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Oh how Twixie loves her bed and "Twilight Sparkle".

After some time of contemplation, and many failed trips to the doctor, Twixie thinks there are still some thing she needs to talk about. Her most recent failed attempts at writing were spur-of-the-moment ideas that were neither thought through nor particularly meaningful to Twixie. I like to think I write from the heart, and lately I haven't had my heart in too much of anything. Twixie could blame modern medicine, those around her, and a whole slew of other things around her for this shortcoming. What can be said is that something has chemically reverted back to the way it was when Twixie wrote about the things that mean a lot to her.

That said...


For the last few months, Twixie has discovered a story that is beyond fantasy, surrealism at its finest. She didn't create it as she has with other stories, but more found it through her own self-reflection. What resulted was "Lovesick" (updating at least twice a week for 15 weeks!). This story is intimate to me and based on my own experience of learning every life is valuable. It is not by any means some biography nor is it a story in the classic sense. It is a compilation of 29 short musings that I had about Rarity, countless other concerns I had about her life, and the meaning I found by writing them. ( I identify more with her than any other pony, even Trixie).

It is a pretty decent account of where I "felt" like I was for these last months and I highly encourage anyone who thinks they're going mad in this unpredictable world to at least consider it. What it means to me is hope, and maybe I won't be alone in that.

Other questions you may have of Twixie.

Will she update the Dusty Letters in the next two weeks?

Yes, Twixie is hard at work on the next chapters. Her vision for what she has been creating is still the same, but she has been shaken up lately, so expect that to come through a little. Still, she has been reading a lot lately and concocted some surprises. A small teaser is that she's placed Rainbow Dash into the main role of the fourth story with Dauntless and Pinkie Pie in the fifth with The Angel. Since she started writing again a few weeks ago, some super neat ideas have come through.

What about the other stories?

She would prefer not think of the stories that she wrote between now and when she took a break. Of Rocks and Showmares will need a facelift before she decides to touch that with a ten foot pole. The more current stories take precedent, but in the future when they're done, Twixie might go back and pick them up.

Was it you who commissioned that Princess Illustrious plush awhile back?


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I am so sorry to see this happen, whether from a malicious hacker or you've taken a complete 180. If this is merely someones idea of a sick joke, I truly hope you come back safely to us. That someone would do this is heart-breaking. I've been meaning to read many of your stories for some time (not realizing that they were all yours) and I just found this on your author page. I truly hope you come back to us Twixie, and I wish there was something I could do to help.

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Didn't see any rules against posting links, so here's what I found:

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>>1854256   Do you know of a cached copy of "The Dusty Letters of Luna's Fluttershy"? I'd really like to download it. I had downloaded the other two fics before they were taken down, and was going to download Dusty Letters when it was finished, but then Dusty Letters was taken down so I can't download it.

I also agree that it seems like this account was hacked. G&PT wouldn't write in the way the note at the top is written. I also don't think she would leave permanently without warning.

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The Warm Diary of Twilight Sparkle is my favorite story. Sparkling Reflections is a close second.  I rarely read incomplete fics because people drop them so often, but I had hopes for the series because it sounded like you had a plan.  It looks like there's a chance this account was hacked and it would be great to see the stories returned elsewhere, but I won't hold my breath.  At least there were cached copies elsewhere so now I have my own of these great stories.

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