• Published 12th Jan 2021
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The Anomaly in a Mare's World - Hilord17

Everything is perfect in the mare's world. That is, until a certain stallion arrives and start to mess with it, just by being himself.

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I - The Weird Encounter

It was a beautiful day in the magical land of Equestria. The sun was shining brighter than ever, and many ponies were enjoying a relaxing stroll in their villages and cities. However, the Everfree Forest was an exception, as many clouds were gathering around it. As the one place where the weather acts on its own, and many dangerous creatures lurk in the dark, most ponies avoid even being near its surroundings.

However, it's also where the old castle of the two sisters is located. Only a few individuals know this place, and even if somepony were to know about it, getting there is not easy. The current Elements of Harmony know this very well.

But today, the two sisters that used to live there are back for a brief visit. To the two Princesses of Canterlot, this long-forgotten relic of the past still holds both sweet and sour memories.

"We appreciate your help in this particular situation, Aero."

"It may not seem like it, but you are the only one we can count on when it comes to...intimate problems."

"Princess Celestia. Princess Luna. It's no problem at all. I'm honored that you selected me for the job."

It's not every day that Princess Celestia request help from somepony other than her former student Twilight Sparkle, or the Elements of Harmony. The list of ponies or any other beings the Princess truly trust...is very limited. Among the few names, there is a certain royal guard that made his way after many challenges. He started as a simple soldier, and now...not only is he one of the most powerful ponies among the royal guard but is also Princess Luna's aide. He is the only pony, aside from Twilight Sparkle, that approached her in her first days after Nightmare Moon's defeat.


A unicorn royal guard. He obviously has a name like everypony, but he has grown fond of his 'codename', so he uses it almost all the time instead of his real name. Even with the Princesses.

"We have already told you that you don't have to be so formal when we are alone." said Luna with a rather unusual, yet honest smile.

"I guess it's a force of habit." said the guard, appreciating her smile to the fullest. It IS very unusual to see Princess Luna smile like that.

"We ask you to at least try. That is all." said Celestia. She knows he's a bit stubborn, and considering his overall achievements, she can't blame him.

"Even in public?"

"Yes. Even in public." was the answer. This time, from Princess Luna. "Others may question it, but we will not."

"As a high-ranking royal guard, Luna's aide, and one of the four members of 'Elemental', you have earned our trust, and I say this because we care about you, Aero."

And it was no joke. Celestia knows that once in a while, Equestria can create exceptionally great ponies, with a strong path to leadership, greatness or nobility. Aero is a unicorn, but he was taught from a very young age that a mage's weakness is his body, so he prepared and trained his own since then.

Both sisters were looking at the royal guard, and they had to admit it...It really paid off.

His bright red coat, along with his brown mane and tail emphasized his well kept and strong body. Due to his rank in the guard, he was allowed to wear a personal cape, with colors similar to his body and a particular design to show his status as the aide of her sister. Aero also possesses a unique ability among ponies, making him a very valuable asset. He does not use the royal guard's armor for a few reasons, the most important being that to the public eye, he would look like an assistant and not a soldier, fooling possible enemies that may want to hurt her Princess.

He is a great stallion and stands out in a good way. Celestia took a mental note to talk with Luna about this in the future. Mostly because he is by far the only stallion that managed to get not only her attention, but also her friendship, and maybe...just maybe...

"Ok, ok. I get it." Aero let out a small sigh, then focused on her Night Princess. "I'm a bit surprised, though. From what Princess Twilight Sparkle has told me, there is nothing useful left here."

"As much as I love and trust my precious Twilight, if she were to know about the many artifacts lost in equestrian history...she could not handle it. Especially if said artifacts belong to us." said Celestia with a simple smile.

"Well, sadly that's true. Even I can admit that Princess Twilight can get a little...anxious when it comes to certain subjects." said the royal guard.

"We're here."

