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Princess Celestia has trained her three apprentices, Sunset, Trixie and Twilight, to become the newest generation of the Knights of the Realm, protectors of Equestria. Their abilities and morals are unquestionable, and they're also perfectly willing to become the heroes Equestria needs. However, something had to give, and in the process of turning them into the future Legendary Heroes, those three ended up becoming particularly eccentric in their methods and quirks. This is the start of a very silly era of heroes.

October 2019 Edit: The story's rating has been changed from E to T.

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Ok, just getting started, and the story is off to a good start, the spelling however... Hmmm, need some help? I don't have the fastest turn around time since I'm juggling 4 authors here and 2 from another site (I swear, I gotta get a Patreon or start charging soon, that way I can make more time), although slow for me with within a week since I typically spell check once and read 2 - 3 times before I call it done.

Hmmm, done, few other mistakes, but good story, interesting alterations from canon, I'm very interested in seeing where you're going to go with this. Sunset, Trixie and Twilight are an interesting choice, usually these kind of things replace Twilight with one of them or the Mane 6 with a new group of ponies. This hybrid is definitely looking fun.

This is of to a brilliant start!

Love it already!:scootangel:

This sounds really good. I can't wait to read more.

Free? Yes. Any structures still standing? Ehh.

So how off plan do we think it will go?

7916960 intergalactic distances, myself

The three of them walked up to the barrier, Sunset passed through without hesitation, Trixie held her hat in telekinesis as she went and Twilight took a deep breath before going through.

Uh, girls? You forgot about the stupid chairs you set up! You might be hidden from the magic but the eyes of some random guard will fix that real quick!

Ha ha ha ha! You've triggered my trap card!

:facehoof: not only are these three insane, they are crazy prepared also. Sombra is about to receive a flank kicking that will be legendary.

Shouldn't destroying NM avatars make her stronger not weaker? You know since the magic she was using to create and maintain those avatars should return to her now. Or at the very least she should no longer have to pay upkeep.

7923447 Nope. The energy doesn't transfer back to her, and destroying the avatars harms her due to their connection.

Oh yeah, I'll just leave this here...

We need an MLP version of this

Wow... Those three made me cringed :twilightoops: alot compared to imagining what the CMC's would be doing in their place.

The "comedy" on the first chapter was priceless :rainbowlaugh: marking this as a fave.

Poor Sombra, he never stood a chance. I wonder how these three would handle Tirek if he came at them out of the blue with no time to prepare?

Quite enjoyable and amusing. I will say you need to do some editing, i saw two broken paragraphs and a word mistake in there.

What episode is the picture from?

7928200 Season 4 Ep 1 "Princess Twilight Sparkle"

Oh no... It's just like I feared... Celestia thought. They were only the beginning... The madness is spreading...
Celestia maintained her usual smile in front of Luna's enthusiasm, but inside her own head? She was screaming.


Why do I think Team Gurren would approve of these three and the direction the world could be heading.

Okay beware Discord it seems you have a competition now with those that punch at Celestias sanity. :raritywink:


First off, they probably have a plan for unplannned for opponents. Second, Tiek is a very linear thinker, he'd be confused and overwhelmed by the teamwork these three show. Third, I suspect Tirek is flammable... :pinkiecrazy:

Twilight decides to train Pinkie Pie to make her even weirder. It's official, this is the dumbest Twilight in the multiverse.

"But you have chaos magic like me. And there's a lot of things you would be able to do with adequate instruction. And I could also learn more about my own powers from teaching you." Twilight outlined her reasons, then looked at Pinkie, leaving the decision in her hands.

Uh, don't you mean hooves?

Pray to your deity of choice, Twilight is teaching Pinkie to understand what she's doing! We are so BUCKED!

We are at Code Brown Pants people, I repeat we are at Code Brown Pants. Pinkie is actually learning to control her uniqueness from Twilight everyone is in grave danger now.

Nice first chapter--it's good to see that Twilight is ready in case things go sideways... :twilightsmile:

Getcher popcorn, everypone - dis gon be gud! :pinkiehappy:

Well dagnabbit, now I want a chaos cupcake too!

7938785 Fixed. I always have trouble with those kinds of things.

Okay I think that Rainbow Dash would be the best student for Sunset but Trixie? It's hard considering eye for detail you would assume Rarity but I just don't see her as an illusionist. In show the only characters that showed interest in the art of being a magician aka illusionist were Snip and Snail which they displayed in "Show Stoppers."

The only pony I could really think off that maybe would want to become an Illusionist would be season 1 Fluttershy but only so she could turn herself invisible to hide from any scary things such as a dragon. So I really have no clue whom you would pick as Trixie apprentice. :twilightsheepish:

Glad to see how observant Twilight was and how she handled it.

"Bummer. No cutie mark."

"How did you set the coin on fire?"

Answer: Sweetie Belle! Don't question it to much, if at all. :twilightoops:
Looking forward to more

"Chaos magic is naurally wild and can be used more easily when the user doesn't have complete control of their own actions.

Uuh.. what?:unsuresweetie:

While you need power to do anything, there are many ways to do great things bu using less power.

do i get a cookie for this?:scootangel:

7946071 Yes. That's exactly it.

And yes, you do get a cookie.

7945832 Rarity actually casts illusions in the show? During Dressed for Success.


You mean "Suited for Succes" and when does she actually do that? I recall her multicasting when she made the dresses. And if you talk about the end dresses show, that was simple seen in mindset of that male pony fashion critic. So enlighten me when did she cast an illusion spell? :twilightsmile:

7946197 During the end show her horn swirls and a bunch of illusions appear. I don't know how it could be more clear.

If it was meant to be his imagination they wouldn't have shown her casting a spell to make it happen.

Will Moondancer appear in this story?

Twilight listened closely as Twilight and Sunset


I think that second Twilight is meant to be Trixie. Great chapter, I really enjoy all the ways their eccentricities affect normal life. For whatever value of normal their lives have.

That night, the three Knights met back up on the library again, and Twilight listened closely as Twilight and Sunset explained they had tried to find apprentices of their own and failed.


Bummer. No cutie mark."
"How did you set the coin on fire?"

There is Twilight second apprentice :twilightsmile:

Very nice. It's intriguing to see how they play off one another and still get along despite their competitive natures. It was good to see Twilight help them out when in bad moods and considering Pinkie's horror that Twilight is unaware of, hopefully we'll see Sunset and Trixie help Twilight out all the same. Saving the day is easy. Going back to a normal life is had, as these three are coming to understand.

at the end did anyone else get a ginyu force vibe from DBZ when they possed?

Wow I would have thought Rarity would have been a better fit that Applejack with Trixie. Let's see where that relationship goes.

Of course it would be Rainbow that would match with Sunset. Celestia knows just what will happen with their egos and determination combined.

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