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They come crawling from the darkness. They are a plague, spreading across Equestria like wildfire. Moaning, growling, feeding. Your friends, your loved ones, your enemies, all are the same. Nothing can stop Them, for all become Them.

Join us and watch as the world is consumed.

What This Group Is About

This group was created to hold all stories related to the Them-verse, originally created by RainbowBob and further developed by PaulAsaran. As the number of stories in the Them series grew, we decided to create this group to promote the series and let other writers in on the act.


1) Stories can only be submitted to the Submissions folder. Any stories submitted to the Canon or Non-Canon folders will be deleted.

2) PaulAsaran and/or RainbowBob will review submitted stories and determine whether they may be considered canon to the series, at which point the stories will be moved to the appropriate folder.

3) Only stories set in the Them-verse will be accepted. If you have a question, feel free to contact PaulAsaran.

4) Be civil in the forums. Those who spam, are mean or create attack threads will be used as bait.

5) Try not to get bit. We won't hesitate to put you down.


All-around insane person. Also, originator of the Them-verse and co-founder.

Co-founder and owner of the Them-verse. Too serious for his own good.
{Balances out Bob's insanity.)

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Congratulations! Your group has been judged, and was found to be new. The listing of it in the New Groups ensued as a consequence.

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