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It's that time of year again at Ponyville Elementary, with Family Appreciation Day. Little Apple Bloom is feeling left in the dust yet again, as all of her immediate family members are too busy to come in to speak. The little filly is left with only one other option:
Her "honorary" family member...
If only he had actually taken a bath for once...

Rated T for Trevor, so expect colorful language and some bloody good violence. Don't worry, no ponies were harmed in the making of this story.
However, many changlings were.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.
Grand Theft Auto V belongs to Rockstar.

Edit at 12:05AM on 7/12/2014: Holy Featured Box!
Words cannot describe how much this means to me. Thank you all so much!

Edit at 12:40PM on 7/12/2014: Now with a Youtube reading by the amazing Soupr5! Check it out!

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Thank you!
You said rough around the edges. How so?

Damn, knew I should have gotten a proofreader. Oh well. Thanks for the input!

Some minor spelling mistakes. But man that was a funny god damn story, bravo good sir!
(I almost wound't mind seeing this be a short series of stories/Interactions, especially since you get the character of Trevor down really well. :pinkiehappy:

this... this has all my yes. :pinkiecrazy:

This was awesome... do more.

lol now if you had him propose to Cheerilee... that would have made the day :trollestia:

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That. That was awsome. You should do a Michael or Franklin story too.:pinkiegasp: that he so cool!

This, good sir, was quite frankly...
For your first story, very well done. I look forward to seeing what new projects you may plan furthur down the road.
Long story short, you have my attention.

First story? Impressive. This was very good. Any chance of Michael or Franklin getting a similar story?

Sequel... please

The deranged Trevor Philips, the half-insane, psychopathic, cannibalistic, murdering, drug-addicted, gun-running, alcoholic criminal of Los Santos he is. But, for him, family is still important. He still loves his family. Unlike many other dudes who treat their family like trash. Well that is spot on Trevor right there.
Flthy Rich is in the bussiness huh? I know he isn't a normal bussiness man. Damn, the 'bussiness' has been doubled.

4680838 I concur. We got plenty of T fics, but little M and F fics.

It's so beatiful. It's just great.
No, I'm not crying, it just rain.

Why cant he be one of my uncles?:applecry: Oh wait, it's because he is a video game character.....:ajbemused: Oh well a boy can dream.:derpytongue2:

I'm just going to leave this here :trollestia:

I love it. Really eager to see a sequel. While reading this I thought about what Trevor said to Michael before he found out about Brad.

Trevor: This is not a game to me! Alright? It's a fuckin' way of life.
Michael: I got a fuckin' family
Trevor: Yeah, well, i got nothin'! NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT ME!
Michael: I do.

That's what I would hope to see if you do a sequel. Trevor surrounding himself with the Mane 7, (7 including spike) the CMC, the princesses, etc. Friends that do give a fuck about him. I've got a bad feeling about Filthy Rich. I'm predicting that he'll betray dear old Trevor like every GTA antagonist from Vespucci to Hove beach.

Trevor Phillips. Applebloom. Uncle?

This can only end in good things.

This was great and very well written. I would love to see a sequel in the future, maybe just a collection of one-shots or semi-connected stories about Trevor Phillips and his adventures in Ponyville as well as the expansion of his business in said town. Keep up the good work!

“Hello everyone-“ Apple Bloom gave him another nudge. “Hello everypony, my name is Trevor Philips, and I am an alcoholic.”

I literally laughed for like five minutes after reading that. Thank you for this.

Okay...you have truely made something awesome :D. Just from the title, I knew this was gonna be funny!! And I'm happy that I wasnt disappointed!! This needs a sequel, since your good at this!! If not with Trevor, then maybe you something like a GTA progtagonist bonding with a pony per story!! Like one shots or something! Anywho, great job!

Oh PLEASE make a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::raritystarry::yay::trollestia:

And could M or F join T's adventures in Equestria? :scootangel:

well looks like the ponies (except the kids) got a bit shell shocked after Trevor's rant tho Filthy Rich didnt seemed to be fazed much tho t must be he is sorta in the business too.

sorta wish Diamond Tiara could hear the rant so she wouldnt try to insult others again:pinkiehappy:

4681418 Oh god I love Miracle of Sound and his GTA V songs!

First story?
Damn, pretty good. :pinkiesmile: It even made it on the Featured Box.


good job I look forward to see more


I sense... great irony in the Force...

Dear god yes, just yes!

In the word of Michael de Santa:

Fucking A!

Yes. Yeesss YES.

I would never expect you to screw a horse

Make this a full story with clop guns blood anger beer etc

This is amazing. Bravo sir/ma'am!:rainbowdetermined2:

ok a few things have to be said
1. trevor is awsome
2. oh god what have to done
3. my copy of gta 5 was stolen
4.keep up the good work

This is so god damn based tier, I love it!

4682125 You seriously expected Trevor. Trevor. To not be insane enough to fuck a pony. I'm pretty sure he would screw a full grown dragon if he could.

I like it

My favorite thing is how PERFECT Trevor is in this. It felt like reading a script for an official episode, the characters were so good. If there are any spelling or grammar mistakes, I was enjoying the characters so much I couldn't notice them. God bless you for this,

ALL THE REFERENCES!!!!!!! But my favorite was the Full Metal Jacket reference of Ermey giving recruits insult after insult. Thank you good sir, may Trevor Phillips not hunt you down and disembowel you

Woof woof!

gta 5 and mlp will read later

dude, you're not just feature box - you're number 1 on the featured box! keep it rolling, mate!





I Sell Propane and Propane Accessories


This was amazing please make more

Funniest shit I've ever read. 20/10

Your first story was featured. I'd say that's quite an achievement, good sir. Job well done!

Also, I think I speak for the majority of us when I say that a sequel would be awesome.

Devilishly good >:)

And then his small heart grew three sizes.

You know what I want someone to write? How about a story with the PAYDAY gang robbing all the banks in Equestria?

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