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A Twilight Sparkle fanboy who also likes to write. The author of the Change series.


When a mysterious figure steals the Element of Magic from the Tree of Harmony, Twilight chases him into a strange realm she does not understand.

Beset on all sides by strange creatures and unusual magics, if she is to track down her enigmatic foe and reclaim her lost Element, she must earn the trust of a thorny local scholar, and learn of the dark, tragic truth that lies buried in the world’s heart.

A crossover between MLP and Final Fantasy XIV.

Cowritten by Skijarama and Tom117z.

Edited by Chromio.

Cover art drawn by Skijarama.

Featured on: 25/02/2021.

Chapters (28)
Comments ( 385 )

Woo new story

Back up. Some random fucktard can just steal Magic, and just get away worth It with no reprisal from the Tree?

I have to call bull there. Suspension of disbelief taken too far I feel. No matter how powerful they might be.

They should never be that OP when they come to Equestria. It's not their world or the magic they know.

Will stick around for this, since I do like Final Fantasy.

You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention!

As indicated in the story, they fought and the ascian subdued its defences.

Ascians don't come into a fight they're not confident they can win. And they've had a very long time to plan things out.

And this 'random' happens to be our main antagonist for the day.

Ah Thanalan, the place where the dead can become gentlemen.
I'll watch this with curiosity.

What's with the dislike on every comment lol. Anyways, at long last, a XIV fic from an author/authors I trust!

Gonna definitely follow this along, got me excited!

I am literally taking Tom and another friend of ours through that questline right now. XD We just got done playing through some of that in Stormblood when we saw this comment.

Everyone needs a little salt to maintain homeostatic balance.

Anyway, following. Never did get into XIV, but we get precious few FiM adventures nowadays.

Of course she can't fly. She hasn't attuned to all the aether currents.

This guy knows the pain.

Atleast she's her own unicorn mount. No money shop necessary.

I last played that up and coming new game, Final Fantasy III, too many years ago. Nothing since.

I'll follow this, because of faith in the authors skill, not because I know the game world.

Good luck, both of you.


This shall be very interesting, I feel. Also...another "Twilight lost in the desert" fic from Skijarama, huh...

I really liked Twilight's narration when she arrived in Thanalan! Made it feel like the beginning of a proper expansion. Lahabrea got more than he bargained for, and I'm not sure what he even wants with Magic. Yeah it's probably a good source of aether but like...he's not that short sighted.

Based off last chapter, gonna hazard a guess and place this during the ARR timeline. Seventh Umbral Era, and all


I really liked Twilight's narration when she arrived in Thanalan! Made it feel like the beginning of a proper expansion.

That was my idea, and it was also the point. :)

Haven't read yet, but all the yes! Love xiv!

no friends to watch my back, not even Spike… I was alone, this time.

So. . . how is she managing to stand up, form sentences, and put food in her face?

Ooooh! Yaaay I’ve been playing 14 for about 8 years! Than Alan Is My Jam! Haven’t even read the fic yet but I’m

Haven't played a FF since X, but you have my attention. Lets see how this plays out.


Lahabrea got more than he bargained for, and I'm not sure what he even wants with Magic.

You will note the ascian's description said he had a 'black' mask. If it was Lahabrea, unsundered member of the convocation of fourteen, Twilight wouldn't have been in a good position. :trollestia:

We will be seeing him, though...

The actual 3, or 6 retitled as 3 because Nintendo America skipped the original releases of 2 and 3.

Anyway, as a FFXIV player (Cactaur server) I'm definitely taking a look at this.


Yeah, I missed that detail. I came from Skijarama's blog post, and when I saw a non-Elidibus Ascian in Thanalan on the cover, I assumed it was Lahabrea. I have since been corrected that he is instead an original character you guys made.


Is she not allowed to have internal narration? As for food, we shall see

It's funny that he mentioned VI\III, because that one shared name of Empire (but not the world) with FF online.

As someone who had just started on the FFXIV journey late last year and has now finished both the ARR and Heavensward stories, I am excited to see this. I can't wait to see more and also see how Twilight acts to the citizens of Eorzea :pinkiehappy:

XIV draws a lot of lore from the rest of the games. Everything to cheeky references, items, bosses, and even subplots. And that's not counting direct cameos of characters from other games.

I could be wrong. It was a long time ago, and I wasn't really into it. I'm pretty sure there was a III on the cover. 20 years is a long time. Or somewhere in there.

