the person who stood outside.

“Professor Smith, please tell me you have something.” The academic wizard nodded and held up a brief case,

“They’re only prototypes but I think they will work. May I come in?”

Celestia allowed the wizard to enter and motioned to the living room,

“Take a seat, I’ll go get Harry.”

The Professor took a seat on one of the upright seats and set the case down by his feet. Any thoughts he attempted to have were interrupted by a stern voice from the entry,

“You hurt his feelings you know.” Looking up Colton was met by the hard gaze of Luna Faust, “What you and the Secretary did to him at the hospital really got to him. He has enough going on in his life without you trying to destroy what he believes in.”

“You are referring to our talk about Dumbledore I take it?”

“Yes,” Luna said through clenched teeth, “I am. I understand about holding a grudge but that is no excuse for passing on your venom onto an innocent soul.”

Colton was about to argue but stopped. The academic hung his head and took several deep breaths,

“You are right of course. For that I must offer my apologies. Every wizarding society has a particular flaw that hangs over their heads. I guess you can call it a side effect of our magic. If you will permit it, I will apologize and do what I can to help Mister Potter overcome he damage my faults caused.”

Their conversation was cut short when Celestia walked back in supporting Harry on her arm, helping him keep balance. The academic wizard took note the boy was wearing a hood that completely shadowed his face.

“Hello Professor.”

“Hello Mister Potter. How are you feeling today?”

“Still a bit hard to get around on my own; but I am getting solid foods again.”

“That is great to hear.” Colton greeted watching the youth take a seat in on the sofa where his ‘aunties’ joined him.

“Before we begin, I must apologize to you.” Under the hood, Harry was confused, “At the hospital the other day I forced my opinion of Dumbledore on you. A man of learning should never present his own opinions and biases as truth. Let alone push it upon a student. He can present his beliefs as long as he remains objective and encourage the listener to form their own opinions.”

Professor Smith hung his head,

“I am ashamed to say that I allowed my displeasure against Great Britain to influence my speech towards you. American wizards are notorious for their ability to hold grudges, and oftentimes need a reminder that we have spoken out of turn. I have received severe chastisement from Miss Fluttershy after I left the hospital and from other sources as well.”

“Wait, Fluttershy was angry with you?” Harry asked in disbelief. He couldn’t imagine Fluttershy having enough backbone to tell off anyone, let alone a grown wizard.

The grown man let loose a visible shudder,

“That stare of hers. It felt like she was digging into my soul.”

From their seats Celestia and Luna shared a knowing smile and nod at the mention of the timid girl’s power to make people crack.

“She was angry that I would add emotional distress while you were experiencing physical pain. Later, I was reminded how poorly I represented my vocation. Therefore, it is my duty to offer my apology.”

Keeping his head bowed Colton said very slowly and clearly,

“I, Colton Smith, do humbly and sincerely offer my apology to Harry James Potter and his guardians, Celestia and Luna Faust, for adding insult to injury and my failings as a man of education and seeker of greater understanding. So, say I.”

Looking back up the Professor explained,

“That was a proper wizard apology. It will be your choice to accept the apology or not. Take your time in deciding that though. I want it to be your own choice and not just because immediate halfhearted forgiveness is something of a norm.” Without waiting for a response, the man picked up his case and placed it on the coffee table between him and the Faust household,

“Now, for the more pressing matter. Mister Potter, would you mind taking your hood off please?”

Harry hesitated to comply, but with some silent assurance from his cousins he drew down his hood. Professor Smith took stock of the appearance of the young wizard before him, and confirmed that he hadn’t changed from a week and a half ago. The boy’s skin color had tanned several shades, making him look like he had spent a summer at the beach. This skin color change, however, was not the reason for the hood.

Perched on the top of his head, Harry now sported a set of pony ears that were the same color of his new skin tone. Along with his new ears, a pony tail as messy as his normal hair hung down to between his shoulder blades. These were the tell-tale signs of Equestrian magic at work.

“So, no change since the hospital?”

“None.” Celestia replied rubbing Harry’s back comfortingly, “When the girls use their magic the signs are gone shortly after they stop using it.”

“So, they told me. This only supports the idea that merging the two magics has altered the nature of Harry’s natural magic, and how the Equestrian magic works for him.”

