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Due to some very strange events, Sunset Shimmer ends up in a relationship with the human versions of the entire mane six, all at the same time. And then she somehow gets a seventh girlfriend, who is actually her version from the human world. Twilight really wants to hear the story about how that happened, so the narration of a tale filled with shenanigans begins...

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Gifted. This is the name given to beings who display abilities that go beyond the common sense of the world.

Equestria is about to enter a new age of superpowers, with many new Gifted emerging, and six heroines decide to form a group in order to help maintain stability in the world in the face of this upheaval.

They are the League of Harmony...

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Princess Celestia has trained her three apprentices, Sunset, Trixie and Twilight, to become the newest generation of the Knights of the Realm, protectors of Equestria. Their abilities and morals are unquestionable, and they're also perfectly willing to become the heroes Equestria needs. However, something had to give, and in the process of turning them into the future Legendary Heroes, those three ended up becoming particularly eccentric in their methods and quirks. This is the start of a very silly era of heroes.

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Three years before the predicted return of Nightmare Moon. A young Princess Mi Amore Cadenza hears about the tale of the Changelings. She feels a kinship to this race that subsists on love, and convinces Celestia to allow her to go alone in a mission to try to learn about them and normalize their relationship with Equestria.
Soon, she meets Queen Chrysalis, and the bonds between those two will determine whether the mission is sucessful or not.

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