Especially if you count the Crystal Tower raids, which draw a lot from FFIII

That's what I meant. Similarly the Omega raids star Omega from 5 and draws most of its fights from 5 and 6, the Ivalice raids are Tactics sprinkled with 12, etc. Endwalker looks to give us a heaping helping of FF4 references, and we've had direct cameos(as in the actual characters from those games, not just FFXIV versions of them) from characters from 3, 5, 6, 11, 13 and 15.

The game is great on its own, but all the cameos and references from other games make it a joy for Final Fantasy vets as well. Not to mention some of the non-ff crossovers, like the Neir raids.

Don't forget fighting Rathalos

I look forward to seeing how you adapt the world of the game to word

It's pretty well established that our pampered princess is physically dependent upon Spike to see to her needs, and emotionally dependent upon her friends to the point where she loses the will to act without their encouragement.

This story has my attention, as someone whose been playing FF14 since shortly after the ARR reboot, and who owns all expansions, I'm really looking forward to seeing how our favorite little bookhorse and magical powerhouse interacts with everyone else. Haven's read it yet, but it's definitely one I'm looking forward to once I'm done my current series.

I’d say she loses her ability to act rationally and think, and tends to be more snappy when she doesn’t have her friends. And she was shown being able to cook just fine, Spike just does most of it because Twilight is doing other things and he helps rein her in when she gets lost in whatever she’s doing.

Never really got into Final Fantasy, but looks interesting! Maybe I’ll pick something along the way.

You know, I never considered seeing another FFXIV story upon this site, and certainly I did not consider ever wanting to return and finish my stories, but this makes me want to. I will watch accordingly.

"Hearken unto me, Crystal Bearers. Thy foe is clad in infernal Light. If thou wouldst triumph, thou must look to the Dark."

Only one chapter in, but I couldn't help but read it in his voice.
You know who if you played FFXIV ARR.

Wonder if we're gonna see Lahabrea, Elidibus, Emet Selch, and Fandaniel :p

Indeed. Up until the introduction of talking about Equestria it's word for word the 'new character' intro from XIV. And it keeps the same tone and cadance in sentence structure even after that transition.

Well, almost word for word. I expanded slightly on one or two small things, changed the wording in a couple of spots to convey more info to new readers. But yeah, mostly word for word.

I wonder if the others are going to find a way to follow Twilight? I imagine it might be possible to create a tether to find the right world using their connection to Twi or the connection of the Tree with Magic.

As far as Twilight...she's going to get taken advantage of until a decent person (like the WoL) finds her, since she's near Ul'dah. Not to mention how dangerous and violent Eorzea is will be a shock to the system.

Ah, thought it was completely word for word. Granted, I haven't heard it since the ARR beta, since my character didn't get quite the same one since she was created on day one of V1, well before ARR.


As far as Twilight...she's going to get taken advantage of until a decent person (like the WoL) finds her, since she's near Ul'dah. Not to mention how dangerous and violent Eorzea is will be a shock to the system.

I don't think that's true. If The Movie taught us anything, it's that Twilight knows to keep her guard up in desert hives of scum and villainy. To a fault, even.

Yes, but Ul'dah does not appear to be such a hive of scum and villainy. It's very much a beautiful desert jewel of a city, and there are good people there...but a large chunk of those in power throughout the city are incredibly corrupt, highly charismatic business executives. The Sultana is genuinely nice, if very naive, and General Raubahn is great...but word of her would have to get to them or similar people first.

Ul'dahns (and most of the humans and demihumans in the setting, really) can be highly bigoted towards nonhumans, too, which is an even greater difficulty for Twilight.

Nice way to start off Twilight's first moments in Eorzea. Though, I also love the ffiv reference you threw in with Scarmiglione. Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

Fun little crossover. Keep up the good work.

I pretty much expect some changes to lore in crossover fic and so far this is really well done, looking forward to reading more :-D


Yeah, Lahabrea always was stubborn. Scarmiglione serves a poor master. Either Emet-Selch or especially Elidibus would be more likely to listen.

Twilight's magic troubles are interesting. Given her flight ability was stripped, I wasn't expecting her magic to still work. But I suppose Eorzea has magic, so Twilight's isn't totally foreign.

Maybe her flight problem is her lack of attunement to the area's aether currents?

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