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Skylarking the Stargazer

Passer inter meos ocellos labebatur... et inebriatus... etiam līberātūrus.


Only Fluttershy knew this whole time...

Nopony understood her as much excluding her friends, even then, Fluttershy had other secrets that even her friends do not know. She had her own ways to deal with things, her own light to help her see for herself. Which is why she is so distant from everyone other than herself, no one can understand her.

A peaceful walk guided by Luna's lampshade, in a place that nopony understands either that is.

Kindness will always be rewarded with such amazing feats...

A great big thanks to Z-blade Gracin for helping me edit + proofread this work!

And a big thanks to the artist: miltvain!

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Comments ( 6 )

I can dig it mate. Though I was a little confused with the description.

8095490 Oh lol, well at least you enjoyed it, thank you for your thoughts!

Ah this music while reading it oh it's relaxing!:twilightsmile:

8204528 Yes, that's the spirit! I put the link there for a good cause!

8204974 I'm just going to read this whenever I have to unwind!

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