• Published 12th Jan 2021
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The Anomaly in a Mare's World - Hilord17

Everything is perfect in the mare's world. That is, until a certain stallion arrives and start to mess with it, just by being himself.

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II - The Weird Situation

"If only I could teleport..."

Aero was not having a good day. It started as a good one. Now...it was some sort of weird mess.

The Princesses were not in the castle. He searched every room and hall only to find dust, spider web, rusted weapons, and broken tools. He also searched for any sort of magical item, as there was also a chance that they could have been teleported somewhere when touching or activating one. Sadly, there was no trace of magic anywhere. It took several minutes to search and analyze the entire castle, but at least the guard can move on to the next step.

Contact Princess Twilight Sparkle. If there's somepony that can help him right now, it's her.

He needed to get out of the forest quickly. Sadly, he doesn't know the right path, because the Princesses combined their magic to teleport all three of them to the entrance of the forest, then walked to the castle with their guidance. He can't just teleport without knowing about the place. That's just plain dangerous.

"I guess I have no choice..." said Aero for himself.

He didn't want to, but he needs to speak with Twilight as soon as possible. He also wants to avoid any dangerous creature in the Forest. Not because he can't defeat them, but because he doesn't have time to waste.

Aero focused his sight on the sky, and as soon as he did, the wind somehow started to concentrate around him. After a few seconds, he prepared his legs, as if he was about to jump. He also couldn't help but smile a little.

"(This never gets old.)"

The wind around him was getting stronger, and after a few seconds, he jumped.

Very high.

As proof, he was already above the trees, as if the air gave him a boost of power and speed. He moved so fast, that it raised a bit of dust below him.

Aero activated his unicorn magic, using it on his whole body, as a result, his own magic was around him. This had one single purpose: To keep him floating.

"And now..." Aero started to look around while floating, searching the town of Ponyville. For a few seconds, he admired how big the Everfree Forest was, and how lucky he was to not encounter any creature yet. In one of her meetings with the Princess of Friendship, he learned that there are creatures such as cockatrices, timberwolves, manticores, and even ursas and dragons, but the last two are a very rare sight.


Aero used his unicorn magic to move his entire body to match the direction where the town is. The wind started to gather around him again. Aero then started to move his body willingly, using his front and rear legs to look like a pegasus while flying. Finally, he used the air around him to 'fly' again, creating some kind of small gust in the place where he was only a second ago.

Wind manipulation.

Such a thing is common in fantasy books or even comics, and the closest thing related to that in Equestria would be the way pegasi control the weather. Aero discovered his unique ability by accident when he was training his magic as a foal. At first, he was very confused. He even talked to his family about it. His parents also wanted an answer, because Aero used his ability without knowing it on a few occasions, causing a few accidents, and luckily, no one outside of his family knew about his strange power. One day, a couple of royal guards arrived at his home, saying that Princess Celestia wanted to meet him and his family. Obviously, she somehow got word about Aero. It was during his first meeting with Princess Celestia, that he found out about his 'unique ability' in more detail.

And that he was not the only one.

"(I better land in the outskirts of the town. I don't want ponies pestering me with questions about flying.)" thought the guard, using his unicorn magic to reduce his speed, and slowly landing in a safe area, just near the entrance to the Forest.

There was a road he could follow to the town. He also saw a small house that one could easily mistake for some kind of giant bush with windows and a door. There was also a small river just in front of the house. The water must be clean because there were some rabbits and birds around.

"Now...I need to reach Twilight Sparkle's castle."

The royal guard followed the road, running as fast as he could. The reason Aero doesn't teleport right away to the castle or the town is that most of his meetings with the Element of Magic were in Canterlot while she was visiting Princess Celestia.

As he was getting closer to the lone house, the door opened, revealing a mare that Aero has seen before: It was one of Twilight Sparkle's friends, and one of the Elements of Harmony.

"(It seems that this is where she lives.)" said the guard to himself. "(It's a bit surprising, considering her shy behavior. To think she lives this close to the Everfree...)"

Aero has spoken only two times with the current Element of Kindness. Both were in the palace gardens. Animals are a topic both Princess Luna and Fluttershy seem to enjoy. This gave him a chance to speak with her. The first time was a bit awkward, as her shyness got in the way. The second time was a bit better, although she was still somewhat nervous and wary around him. She also blushed a lot.

For a moment Aero and Fluttershy made eye contact, but he kept running to the town of Ponyville. He still needs to reach the castle, or if he gets lucky, find her in the town while running there.


