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The Sleepless Beholder

I just headbutt the keyboard till my ideas spill out into writing. Sometimes it works.


Life in the streets is a constant struggle, even in a beautiful city like Canterlot. Hunger, danger, and persecution can easily lead to death or worse. Trixie and Sunset consider themselves lucky to have each other when facing the hardships of life.

They know that as long as they're together, they'll be able to survive anything the world throws at them.

Inspired by this music: Until We Die - Ending Song

Originally written for the Sunset Shimmer x Trixie Lulamoon contest over at the Sunset Shimmer x EG/MLP Villains Shippers’s Group & Competitions!

Now part of the May Pairings Contest

I had so many problems with the production of this thing I swear it's cursed.

Special thanks to Dewdrops on the Grass, mushroompone, and Shrink Laureate for pre reading and helping me keep my sanity.

Extra thanks to daOtterGuy for the cover art.

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Dude... you actually made me cry.

Does this story has a conclusion ?

Man...my heart...:fluttershbad:

Oh... My heart, I know the tragedy tag is there. But, please come back Sunset. Please. :raritydespair:

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