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Have you ever spent sleepless hours writing a random thought you had while in the internet? Well thats my craft


It’s has been more than a year after Twilight’s coronation as ruler of Equestria, and the land has experienced its most peaceful time in years.
No villains or monster attacks, and any disagreements or conflicts have been prevented with the teachings of the school of friendship.

Truly, a perfect world for everyone in Equestria.

Except for one pony.

Originally written for the A Change of Pace Contest, but gave up at the ending.

Featured at the day of release! Yay :yay:

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Discord raised an eyebrow. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t I turn all the villains into stone statues?”

“Well… maybe they can find a way to escape. Just like you did!” Twilight exclaimed with hint of hope.

Discord shook his head. “I’m afraid not. My ways are permanent.”

that pretty villainous in of itself discord
twilight can just unstone then and fail to reform them then

morion87 #2 · 2 weeks ago · · · Panic ·

“Oh wait, I read it wrong,” the guard with the guidebook shouted. “It says panic, evacuate the castle, and then contact Starlight.”

... I think the first idea was better. Who came up with this one? That idiot needs slapped upside the head.

Trixie stared at the unicorn with eyes scarier than the ones in the amulet, and lifted the cursed collar with her magic. “Trixie is great and powerful,” she growled before turning the amulet into a teacup. “She doesn’t need to show it to you. Now, go away.” The magician pulled down her hat over her eyes and went back to her nap, ignoring the alicorn completely.

She turned a powerful dark artifact into a teacup... I think she actually could beat Twilight.

worse than an eccentric twilight
and an eccentric and irritated twilight that the protocol / list was not followed.

the royal guards motto: when it doubt panic

I'm pretty sure that Discord only helped Celestia and Luna do it which explains this,

Her mad laugh came to a stop, and she slowly looked down.
Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy were laying on the ground unconscious... With their eyes open. “Are you guys okay?” She got no response.
She then picked up a nearby stick and poked each of them with it, getting no reaction. She then smashed the stick against Chrysalis head, snapping it in half, but the bug-queen still didn't move or react.
Twilight looked at the spell she had made and immediately burned it to erase the evidence of her actions. "Maybe I can petrify them again and nopony will notice."

She then heard sobbing behind her, and when she turned around, she saw the horrified faces of Cheerilee and a group of fillies she had been escorting during their tour of the castle's gardens.
“Are they dead?” the younger of the group asked.

"Oh... Buck."

Yeah that's pretty permanent alright.

I saw a video where they said Luna's and Celestia's beam just destroyed the cupcake that was crushing them, and it was Discord's magic what turned them to stone.

PS: Your profile pick is awesome.

thinking about it it should have ended with twilight doing this
:twilightoops: eureka maybe if i train my own student villains will appear to fight her

:pinkiehappy:: And that's how Luster Dawn was born

a lot of annoying starlight until she gave in and went and got Sunburst help to shut twilight up

Ah ponies, never change.

“Well… this should be interesting,” he said before summoning a TV and sitting down to watch his favorite show.

The Twilight Sparkle Show?

Please don't do that to Luster. She needs better parents than those two. Unless you're a mindless, unthinking drone. Just like all those who think Luster is Starlight and Sunburst's daughter, are.

To be honest, I don't think they are her parents in canon. I know that even the writers disagree with if its true or not, and they left it for us to decide at the end.

Wow, that level of pettiness makes me want to actually support that headcanon.

Cry me a salty river that I don't jump on the bandwagon like so many have.

I think it’s more “How” you wrote it then “what” you wrote. I know the internet is where common curtesy goes to die, but if you give rude comments (even if they’re constructive), you’re bound to get replies like that.

No "mayor" catastrophes or villains?

I must have missed the episode where Mayor Mare went mad with power. :trollestia:

I don't think the theory holds well. It would be very strange for her to set hoof in Ponyville for the first time if her parents lived there.

plus Sunburst would have to be a surrogate father or some sort of polycule because GlimTrix is actually canon

I always get those two mixed up :rainbowlaugh:

Reminds me of the markiplier bit where he gets his panicking out of the way first when he is stranded on a desert island.

