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You've never seen a unicorn before in your life, always wondering if they were dangerous and scary like everyone said. Until one day, you come face to face with one and unexpected feelings arise in your heart.

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adorable bit of fluff!

one thing, though, is that the Y/N stuff is a bit immersion-breaking. you can get around it easily, though!

"Y/N." You introduced yourself, feeling your cheeks flush.

could just be something like

You tell her your name to introduce yourself, feeling your cheeks flush.


"Okay Y/N, you won't lock it in place this time." You told yourself to encourage yourself.

could be

You reassure yourself that you won't lock it in place this time.

just something to help it flow better. otherwise, keep on writing! the world needs more G5 fluff

I'd like to second Bicyclette's suggestions, and add that this is quite the nice little bit of fluff. And it's wonderful to see a 2nd person story with a female POV. Those are far too rare around here. A precious commodity.

Honestly, I'm for more cutesy fluff in general.

Thank you for the tips and for reading! I'll definitely use it ❤

There will be more ;3
Thx for the comment 💕

Wow, I feel flattered!
Thx for the lovely comment 💖

This is adorable! :heart:

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it ^^

She cocked her head to the side like a confused puppy and smiled again.

And cue the electric discharge death animation from Divinity Original Sin 2 here.

That, was ridiculously cute.

Also, holy high fructose corn syrup! That was really saccharine. I love it!

Nice, I have a whole bookshelf for this kind of thing and I've had trouble filling it.

Tysm, I'm glad you liked it <3

Nice 👍

This would be most everyone's dream come true, becoming Izzy's special somepony.


I don't know where she is ranked among the G5 ponies but she is definitely a favorite of a lot of us.


With some people, she even surpassed a lot of G4 ponies in some people's favorites list.

This... unfortunately... didn't age so well with the release of the series... :raritydespair:

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