The professor popped open the case, withdrawing a pair of leather gloves from within. As he put the gloves on he explained,

“To that end, we must determine to what extent it has been changed and how to best regulate it.”

“Does that mean another magical blood test?” Celestia asked.

“That kind of test would do little good for us at the moment. Although, you may be asked to submit to another one here soon Mr. Potter. I am here to try to find an immediate solution to the problem. An expert in magical development is being called in to help and will be able to give a much better long term treatment.”

From within the case Professor Smith withdrew a set of dull grey metal tongs.

“I don’t suppose you have learned the effects of nonorganic materials on magic have you Mr. Potter?”

“No sir.”

“Alright, essentially certain materials can conduct or inhibit the flow of magic just as they do the flow of electricity. These tongs and gloves I am using inhibit the flow of my magic so that I do not throw off the test results.”

There was a dull clink of metal on metal as the Professor withdrew a shaft of metal from within the case.

“This is a wand made of conductive metal. It will allow magic to pass through and see just what state you are in.”

“Sir, I thought I wasn’t allowed to use magic.” Harry protested.

“It is true that you are not permitted to use magic in the public. However, in front of family and those in the know, magic is permitted as long as you don’t overuse the privilege. Not all Americans can attend the Salem Institution, so you are permitted to use magic at home for educational purposes.”

Harry accepted the redefined law and took the offered wand. The metal was cold and just felt awkward in his hand. It felt worse than all those wands in Olivander’s that didn’t match.

“You are feeling discomfort holding the wand, yes?”

“Yes sir.”

“As is to be expected. There is a reason why wizards prefer to use organic materials to build wands, but that is a subject for another day. For now, though, try casting a simple levitation spell on this weight. Just a few inches off the table will do.” The professor withdrew said weighted disk from his brief case.

A happy memory invaded Harry’s mind right before he cast the spell. The memory of a club floating in the air before coming down on a Mountain Troll’s head.

“Wingardium Leviosa.”

One moment the weight rested on the table the next there was the sound of something breaking through the ceiling. The group looked up and gaped at the hole Harry had accidentally made with his spell.

“Well, not completely unexpected.” The Professor said using his magic to return the weight and fix the damages done. “It would seem that the magic graft you received has tremendously increased your magic’s potency.”

The professor then closed his eyes in thought for a few minutes, mentally processing possibilities. After some contemplation, he withdrew a silver bracelet that had what looked like a diamond set in it,

“Try this on Mr. Potter.”

Harry accepted the accessory and placed it on his wrist. Immediately, the metal felt cold and tingly. The sensation was over in a few seconds but the sudden lack of weight on the back of his head was sign enough of what just happened. He reached up and felt the sides of his head, a very normal set of human ears were in their proper place. His skin tone was still the darker hue than it was before the magic graft, but that was not important.

“I’m back to normal! Professor, how...”

“I theorized that your body was producing more powerful magic than you are used too. Your natural functions need less magic than before so you had excess magic just hanging around. That was causing your change and maintaining it. That bracelet draws on your magic and gives it someplace to go.”

On closer examination Harry noticed the gem on his wrist giving off a faint glow,

“What’s it doing?” He asked motioning to the gem.

“Currently, your gem is acting as a magical capacitor. Storing the magic to use at a later date. That being said, arrangements will have to be made to get replacement gems once this one gets full.”

“How do we know when it’s full?” Luna asked.

“It will turn a different color.” He replied simply.

The professor then had Harry test his magic again to make sure there were no further complications that needed fixing. Once the gambit of spells was finished the professor gathered up his tools and shut the case.

“Like I said, an expert in child development was called and has agreed to come and give her advice.”

“Thank you, Professor. For all your help.” Celestia expressed the household’s gratitude.

“It is my pleasure. This is a whole new region of magic to study. The possibilities are endless!”

“Can we count on you for any further complications?” Luna asked.

“My mind and services are at your disposal when you need them. And Mister Potter,” The Professor turn his comment to the young wizard, “I am truly sorry for being overbearing towards Dumbledore.” With that he bid the family farewell and departed to go about his business.

After a few minutes of silence Celestia spoke up,

“Well, at least he was kind enough to apologize for unacademic behavior.”

“I highly doubt he would have apologized if he hadn’t been persuaded to.” Luna pointed out, still a little upset with the Professor.