Luna's voice alerted both her sister and her aide. His current mission was to escort and help the Princesses if needed. The alicorn siblings came to their old castle to retrieve some personal items that were left, and for many years, forgotten. The last time they were here...it was not a good day. A younger sister was banished, and the older sister's sorrow was unlike any other in her life. It's no surprise that Princess Celestia would avoid this place at all cost during her lone reign. The same goes for Princess Luna. To come back to the place where you succumbed to hatred and jealousy...

It took Princess Celestia hundreds and hundreds of years to muster up the courage and come here. It may sound crazy to most ponies because they see her as the pinnacle of wisdom and leadership. But for Aero, who's been helping Princess Luna since her return, and has been told by both sisters about how they really feel about that day and the consequences of their decisions...he knows it's a big step.

"Aero...I have a feeling you will know what I am about to say."

She was right.

"You want me to check this room." was the aide's answer, who was looking at the big and old door. "So this is the place where everything happened..."

"I can't believe he figured it out so early." said Luna, who was also looking the door. "This...is the one place I don't want to see. Not yet, sister..."

"Me neither, Luna." Princess Celestia's voice was starting to crack a little. "I was so foolish back then...I feel awful just thinking about it."

"All right. Sad time is over."

Aero's voice took both alicorn's attention.

"Let me check this room. I'm guessing you have many other rooms and halls to search besides this one." he placed one of his hooves in the door. "If anything happens, please use the magic signal, and I'll be there as soon as possible."

"I expect you to do the same, Aero." was Celestia's response. The fact that she was smiling again put Aero at ease.

"We will see you later, dear aide." said Luna. Her smile was a bit more cheerful. At least that's what Aero thought.

And with that, both mares started the nostalgic walk in her previous home, out of sight in a matter of seconds. Aero could not help but smile a little at the sisters. While most of Equestria see them in their royal duties and public appearances, he gets to see them in a more personal way.

"Now then..."

It was time for Aero to get serious. He may be friendly when it's only the Princesses or his friends, but when he is alone during a mission, there's no time for jokes or fun.

He carefully opened the door, and noticed that this part of the old castle was REALLY dusty. As he walked, he was leaving a trail with only the dust from the floor. Almost every piece of old furniture had spider webs. Heck, he could even see some spiders. Curiously, most of them had some peculiar symbols on their backs.

"You would never guess a battle started here..." said Aero to himself, looking around while walking slowly to look for any kind of peculiar item. So far, nothing is taking his attention. "It's incredible that the future of Equestria was decided in this castle centuries ago."

Aero is sure that in the past, when both sisters lived here, this room would have been everything you search for when you hear the word 'regal'. Now, with the incomplete walls and destroyed ceiling...it's just a decaying room. There were pillars too, but all of them are incomplete and mostly destroyed. The few that 'survived' are being invaded by vines and little insects.

As much as he understands the emotional pain of the Princesses, the room is already starting to get boring to him. He kept looking for something valuable until he spotted some kind of unique furniture. It was a bit taller than a bookshelf, and it had some round-like stones with a few cracks around them. There were five smaller stones around a sixth one in the center, much bigger than the others.

"Judging by the number of stones, and what Princess Twilight has told me...this must be where the Elements of Harmony were kept in the past."

Aside from the fact that they are extremely powerful, Aero doesn't know too much about them. Only that they had the form of gems during the battle between Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon, and recently, they took the form of necklaces, the exception being Twilight's tiara. He's only seen Princess Twilight's Element of Magic, and that's only because he saw her wearing it during her speech in Canterlot.

He was about to look somewhere else to keep looking for anything valuable, but something caught his attention for a moment.

One of the smaller stones started to glow. It was a faint, purple glow, and it was coming from inside the stone.

"What is that?" Aero got closer the the stone to take a better look. He looked through one of the bigger cracks in the stone. Aside from the glow, there was nothing else. He kept looking for a few seconds just to be sure.

"Maybe I need to tell the Prin..."

He stopped talking.

Because now there was a very small yellow round thing looking at him. He's assuming that it's an eye.

His horn was immediately charged with magic, teleporting a few meters back in less than a second. Princess Twilight may be a prodigy at magic, but Aero has been mastering many spells for combat and dangerous situations, teleport being one of them.