I half expected Sunset’s letter to mention something about eating a stream of consciousness dessert from Pinkie or something. Also now I want to slowly melt something with a blowtorch.

Oh, I like this! I've been thinking of a similar scenario, future Twilight shrinks down to her former height and she gets excited 'cause it's not supposed to happen and it's the first time in a long while the guards needed to follow the protocol so it's like chaos in the castle lmao

Hahahaha that sounds hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

It’s especially good if you watch the animated version where it looks like yarn figures.

So why was Sunaet's letter so long and rambly? I was waiting for the reveal her brain was getting overwhelmed by magic or something.

To be completly honest, I just kept having ideas to extend the rambling and since I wouldn't get another chance to write this I left it in.

“Aren’t we in a sort of dictatorship already?” Trixie shook her head. “Stop that! Trixie is trying to help you here!”


it is voiced by a pony... can't always help crazy. :ajsleepy:

"Oh... Buck."

there... a problem.

Mellow out...

"Do not question the ancient powers I control!" Twilight shouted to silence the crowd and then cleared her throat. "As I was saying, these three may have seemed unredeemable at first. And second... And third. But, I'm sure that if we give them just one more chance at reformation, they will become respectable citizens of Equestria."


Chrysalis was the only one given a chance that we know of. One.

(She looked tempted too)

I think Scorpan tried to offer friendship to Tirek before he betrayed him, and Cozy seems like she never got any kind of support.

Actually Twilight, what happened is the last episode aired and there is no longer any scripting for you and Equestria.

This was a great laugh, nice work

There's still season 10. You're bound to get more villains before the next 10-20 years of the epilogue happen.

“Oh, right. Surely you want to truly surprise me this time, so just give me a date and I will wipe my memories before you can enact your plan and I will be totally surprised by your betrayal! Win-win right?”

Poor, poor, crazy Twilight. If he did that, you'd just make him do it again later.

Starlight just stood frozen in shock for a few seconds before shaking her head. “What in Tartarus is going on?!”

Twilight's having the twilight to end all twilighting for starters.

This was a fun read! But maybe Twilight should take those pills Trixie suggested.

Actually, scratch that. That could make her stop twilighting and take away the entertainment said twilighting does.

I say more power to you if you don't accept that theory about Starlight and Sunburst being Luster Dawn's parents like many do. It's not like that theory can be proven or debunked, so we'll just have to pick what we like the most, and suck it up like grown-ups if others don't agree with the opinion we formed for ourselves about it.


That actually depends on which pills she takes :pinkiecrazy:


That actually depends on which pills she takes

Interesting! If I decide to have fun with that idea and you didn't beat me to the punch, you are getting the credit for that story idea.

Twilight Sparkle, ruler of Equestria, sat on her throne as the usual pile of paperwork slowly grew at her side, no matter how fast she read and signed them. She knew by now that she would never finish it, since she had to hire a second secretary just so the piles of paperwork could be delivered to her throne before the day ended.

I find this all too plausible. I can imagine Twilight Sparkle as the kind of leader who would have trouble delegating, try to micro-manage everything, and end up overwhelmed.


And I will! Once I'm done with one of the one-shots I'm working on, Twilight trying to take pills is going to be the next story I start on. This is too good for one of us to not have fun with :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight smiled, proud of the change of heart of two ex-scammers. “You know, if you do a couple more good jobs like this, I could give you a place in Equestrias research and development department.”

A year later, Twilight is sitting in a dungeon with the rest of her friends, having been deposed by those two. Applejack spends most of her time giving Twilight the stink eye and telling her. "Told ya so."

Not sorry. But I can't help it.

Don't feel sorry, it's hilarious :rainbowlaugh:
This is how they won in the parallel universe Starlight created

In all seriousness, this whole situation is kinda tragic. Twilight is so used to shit hitting the fan that longtime peace is considered too suspicious/good to be true. This situation is something straight out of a soldier off active duty.

It's the underlying theme of the story, the combination of the isolation from her friends, the strain of her duties as a princess, and the sort of accepted reality that at sometime someone is going to try and take it all away.

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