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[Breath of Fire III x MLP]

He was supposed to be going at a costume party, dragged away from his house by his closest friends. Being the typical anti-social teen who did not want to socialize, he came begrudgingly after he heard that the theme was supposed to be about your favorite video game character.

It was only after he bought a replica of a perfectly completed boxed set of his favorite character's Dragon Genes-- marble-like objects that hold spirits of slain dragons which the character can then use their power after finding them-- that everything went wrong.

On the night of the party, when the authentic looking diary that came along with the box opened suddenly without anyone touching it, he made the mistake of coming close to it as the pages began to rapidly turn on their own.

Now here he was, in an different land where his anti-social lifestyle was finally biting him in the rear, his body turned into that of the character that he was planning to dress up as, and no idea of how to get home. What left is there to do other than brood?

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I am missing a lot of information. How did our protagonist get turned to stone? What is with that sudden time skip? I DONT KNOW!!

4792854 It'll be revealed in due time-- most likely in the next chapter.

Oh good, another HiE involving a costume party, timeskips, and the protag being turned to stone.

On a more serious note, have a like. It's interesting enough, and I'm sure there's going to be a billion thumbs down whenever the hate machine finds this story.

You know, your doing a good job (in my opinion anyways) with this story. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait for more chapters to come out.

Really enjoying this, can't wait to see where its going!

Oh good, another HiE involving a costume party, timeskips, and the protag being turned to stone.:ajbemused:
Damn you Laze! Why must people like you keep making these ridiculous stories about OC's dressed as great characters when everyone would prefer seeing the actual characters in Equestria instead?
Ryu + Equestria = Awesome!
Ryu cosplayer + Equestria = Meh...
Breath of Fire 3 Ryu is best Ryu.

Well, if I had to guess, it's because a lot of people wants to have that kind of scenario to happen to them instead of simply just being in Equestria as a normal, powerless human. But that's just me.

I also would have liked to write the Canon character in Equestria, BUT! With my personality as an individual I won't be able to portray him like the original in the game and will only taint him and turn him into another self-insert. It's easier to just make an OC and use HIM as a self-insert than tarnish the memory of the original with bad writing.

Original Ryu: Kind, Shy, All around nice guy and is good with people. (I think there was a quote in the game where Garr or someone said that the Brood have an easier time attracting people to them)

My Ryu: Arrogant (in monologues), Introverted, Will avoid people unless necessary or already friends with, and prone to violence (Chapter 4: Demon Who Sought).

I'd rather separate MY Ryu from the original or else I'll create something that's the mix with both of them. I love the original too much that I don't want to make him out of character, so I settle for this dude.

And last, I agree with you. Breath of Fire 3 Ryu is THE best Ryu.

This is soooo amazing i cannot wait for the next chapter.


This is getting more interesting. :moustache: remember stay classy

Oooooh, shots are fired! :ajsmug:

shocking did not see that coming

And so that night, I dreamed of blue ponies turning green with the air filled with the smell of vomit and salty tears.

um...this is getting good.

well i have to read it, cool that someone made this, i only played 3 and 4.

I finished breath of fire 4 but because i was to young i didn´t understood breath of fire 3 the desert. Well i could not read that english well enough.



Holy shit! A character who actually doesn't like Rainbow Dash, because of reasonable and obvious, faults to her character?!

I must be dreaming.


You deserve several Pinkie's!

:pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:
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:pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

I still have an original copy of BoF III.

Have a fave and a like on the premise alone! :twilightsmile:

Ah! You're back! Been looking forward to your story.

I really don´t like it, that there was a fight with Sombra, and suddenly he was fishing Discord or something like that. The timeskipps are bad, to less information.

Well now it start to get good, i have to say i was to younf and wasn´t able to get past the desert. My english wasn´t got either back there.

Ohhh dam, i should have not get that spoiler from that form, i don´t think i was able to do that back there. Do you use the a walkthroug for the masters or did you what you wanted?

I want to know because, since my brother said he wanted to use the internet and because i hate to use such things......well i somehow don´t like to play at the moment. Probably because i have to play all of it again. I just don´t like the idea, that what i do is bad, i think i only want to know if it is easy to get the Game done with any Master i want to choose random for my first run.

Ryu is a bit more like Fou-Lu here from time to time. Well now i start to really like the story:pinkiehappy:

I want to know it, did he think of himself as an Game Character? It is a bit weird, i had thought you would make his world real.
I think that he explains to often how awesome he is or not, there were two or three passages where i thought it was unnecessary for him to explain to much. He would have more easy friends with her, if he just shut up after making a compliment and not explain why he could no race her.
Well it is not really bad, i just mean he nearly could write a book with how much he explain.