Something came out of the stone. It was the purple thing that Aero saw inside. His horn began to glow again, showing his bright silver aura for a moment.

~(Princesses! There's an unknown entity in this room. I'll try to immobilize it.)~

At the eyes of Aero, it was some kind of small and oval-shaped being, with a bright purple color, and now it had two small round yellow things, that seemed to work as eyes. The being also had what looked like four weird tentacles around his small body. He also noticed that it had no problem floating, so maybe it can fly too.

"Maybe it deceives with his appearance?" said Aero to himself, because if some mares were to see the small being, they would definitely call it cute.

The creature finally noticed the unicorn, and its eyes got a little bigger, as if he was surprised to see him. Then, it started to slowly approach him. Aero did a quick scan of the room with his magic. It seems there was no ambush prepared or any traps around. At first, he was confident that the room was safe because the Princesses used to live here, but with the unknown being's presence, he had to be sure.

"You don't look like something that could live in the Everfree Forest..." said Aero, almost like a whisper. "What ARE you?"

Just then, something weird happened: In the center of its body, and between each 'eye', a yellow curved line appeared, like it was mimicking a mouth...

Like it was mimicking a smile.

The small being was now in front of Aero.

"It seems that you are not dangerous...yet." said the royal guard, examining the creature for a few seconds. "At least you look docile."

The small unknown being was also examining Aero, looking at his horn, then his cape, and finally his cutiemark: a tornado, or cyclone. Many ponies say it's the former, but many others say it's the latter.

Aero was still uncertain about touching the creature or not, but the small floating being took the initiative, gently moving one of its tentacles to the royal guard's horn.

Honestly, Aero wanted to wait for the Princesses to come before doing anything, but since the creature is not acting suspiciously, or trying to hurt him, he decided to let it touch his horn.

In the exact moment they touched...

*I'm so sorry mister. I hope you can forgive me, but I need your help!*

*Please! I beg you!*

*My sister! My sister is...*




Aero quickly opened his eyes.

This was bad. Really bad.

He doesn't even remember passing out. He quickly got up and started to recollect his thoughts. The last thing he remembers is that he was looking at...

"(What the hell just happened?)" thought the royal guard, doing a quick scan with his magic. Once again, the room was clean. No traps or any other living beings waiting to ambush him.

Not even the little creature from before.

"(Where is it?)"

Aero looked everywhere in the room, but the unknown being was nowhere to be found. Like it never happened. There was no explaining to what actually happened to him either, and he hates feeling like that.

"(The Princesses!)"

Aero once again activated his magic. He needed to know if the Princesses were safe!

But as the seconds passed, he started to get worried.

"(They are not responding. In fact, the magical link is broken.)" this was bad. Aero doesn't know how much time was unconscious, and worst of all, he has no idea where the Princesses are.

"This can't be right..." said the guard to himself. "Dammit! Maybe the creature really did something to me! They would never break the link!"

But there was no time to waste. That creature would be something to worry about later.

There was something way more important to deal with right now.

"(I need to check the castle first. If they are not here...then I'll have to talk to Princess Twilight.)"

Using his magic, he immediately teleported out of the room. Not without getting his head full of questions that sadly don't have an answer yet.

"(What kind of enemy would be powerful enough to fight them at the same time? Let alone defeat them! I need to know what's going on! Was this planned? Did somepony know we were coming here? Dammit!)"

Author's Note:

Hello there!

First of all, I want to apologize because while my english is not THAT bad, it can be for the standards of this site. English is not my main language (That would be spanish, pero no todos aqui lo entienden).

That aside, I wanted to give it a shot with this story.
I saw that RGRE is filled with 'X lives away in the everfree, mane 6 gets word of it, then they try to hunt him to fk his brains out.

But what would happen if a stallion from a (mostly) canon-Equestria were to appear in a RGRE? And I thought of this.

I may update in a few days, or in a much longer period of time. Can't promise anything.

PD: It's clear that I need an editor that knows proper englsh. Any help will be really appreciated!