It was a beautiful day in the magical land of Equestria, and Fluttershy had a good feeling that today would be an amazing day. After all, the animals both inside and outside her cottage were healthy and in great shape. She's also proud of her beloved pet Angel, which was finally getting to know a couple of female partners. She knows he will be thankful later.

Since the defeat of Nightmare Moon, there have been no major incidents in Equestria, and she is absolutely grateful for it. The Ponyville local guard has done a wonderful job too, keeping the town safe. After all, it's a mare's duty to protect, care, and guide stallions. Any foolish mare that dares to hurt them, use them for their own selfish purposes, or abuse them, is a criminal, and Celestia herself will not be merciful if you are found guilty.

"I wonder what can I do today?" the pegasus was saying to herself, as she opened the door of her cottage. "Rarity and Applejack are with-"

She stopped.

For a moment she didn't move. She was trying to process what she was seeing right now.

Could it be? No! It can't be!

Not far from her cottage, somepony was there. They made eye contact for a moment.

This would not be surprising, with Ponyville near...but this was a stallion!

Red coat, with brown mane and tail, and curiously wearing a cape. He was running very fast, and he was bigger than the average pony. Maybe the same size as Big McIntosh? If not a bit higher. He had no wings, so it was not a pegasus. And by Celestia...

He was gorgeous!

And that's the reason this is such a strange sight for her.

Because it's a stallion.

A great stallion.


Without a mare.

Without a mare for Celestia's sake! A stallion like him is bound to be in a herd, but he is alone! Why is he alone? How could a mare ignore this big, wonderful stallion? Is he running away from bad mares? Maybe he was deceived, used, then dumped?

Oh, the poor dear! I have to do something! Anything!


The stallion stopped and looked back to Fluttershy.

"(Thank goodness he heard me.)" said the pegasus to herself, as she started to fly, going directly to him.

But suddenly, the stallion started to run again! Oh no! Is he scared because I'm flying directly to him? Perhaps he was assaulted by a mean mare before! Or multiple mares! I don't want to hurt him!

"Please! I just want to talk! I'm not going to hurt you!" said Fluttershy while following him, trying to make the stallion stop again. She usually doesn't raise her voice this high, but this is a stallion, and he needs help.

"I'm sorry miss Fluttershy, but this is an emergency. I need to speak with Twilight Sparkle as soon as possible."



This stallion just...spoke to her like there was nothing wrong! Even when he's alone! And scared! And...

Actually, he looks very healthy, and his voice was...powerful. Is he actually NOT scared? Why is he not scared? Also...

He knew her, and also seems to know Twilight. When did they meet? She would never forget a stallion like him if they ever met! And knowing Twilight, she would definitely help this stallion if they met before. Sweet Celestia, any of her friends would like to spend some time with him. No, scratch that...any mare in ponyville would like to, given the chance.

Wait. He was going to Ponyville.


Where was he before?

Applejack's farm? No, it's not possible. The farm is closer to ponyville than her cottage.

But then...

Was he...oh my goodness! Was he in the Everfree Forest!?

"(So many questions! I really need to know his situation. It's the first time I meet a stallion like him.)"

That...and deep inside, her instincts are unconsciously telling her that if she doesn't make a move now...

"(He said he wants to talk with Twilight.)" said the mare to herself. She then realized something...

If he goes alone to Ponyville, the other mares will do anything to get him in their herds! She needs to stop him! Or at least make sure he is seen with a mare.

And with that, the Element of Kindness got an idea. A simple, yet effective plan. It was only to help and protect him, of course. Surely it had nothing to do with being infatuated with him...

"I know where Twilight is!" shouted the mare, and this definitely caught the stallion's attention, because he stopped running, and once again their eyes met.

"You do?" asked the stallion, clearly interested.

Now that he stopped, Fluttershy was able to reach him, landing right next to the big and strong...

"(Unicorn?)" thought Fluttershy, honestly amazed with this fact. "(He's a unicorn! I never knew they could have such strong bodies...)"

"Is something wrong Fluttershy? You are blushing."

The stallion brought back the mare to reality.

"S-sorry. I-I'm just surprised that you have a really...u-um, healthy body for a unicorn."

"I get that a lot." was the male unicorn's answer, smiling a little. Fluttershy had to fight the urge to spread her wings a little. She was melting from that smile alone. "Unicorns tend to have weaker bodies compared to earth ponies and pegasi, but I wanted to be strong in both physical and mental aspects."

"That's wonderful." said the pegasus with sincerity.

