Doctor Whooves - The Series: Episode Two - Game of Stones

by Loyal2Luna

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*Background music; a soft African beat.*

*Scene opens on a close up of a familiar older mare, her black and white striped mohawk making her instantly recognizable.*

"One thing you are certain to call a sure bet..."

*Scene in black and white, a memory of a time not so long ago, four ponies standing opposite of the zebra over an overturned cauldron.*

“If you will, remember how it was that we met.”

*Another black and white scene, Twilight and her friends lounging in a bubble-bath, with Applejack comically sitting back in a tiny tub as Zecora and Apple Bloom laugh with them.*


*Background music takes a darker turn, drumbeat speeds up.*

"Memories we share shall always endure..."

*Scene of Twilight and Fluttershy standing inside the door of Fluttershy’s cottage, opening it to see a distressed-looking Apple Bloom.*

"But take my advice: Do not be so sure."

*Scene of a hospital waiting room, a doctor pony stepping out and shaking his head as Apple Bloom puts her face to Fluttershy’s shoulder, crying.*

*Scene of the Doctor facing the yellow pegasus with tears in her eyes. The Time Pony is clearly concerned, but also hesitant.*


"There is more to this tale than within any tome…"

*Scene of the Doctor, Twilight, and Fluttershy stand on an open plain, looking around in horror as they take note of the decrepit, drought-stricken landscape.*

"But the hope for my future…"

*Closeup of Fluttershy, turning slowly, eyes wide in fear.*

"…lies in the past of my home."


*Background music explodes in rhythm and beat. Racing. Frenzied.*

*Scene of a dozen striped zebra, each with a harsh glare and thin enough to see their ribs, turning at once with a frightening unison.*

*Scene of another zebra wearing an enormous voodoo-style mask, black with eight eyes cut out around the top bearing down on the Doctor, who is clearly restrained and glaring angrily.*

*Scene of Twilight, covered in strange glowing glyphs, floating in midair as a look of confusion runs over her face.*

*Scene of the Doctor, a torch held in his mouth, waving it about frantically as bats dart past him, then pausing to drop it in shock.*


*Background music stops entirely.*

"But know this, my friend…"

*Scene of Fluttershy, curled into a ball, covering her head and peeking out between her hooves*

" you ever so sweet."

*Another scene. Fluttershy standing, looking over a great square-shaped pit in the ground.*

"If your fear overcomes you…”

*Fluttershy closes her eyes and puts one hoof out over the pit, trembling. Fade to darkness.*

*Scene opens up again on a sickly-looking Zecora, drawing back to reveal the golden rings around her neck have been removed, showing green-colored veins running up from one side of her neck, with bandages soaked in a similar green fluid.*

“...we never shall meet.


*Background music plays - Tune of "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider."*

Scratchy Feminine Voice
"The Itsy-Bitsy Spider…"

*Scene shows Twilight, covered in glyphs, struggling against a curtain of webs violently to no avail.*

"...woke up from her warm bed…"

*Scene of Fluttershy wrapped in a cocoon, struggling apparently for her life, a shadow cast over her as tears run down her face.*

"Found herself some ponies…"

*Scene of a young filly Zecora, identifiable by her mohawk mane and unique stripe pattern, unrestrained, but lying very still, her eyes wide open and breathing shallow. A monstrous, hairy spider leg silhouette looms over her, setting down right in front of her face.*

"...and soon she was well fed."


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