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I've never called myself a brony, now I'm writing mlp fanfiction and enjoying it.


This story is a sequel to Show Business

When Twilight and Trixie started a relationship they knew there would be challenges if it was going to work. Luckily they at least have magic, so the unlikely couple can keep in touch while the traveling performer roaming Equestria. Invade their privacy and read their mail as we see how they kept in touch over the course of their relationship.
Meant as an addition to my previous work Show Business starting right after chapter 5, so it might not make sense with out the context. Going to run along side of the original story, though I'm not sure how consistent it's going to be. Timeline might end up jumping around if I get different ideas, so I'll probably make sure to indicate where the letters take place as more chapters are added.
As always let me know what you think. This is just going to be a little side project so it might be influences heavily by suggestions.
Will get the teen rating since it will probably be referencing things that happen in the original story.

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Very nice. Might consider indicating which chapters of the main story these would go between and possibly add links to the main story for optional reading.

Thought I had, thanks for the heads up.

This was a very nice surprise to come back to after the madness that is Christmas, was hoping you'd continue this story but was expecting it sometime next year after you wrapped up some of your other stories.

I'm enjoying their first terrible attempts at flirting through letters, looking forward to reading more of their exploits and as well as you possibly expanding or filling in some of the scenes that happened between chapters of Show Business. Off to a great start!

Inspiration just sort of hit me. I already finished like half a chapter of another one while waiting to publish the four I did on Christmas. Now I've got writer's block, but still trying to work on more. Glad to hear you liked it, this one is thanks to you.

This has pleased me greatly... -waving an imperious hoof- ... We.. The mighty and Majestic EbonyKnight give thee leave to continue.... :twilightblush:

100 views in a month. Honestly wasn't sure how this would be received since the audience for this is narrower. Thanks so much everyone.

This is great. TWIXIE FOR THE WIN!

Yes, yes I did. #Twixie5Eva

So what would the scroll based version of sexting be called anyway?

I was gonna put in a bit about how Twilight "borrowed a magazine from Rarity and had been researching something called...." And I couldn't think of anything cleaver for it. Killed me to cut it. Luckily I changed some stuff and it no longer fits, so it's all good.
BTW, that was fast. Glad to know I'm not the only crazy person up this late/early.

I have been an insomniac all my life. Combine that with feeling more awake after the sun has set and any hope of a normal sleep schedule is kinda doomed.

As stated before we... The majestic and magnificent Ebonyknight... Fully approve of this, pleased we are by your continual hard work... We applaud you - claps softly-

Two hundred views. I really gotta sit down and add a new chapter. Thanks everyone.

Still loving this, thanks for all your hard work.... The Mighty and Mejestic Ebonyknight still approves ;)

Very nice. Kinda want a spoof chapter where AJ attempts to hunt her down to deliver a stern warning.

I could totally get into doing that, though it might go against the theme of mostly just exchanging letters. But now that I'm thinking about that though I feel like kicking myself because I could have made that work but now the opportunity has passed. God, why do you do these things to me:raritydespair:

I’m amazingly evil without trying to be?

Congrats on not being dead!

...I only just read both stories, so I can't comment on wait-worthiness. But it's still very good!

Dang, I know that wasn't long, but you still got through it in a hurry:twilightsmile: glad to see you liked it enough to try both.

I reread both Show business and this story last night and can still say that they're my favourite Twilight and Trixie romance stories!

That still makes me happy to hear. Show business is still my favorite story. So, just between you and me:raritywink: I'm planning on actually doing something with this story once I finish the two stories I'm working onright now. Don't tell anyone, it's a surprise :pinkiehappy:

Oh those two dorks.
How I love their awkward and terrible flirtings.

It gets taken from real life experience I can assure you:twilightblush:

Wonderful to see a new chapter ☺️

I promise it will not be 2 years until the next one:twilightblush:

She made Twi cry. I’m kind of surprised she wasn’t immediately confronted by Pinkie and/or an small army of cute fuzzy things that wanted to gnaw on her.

One would think. Personally I leave couples to their own drama:applejackunsure:

Honestly, it's good to read side stories like these from time to time. I'm not sure if it's just me, but sometimes after reading a romantic fic and it just ends as soon as the couple is together, it makes me yearn for more. I wanna keep reading into the daily lives of the characters after they go through the troubles of being together. Sadly, that doesn't make a story, as a story needs something to drive the plot forward. So side stories like these are a great alternative for after a fic ends. And even if there is a proper sequel story with tons of drama and etc., its good to know that there's a collection of slice of life events that often get skipped over in the main story when all the drama and/or plot happens.

The main reason I'm writing this is to show my appreciation for the small things in life that never get written about.


I had too much fun with my version of Trixie to not write more of her. Thanks:twilightsmile::trixieshiftright:

Yeah Trixie does fit like a house on fire with the rest of Ponyville.

Funny to see someone who needs more assurances than Twi when it comes to social interactions.

I've come back to that line from the first episode a lot. "All the ponies in this town are crazy!" Twilight was not wrong

The most confident seeming people are often the most insecure honestly. Thanks for reading buddy.

Sounds like a party to remember.

Thanks for commenting on it so early, that was not meant to be published yet and I'm not sure how or when it was. :rainbowderp:Guess I gotta do some on the fly editing. :twilightoops:

Very sweet. Twilights last two letters are in blue though.

Frick, thought I fixed that. Thanks buddy, for reading and for the help.

Beautiful and heart warming, the majestic and magnificent Ebonyknight approves once more! Your character representation of both Beatrix and Twilight along with the struggles of their relationship is endearing and forthright. So as previously promised I will continue to await any more chapters you are willing to pen with bated breath.

My thanks for your continued patronage, praise, and patience. I still like writing for them, even if they sound more and more like me and my wife the further their interactions go. :twilightblush:

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