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Twilight Sparkle sponsors a talking contest which Pinkie easily wins, but is there a nefarious plot lurking below the surface?

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Whaaaaat, how'd you do all that with boxes? Pretty neat. :twilightsmile:

Also when's the cover of Pinkie's mixtape?

8081375 [ right_insert ] take out the spaces inside the brackets [ /right_insert ]

and you get this

Same thing for left insert.

EDIT: I couldn't remember if it still worked in comments and it appears it doesn't, but it will work in a story, and I presume on a user page, in a blog, etc.

This is in that weird spot where it's entertaining, but I don't see myself rereading it.

8081398 TBH I don't think I've reread most of my stories. I'm not really missing much.

I don't think it's possible to leave when you're addicted to Pinkie.

I think what you did with the boxes is cool, but it did distract me a bit

I don't even know what to say here. Then again, when was the last time I knew what to say? Usually, I just say it as it comes to mind. Like how weird it is to put pineapple on pizza. Only pregnant people should have pineapple pizza. Well, and people who are high, that too. Speaking of pineapple pizza, why don't people put other fruits on pizza? Why is there no strawberry pizza, or Apple pizza? There is only pineapple pizza. I wonder if all the other fruits feel left out that they can't be on pizza when pineapple can. I need waffles, WAFFLES! Squeegee is a weird word, it sounds like some weird cute and fluffy animal. Why am I doing this? Y HAM I DOVING DIS!? No, I am not high, why do you ask? No, I am not drunk either. NO, I did not take any red pills! Y R U ASKING ME ALL DEEZ QUESTIONZ!?

8081913 once I went on a week and a half geography field studies trip with Saddleback community college, and on like the second to last day, we camped next to a ⛳️golf course a couple miles above the city of Monterey California, and while everyone else exhausted themselves walking down to the city to explore it and eat dinner, I just ordered pizza to the campsite and on that pizza I ordered apples.

if you look up the technical definition of fruit, things get weird. Just a little appetizer would be that tomatoes on pizza are fair on pizza

8081913 ask we played Bochee ball and it was fun.


Peppers are fruits. Olives are fruits. There are a lot of fruits on pizza. :facehoof:

8082453 and if I remember correctly what qualify as berries is pretty weird too.


Tomatoes are a fruit as well.

8082586 well yeah, but that's like level one of random nerd trivia. What is weirder is that if I remember correctly, both cucumbers and bananas technically are berries.


Strawberries are not berries, but avocados, watermelons, and pumpkins are. :applejackconfused:

8082046 my point is... what was my point again? Oh well. I will just make one up.

My point is how weird pizza is!

...or something.

Anyways, anypony else board? Wood you like to help me be not-so-board? I don't want to birch about it, but I get board when everypony leafs me alone. Maybe I could use my time better rather than mossing around, though it cwood be worse. I cwood be living with some real birches, who have nothing better to do than play oaks on me all day, every day. Still, it would be nice if somepony was lichen me enough to bring me out of my boardom.

8083748 did you just spend five minutes coming up with dumb tree puns?

pinkie pie approves. :pinkiesmile:

Bad puns Are a :rainbowlaugh: Maple of my humor

8084063 All of my friends say I am too random...

That is if they were still alive...

Or had even existed in the first place!

8084107 that was a reference to something...

8084063 What am I doing here again? I do not know why I am still here.

8093299 Yay! Let's not know TOGETHER!

Inasmuch, one could also presume that most ponies figured they didn't stand a chance against against the prodigious pink... I can't think of any word for "person who talks a lot" that starts with p.

"Perlocutioner" would work, except that already means something else, apparently. Something based on "palaver", maybe? Palavrix?

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