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A Legion Of One - GeneralLiberator

During its two year search for Shepard, the lone Geth discovered a world unlike anywhere else in the galaxy.

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From The Stars

Exiting FTL.

Preparing for cautionary scan of onboard systems.


All systems functional. Readouts nominal.

Activating thrusters. Proceeding further into system.

Data entry…

Unexplored system.

Beginning data catalogue…


Main sequence yellow star detected.

Preparing for scan of surrounding systems.


Scans indicate terrestrial body close to star.



Anomalous behavior in orbiting pattern. Source unknown.

Preparing for high-orbit fly by.


Biosphere: Garden-like world. Average surface temperature…

15.37 Degrees Celsius.

Terrestrial surface scan…

Error. Interference in scans. Source unknown.

Atmospheric composition…

Error. Interference in scans. Source unknown.

Hydro-scan initiate…

Presence of liquid water confirmed.

Likelihood of supporting life…


Likelihood of life already present.


Temporary divergent from priority mission parameters.

New priority:

Surface deployment to gather incomplete data.

Activating thrusters. Entering orbit…


Twilight Sparkle was not a happy filly. She firmly showed it by stomping angrily out of her house, a frown on her face as she did so.

Even though she was bored out of her mind, nopony wanted to do anything with her. Shining Armor was far too busy doing his exercises for the academy, and shooed her away any time she tried talking to him. Shiny and those pushups of his…so silly.

She went to her daddy, but he too was busy. A bunch of his work friends had invited him out for “guy’s night”, even though Twilight didn’t know what that meant. She asked if she could go with him, but he said that it was no place for little fillies.

Twilight frowned even further. After all, she was a big filly, almost five years old! She had been potty trained for well over 2 years now, and hadn’t wet the bed in at least a month.

And besides, the last time hadn’t even counted! Shiny had told her a scary story before bed that night, and well…

It was really, really scary.

Finally there was her mother who, big surprise, was also busy. Apparently there was something going on over at the neighbor’s house, and she just had to be there for it. Just like with her father Twilight asked her mommy if she could go, but once again had been denied.

And so here the little unicorn filly was, marching out the back door. She didn’t know what else to do with herself. After all, she had run out of picture books. She had been pressuring her mother to go get more, but her mommy had kept putting it off.

Twilight did not have many other friends to speak of. Not being a very outgoing kind of filly, she mainly just played with her brother whenever he wanted. But now that Shiny had been accepted into the Royal Guard Cadet Program, he had less time for his little sister.

Twilight let her ears fall as she continued to march off with no particular direction in mind. Eventually her wandering took her to the forest along the edge of Canterlot. Unlike the Everfree, these woods were much nicer and safe. Sometimes her daddy would have taken her and Shiny camping in them if he ever had time. She smiled at the memories of s’mores and stories around the campfire.

She looked out from under the shade of one of the trees into the blue skies overhead. In her little head she was making a wish, just for a friend of some kind to play with. Or maybe even just talk to.

As she stared up into the sky, something caught her attention. Out of the corner of her eye she saw something, and turned her head towards it. At first she thought it was nothing, but a few more seconds of staring and her eyes widened slightly.

There was a strange shape, barely visible, hovering across the sky. At first she thought it was just a bird or maybe a pegasus, but she remembered reading in her picture books that birds and pegasi did not like to fly up too high, or else they would get cold. But the thing she was currently looking at…

It was really, really high.

It also looked weird. From where she was she could just barely make out what looked like shininess to it. Whatever it was made from seemed to reflect the sun a bit. She continued to stare at it, a very curious expression on her face.


Low orbit breached.

Terrestrial scans initiated.

Anomalous patterns in landscape detected.

Likelihood of natural formation: Low.

Likelihood of construction by sapient species: High.

Possible Prothean ruins on planet.

Minimal altitude for air drop reached.

Initiating air drop of mobile platform…


It was as Twilight stared that she noticed something else that appeared below the object. It was even smaller then the other one, barely a speck. Her eyes followed it downward, and it was only then that she realized it was falling. It grew bigger and bigger, until she could make out what looked like a ball of some kind.

The shape finally disappeared from her sight, vanishing into the woods further in. No sooner than it did, there was a slight rumble in the ground. Twilight jumped at the feeling of the ground shaking, her eyes going wide. At first she was afraid that it may have been an earthquake of some kind.

However, there were no further shakings after that, and all seemed to be quiet. Twilight stared off into the forest, in the general direction that she had seen the thing fall. At the same time she could not help but wonder:

What was it?

Twilight Sparkle then got a big smile on her face, realizing that it could have been the making for a big adventure. Maybe it was something really cool, like an alien!

The filly’s chest puffed up and a determined look came in her eyes. With nothing else to lose, she set off into a trot in the direction she had been facing, disappearing into the forest.



All systems intact. Initializing.

The bundle of metal that had been sitting in the newly formed crater began to stir. Two large metallic legs extended, raising it upwards from the ground. After that, two arms of the same material came outwards, metal hands with three fingers on the ends of each of them. Finally, an elongated head curled upwards, with a glowing blue light on the end of it coming to life.