Otherwise i start to like the story, even if i had liked to read about what Celestia and the others said about him being friends with Applejack.

Awesome way to introduce himself to the girls and Celestia.

This story is great.

I like his interaction with RD. Ryu really can bring up her negative traits and not be intimidated by her. Likewise, I enjoyed his caring attitude towards AJ. Still, I have a question. How could AJ didn't realize that Ryu was her adoptive uncle until the ending of the last chapter?

I didn't rely too much on the master system and just stuck to learning skills from monsters and level grinding to finish the game. In the story I went and searched for all of the masters and skills just to get my facts straight.
He likes to keep himself and the original Ryu as separate as possible. The reason why he his personality was like that is because he's anti-social. He makes friends by letting them come to him instead of going to them. Also, the information in his bragging is a relevant part in the story. (The info, not the bragging)
In the chapter [Return of the Emperor] if you read the first few lines after the quoted entry (which I'd like to point out is actually entries he made in his Diary) he shushed the Elements not so that they would not interrupt him from talking, but actually to keep Applejack from saying anything and alerting the Princess, and the others, of his relationship with her.

Hmm didn't really have any expectations when I decided to read this but this is actually pretty good. Gonna fave this since its enjoyable and I liked Breath of Fire back when I played it on Super Nintendo.

And now I have to go play all of the Breath of Fire games again...well done sir.

So far, I rather like the direction this is taking. I am particularly curious as to how to the whole RD/Ryu front will play out - as much as I love RD, you've done a really great job at pointing out her flaws. In any case, I look forward to seeing where this story goes. Also, if you have a proofreader/editor, tell them damn good job, and if not, then damn good job to you. :3

I love this chapter and the way that Ryu comforts Twilight.

Tickled as hell to see a new chapter before my move and subsequent loss of internet. Not a bad chapter - I can see it being sorta forced but I agree that it was necessary to help flesh out Ryu's character. Still playing through the damn games because of you. Am about half way through 3 now. Hope you're happy. fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/153/e/b/annoyed_egghead_by_l33sah-d522rqk.png

Ryu might be OP as a motherfucker, but you keep his character from being a gary-stu by making him so freaking interesting.

I especially love the conflict between him and Celestia. That's a pretty big plus in my book. Neither one is evil nor are they good. They're both just old and. . . maybe a bit dickish?

It's hard to describe. XD

5185062 More like trollish rather than dickish. :rainbowlaugh:

I know i can read a bit to fast but i i don´t think it was that easy to see why Luna had a problem with his teaching. I mean, was it what i was telling her? Did Ryu told her about to gross or scary things or something? Was it to personal what he was telling? I don´get that point, but i like how Twilight and Spike always are so eager to hear his storys:pinkiehappy:

I liked that Chapter pretty much, from time to time i like such a chapter.


...I dont care if he's a Gary Stu, love the story!

Though, all of them were unicorns given that, I suspect, Celestia was secretly racist.

Hmm, quite. :trollestia:

Up-voted, It is a really pleasant story.

I enjoy all the Breath of Fire crossovers, so I am happy that someone was brave enough to write it.

Grammar is good, story makes sense and It is not clumped together.

The only complaint I have is that ponies sometimes to be too ... stale, like they couldn't express their emotion.

Still, I like it and I hope you will keep on writing it.

With regards,

Hnrk-! Critical hit! But then again, I already know that. Ryu's character is pretty much a mood killer on a casual setting. I'm more of a battle scene kind of writer, but that won't be until a few more chapters. Thanks for the up-vote!

Ryu-Dash ship, go! Because necessary.



Better than that ship Ryu and Twilight or Luna :)

But seriously, if I were the author I would listen to the feedback, but I wouldn't change the plot I created just because someone told he would like to read something like that.

In any case I really hope this story gets much more views. It is really good and BoF 3 is one of my favourite games of all time.

5341552 I hope he doesn't actually ship Ryu and Dash - that'd be a recipe for disaster plus Ryu will outlive her. I could see Ryu/Luna or Ryu/Celestia though.


We will see, my only concern is Hiatus...

So many stories have been put on hiatus. It saddens me to know, they probably will never continue.

I trust the author, but I have been disappointed too many times.

5348427 It's hard to keep faith when you see good stories go on hiatus for years at a time.


True that.

PS: After reading this fiction I had to play BoF 3, again. Man, this game is great, although the end phases were a bit repetetive.

I feel sorry for everyone (including me), because BoF 6 is going to be IOS, multiplayer generic RPG.

Watch Alpha Omega Sins: Capcom, What in the flying di*** did you do to breath of fire?!

It is on Youtube.

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