The sisters turned their attention back to Harry who was deep in contemplation.

“What’s on your mind Harry?” Luna asked taking up a spot next to him.

“Professor Smith’s apology.”

“What about it?”

“It has me even more confused about what to think about Dumbledore.”

Celestia and Luna exchanged glances with each other before Celestia began,

“Harry, I don’t think Professor Smith was apologizing for what he said about Dumbledore, but more of how he delivered his information.”

“Men of higher understanding shouldn’t give biased facts and information they believe to be true. They are supposed to encourage the learner to investigate and form their own opinion.” Luna explained, “His message in the hospital was neither tactful or befitting one of his vocation.”

Harry let this sink in before asking,

“So, what should I do?”

“Remember that everyone has their good sides and bad sides, and that just because an adult says something doesn’t make it sure fact.” Luna concluded.

“If what we gathered is true, the States will try to launch an inquiry into Dumbledore’s actions; recent and past. After that, we can have a better idea about what is going on.”

Harry nodded, agreeing with the course of action Celestia had purposed. The preadolescent boy then let out a yawn before settling deeper into the cushion. If he was still with the Dursley family they would never allow him to get so comfortable on their sofa, then again Vernon took up almost all the room on the furniture.

He hadn’t even been with the Faust’s for even a full month yet and already they felt more like family than the Dursley’s ever did. Case in point, when it became apparent that Harry was on the verge of falling asleep Luna, with a big grin on her face, guided his head down to her lap and let Harry curl up, using her lap as a pillow.

“So, it seems that the government wants to use CHS for magical education.” Celestia commented before sitting in one of the arm chairs.

“Well, that will make Harry’s magical education easier. I am worried about the government getting involved with our school though.” Luna responded, absent mindedly running her fingers through Harry’s hair.

“Would it have been so bad if I had gone to Salem?” Harry asked.

“Not really, we’ve heard good things about Salem. It’s more of a personal reason.” Luna admitted.

“Even before we knew about the Wizarding World, we didn’t want you to think of our home as just a place where you come back to every summer or when you were not in school. We hoped you would call this place a true home.”

Harry smiled from his place on the couch. He didn’t say it out loud, but this place was already his home.

-Cloudsdale International Airport-

“Flight E33 to London is now boarding. Flight E33 to London is now boarding.”

A pair of DoM agents hurried down the terminals of the nearby airport accompanied by two air marshals. The agents had received video footage of Sombra, now known as Death Flight, passing through airport security. The criminal had somehow fooled the TSA agents at screening, but his image had been flagged when he passed by a camera. The agents in Canterlot received the tip off and were in route to intercept under the guise of Homeland Security.

They arrived at the gate just in time to see the lineup boarding the flight to London. Unfortunately, Death Flight saw them first. The fiend from Equestria could sense the wizarding aura as they came into the terminal. In his pocket, he fingered the small black gem he had extracted from the boy. It was amazing what the small shard did for his power.

As Death Flight turned the shard over in his pocket he concentrated on the wizard’s auras,

‘He is not here, false alarm. He is not here, false alarm.’

Over with the wizards a poison green glow passed through their eyes as they came to a halt,

“He isn’t here.” The one said.

“It must have been a false alarm.” The other replied before they left with the marshals.

Death Flight grinned evilly at his spell work. If this was the power that he was granted by just a sliver, he couldn’t wait to get his hooves, hands really, on the others.

Author's Note:

Alright, I want to make something clear: just because two of my characters speak against Albus doesn't mean that I personally hate Dumbledore. It wasn't until about last year when I started really paying attention to the misjudgments of the man; and honestly I don't like it when people go overboard with painting everyone either devoted to him or against him. Also, remember that my characters are not omniscient, they do not know everything and in everything their knowledge is not perfect. My characters have flaws, yes, but so do people. Everything I am doing is for a reason, I'm sorry if you feel that I have gone overboard but it is your choice to read or not, just know that if you skip out now you will not know the full truth of what the Professor pointed out, the fate of a man who wants to be good but has tried to do so with too much with secrecy, and a reminder that we do not always see the full truth.

On another note, we should be getting into some faster pace chapters here now that most of the set is out of the way. Next time, we will meet the specialist that is coming to help Harry and the girls cement the roll that Harry will have in their group now he has Equestrian magic. Until next time. Read, Review, Redistribute.