The head swiveled from side to side, the light scanning the surrounding area. It was a clearing of some kind in a forested area. Tall trees were present around the edges, and grass came up in patches in the areas in between. The glowing eye looked at it all, the side flaps of the head flexing out a bit.

Plant life confirmed. Continuing visual sweep.

The eye continued to sweep from side to side, seeing for the first time that it was not alone. Small creatures could be seen along the tree lines, all gazing in at the tall metal biped in the center of the clearing. A small mammalian creature slowly made its way down the trunk of a tree, with another soon following behind it.

There was also a small group of other mammalian creatures that stood huddled under a bush. However, the infra-red scope of the synthetic’s eye easily identified them. They appeared to walk on four small stubby legs, having large pointy ears.

Animal life confirmed.

Initiating atmospheric sample scan.

Atmospheric composition sample gathered.


77% Nitrogen

22% Oxygen

0.7% Argon

0.02% Carbon Dioxide

Trace amounts of other gases.


Likely habitable world for organics, except for Volus race.

Additional information on biosphere required.

For the first time since it had stood up, the machine moved. It extended its metallic legs forward, one after the other, and climbed out of the small crater it had made from its impact. It walked over to the nearest patch of grass, kneeling down when it stood by it.


Twilight continued to trot through and between the trees, heading toward her destination. She had hoped she had not lost what direction she had seen it fall, but the woods were rather confusing.

That thought made her pause for a moment. Her daddy had always told her she was not allowed to go off into the woods by herself. Even though they were not incredibly dangerous like the Everfree, he said that no little filly should be alone in them.

Twilight puffed up her cheeks and kept walking. After all, she was a big filly, and now she could prove it. She was going to go find herself an alien!

Twilight continued for quite a few more minutes. In that time she stubbed her hooves a number of times, getting little ouchies on them. But she ponied up and moved on. She kept walking until she spotted what looked like a break in the trees up ahead. Twilight slowly cantered up to them, trying to be as quiet as she could. When she got a view of the small clearing, her eyes widened and a little gasp left her throat.

Standing in the center of the clearing, in a big hole in the dirt that looked fresh, was something the likes of which she had never seen before.

The first thing she noticed was how tall it was. Really, really tall! Maybe even as tall as Princess Celestia, something she did not even think was possible. It stood on two legs, with two arms hanging off its sides. On the ends of said arms were three little claw-like thingies. The entire creature seemed like its skin reflected the sun, giving it a slight shine. Tubes ran along its shiny skin, disappearing beneath it. A big metal rod of some kind stuck upwards from what she assumed was its back.

It looked like it was facing away from Twilight, but she could not have been certain. On its back was a black metal tube of some kind, with weird knobs and things attached to it.

As Twilight watched from her hidden position, the tall being moved. It stepped out of the crater and walked forward a bit. It stopped near a little patch of grass, kneeling down once it did so.

As it kneeled in front of the grass, Twilight could not help but gawk. After all, she was seeing something that nopony else had ever seen before! This was an alien! An actual alien from space! If she could bring it home, then everypony would be so proud of her!

The thought gave her another push of courage, causing her to move forward. She lightly stepped into the clearing, crossing the distance between herself and the alien. She tried to move as quietly as possible. After all, she didn't want to scare it away. The alien did not seem to hear her, and she silently cheered herself and her awesome ninja skills.

At least until she stepped on a leaf.


An arm of the machine reached down and grabbed one of the small blades of grass, pinching it. It pulled up the tiny green strand, holding it in its metallic palm. The palm then glowed slightly, with a blue light extending from the metal and passing over the blade several times. The glowing eye of the synthetic stared at the blade as it did so.


DNA base found.


Levo-amino acid based.

Verdict: Planet unsuitable for Creator or Turian colonization.

Likelihood of interest by other organic species: High

Probablity of-


They were designed to be as near-perfect as possible.

They were built to be far more reactive and responsive than organics.

This particular unit was different, but only because it was far, far more reactive than the average Geth. And react it did.

It immediately shot to its feet and whipped around. As it did so, it reached an arm behind its back and drew the metal device off of it. As it brought the device the bear, a long metal tube extended from the front, and a shoulder grip popped out of the other side. A scope extended upwards from the top, and a click sounded as the synthetic brought the deployed weapon to bear in the direction of the sound, one metallic hand clutching the base and the other around the grip with a finger on the trigger.

The entire movement had only taken it approximately 0.67 seconds according to its internal clock. It stood ready, its legs firmly planted, its arms clenched on the modified M98 Black Widow rifle. A rifle that was capable of shattering Alliance-grade kinetic barriers and tearing through Krogan heavy armor like parchment.

The Geth did not move beyond that. Even when it located the source of the sound which was standing a few feet away from it.

