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This story is a sequel to Coming To Terms

Diamond Tiara is known as a lot of things. A bully is a common one among the school kids. Among older ponies she's seen as the daughter of Filthy Rich. The Rich family being seen as the most influential family in Ponyville. That's not strictly true.

The Spoon family. No one would think of the danger in the power they possess, because most assume they don't have that much power. Quite the contrary. Diamond Tiara knows this, but thankfully she's changed. Is change going to help anypony?

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Well. That's a nice surprise. A Diamond Tiara story with Glitter Shell? I'm genuinely pleased by the approach taken with the story thus far. Just noticed the Sequel tag, so going to have to check that one out. Though seeing Snails being called Snails seems to suggest she hasn't picked out a name yet or sees no reason yet it change it?

But onto the story, I like the story so far. I'm really looking forward to more of how we all ended up with these ponies hanging out together. Especially Diamond and Silver's past, at least it sounds like we'll be getting some next chapter along.

Great job so far, if a bit fast paced. Going to go check out the prequel. Hope this continues a steady pace, it really is a fun read.

Yeah, Snails has my mindset with the name thing. She figures that her name is who she is, that she shouldn't have to change who she is, because she was technically always herself.
The pace always gets me, but I think it might steady out.

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