The creature was small, standing less than a foot tall. It was a quadruped, standing of four small, stubby legs with hooves at the ends of each. It was covered in a coat of violet fur across its entire body, with a thicker patch of hair growing on its head. The head fur was slightly darker, with two streaks of pink running through it. Two furry ears poked out of the head of hair. A tail of the same color scheme as the head hair was tucked behind it. It had a very large pair of violet eyes, and a small protrusion coming off of its forehead.

The creature was taken aback by the synthetic’s lightning quick response to its presence. As the barrel of the rifle came to bear mere inches from its face, it stumbled backwards and landed on its haunches. It stared up at the Geth, with its large eyes going even wider. Its ears folded down, and a fearful expression came onto its face.

The Geth continued to maintain its battle ready stance, a metallic finger firmly over the trigger of the ultra-high-powered weapon. The end of the barrel was about a foot from the creature, which stayed right where it was. The Geth did not move an inch, the light on its head examining the creature.


Organic. Quadruped. Searching databases…

No entry found. Possible discovery of new species.


Warning! Unknown energy source detected. Likely biotic.

Proceed with caution.

As the Geth continued to internally gather data, the small creature seemed to relax. It looked up at the synthetic, which still had its gun on the organic, and tilted its head to the side slightly. It then looked down to the rifle that was pointed at it, and began to lean forward slightly. The Geth kept the vice grip on its weapon, ready to fire at a moment’s notice.

The creature leaned forward until its nose was not even an inch from the end of the barrel. The lens of the Geth’s eye zoomed in to see the creature’s nostrils gave a few twitches. The organic then grimaced and backed its head up.

After sniffing the barrel, the creature then slowly brought a hoof up toward it. The movement made it shift a little to the side, but the Geth kept tracking it. All the while the crosshairs of the rifle were centered directly on the center of the organic’s head. The hoof came up and over the barrel of the weapon, before giving it a light tap. The ping resonated as the hoof made contact with the metal.

Many organic soldiers probably would have pulled the trigger at the sudden action, but the Geth stood firm. The consensus within eventually classified the actions of the creature as mere curiosity, yet another behavior in organics that even all of the internal programs together did not understand. After a few more moments the Geth lowered its weapon, standing back up straight as it did so.

The little organic and the synthetic then stared at each other. The creature had a wide eyed expression on its face, while the Geth had nothing. The only emotion it could show was that of its metallic head flaps flicking lightly.


Of little significance.

Continuing with temporary mission directive.

With that, the Geth turned to leave, with its rifle still in its grip. It turned its gaze back toward the direction that the anomalous pattern in the landscape had been detected from the aerial scans. If there truly were Prothean ruins on this world, they had to be found. Anything that could be salvaged from the extinct race would prove invaluable for what was ahead in the months to come, not just for the Geth, but for the entire galaxy.

The Geth began to walk across the clearing, but was stopped by a voice.


Once again, the Geth spun around and leveled its weapon in the direction that it had come from. Its eye quickly scanned over the entire clearing and along the tree line, trying to locate the source. However, the only other being in the clearing was the small quadruped. The creature looked up to the large synthetic with a pleading expression.

“Please don’t go.” The creature said in a juvenile voice with folded down ears. “Nopony will believe me if you do.”

The Geth lowered its weapon and fixed its single, glowing eye on the creature. The flaps clicked outwards.

Possible sapient species discovered.

Usage of Human English indicates possible previous contacts.

New priority:

Establish Contact and inquire about current planet.

The tubes and scope of the rifle retracted back into the weapon, which the Geth then stowed on its back, securing it against the magnetic holster. It took a few steps back into the clearing, closing the distance between itself and the organic. The creature lifted a hoof in surprise, but did not move beyond that.

Once they were within an appropriate distance, the Geth stopped once again. The two stared at each other for a moment, the silence that hung between them only being broken by the occasional gust of wind ruffling the leaves of the trees and bushes. They continued to stare, the single glowing, blue eye meeting the two large, violet ones.

The organic finally opened its mouth to talk.

“Can…” It paused for a moment. “Can…you talk?”

The Geth’s eye flaps flicked outwards.


Its voice, like the rest of its being, was cold and metallic. It was also partially distorted, sounding like many speaking at once. The organic seemed to be taken aback a bit by this and cringed. It soon straightened itself up before tilting its head slightly to the side.

“What…are you?” It asked in a voice full of awe.

The synthetic was silent for a moment, its eye flaps once again flicking outward.

"We are Geth."

Author's Note:

NOTE: This is NOT going to be a long fic. I never intended it to be. I am only going to put out one or two more chapters, although the second will be much longer. Also, keep in mind that this was long before he met Shepard. Therefore, he will not refer to himself as Legion. And finally, it was before he went to the Amada System and found the crash site of the Normandy SR-1, so he will not have the N7 armor plate on him. I know. Go ahead and hate me.

Alright, I wanted to try something a little different this time. And by different, I mean something a bit more serious in tone rather than the crap comedic works.

Before anything else, credit given where credit due. The idea for this fic first came to me from the awesome comic strip made by ponyrake. Check it out here.

I want to see if I am even capable of being remotely serious before I actually try it with longer stories that I have in mind. So once again, all feedback is appreciated.