"You said you knew where Twilight Sparkle is. Can you tell me?" said the stallion, changing the subject.

"O-oh, yes. I can, um, guide you to her." said the mare, already a little nervous. Not because of fear or anything like that, but because a part of her wanted to hug the stallion and invite him to her cottage. Being the shy one, this is the first time she has felt like this about a stallion, and she's doing her best to not look like a 'desperate mare'.

"Then please, lead the way." said the unicorn.

The answer was a blessing for Fluttershy, and happily started to move. The stallion immediately followed her.

"It's good that now you are a bit more relaxed around me." said the stallion. "The last time you were still a bit shy and wary around me."

Fluttershy was a bit taken by surprise.

"(So we did meet before!)" thought the mare. "(But where? How could I forget about him?)"

"I'm afraid I can't remember you..." said Fluttershy in a very, VERY low voice, almost like a whisper at the end. The stallion stared at her for a second, then let out a sigh.

"I can't blame you. We met only two times in the Canterlot royal gardens. Princess Luna really likes you, by the way. You spoke mostly with her."



The royal gardens? Princess Luna? She doesn't remember any of this! When did it happen? Meeting and talking with the Princess of the Night, along with a good looking stallion like him, and in the royal gardens of all places! That's something she would definitely remember.

"Well, maybe you were a bit afraid of me because I'm a royal guard." added the Stallion.

Wait WHAT!?

"You-" Fluttershy wanted to say something, but the stallion immediately interrupted her.

"I'm pretty sure you don't remember my codename. You can call me Aero." said the unicorn, smiling again.

That's not fair! Don't tease a mare like this! I could think that...that...

"Aero..." She will definitely remember him from now on.

"Now then, please let's go see Twilight. There's an emergency and I need to speak with her." said Aero, getting serious.

That's right. He did mention an emergency.

"T-then let's go." was Fluttershy's answer, and now both ponies were running to ponyville.

"(I still don't see the castle. Weird...)"

After failing to spot the castle of Ponyville, he focused his attention on Fluttershy, looking at her curiously. The mare took notice of this and gave him an adorable smile in return. This did surprise him a little, but he made sure to not show it, and keep the thought to himself.

(I wonder what happened to her to change her attitude towards me? Well...whatever it was, I'm not complaining.)"

Aero is glad that the current Element of Kindness is not that afraid of him anymore. He heard from Twilight Sparkle that it takes some time for her to warm up to other ponies, and two meetings are definitely not enough. He also noticed that a few things were different from his last visit.

There are many different buildings now. He knows that there is a spa, the market, and some common shops, but as he follows Fluttershy, he has seen many restaurants, a few jewelry shops, and even coffee shops and a couple of pubs. While it's great that Ponyville has more activity and services both for local ponies and visitors, It's amazing how they built all the extra houses and buildings this fast. His last visit was two weeks ago. Even if it was a brief one, he knows these new buildings were not here before.

Something that also stands out is the number of guards. He knows that as a Princess, Twilight Sparkle needed some sort of royal guard for her castle. Most of them are from Ponyville, with a few from Canterlot, who accepted Princess Celestia's offer and started to live here.

"(There are definitely more guards now.)" thought Aero, still looking around, watching many guards patrolling the streets and the market. "(But...all of them are mares. Where are the stallions? Maybe they are guarding Twilight Sparkle's castle?)"

And speaking of stallions...

Aero looked around one more time just to be sure.

"(This looks...odd.)"

There were many ponies around him, talking with each other, shopping, and simply enjoying the day. This is nothing to worry about, but what's odd for Aero is that most of them are mares. He's seen at least forty mares and only five stallions. He noticed that each stallion was practically surrounded by mares. One of them had six mares around him, while the last one he saw had ten. Most of these stallions were talking with a couple of foals, while the mares were talking among themselves.

"Is something wrong?" asked Fluttershy, who noticed that Aero was too quiet, and maybe a bit worried.

"Is this normal?" asked the unicorn. "I've seen a lot of mares, but just a few stallions. It also looks like each stallion is being surrounded by mares."

"Oh yes it is. This is a normal day in Ponyville." said Fluttershy. "Why do you ask?"

"The last time I was here, the streets didn't look like this. There were more stallions and fewer guards. I don't have anything against mare royal guards. It's just that the lack of stallions and the amount of mares is...an odd sight."

the shy pegasus stopped, clearly surprised by Aero's words.

"Why...do you say that?" asked Fluttershy. Aero knew by the way she asked that she was worried now.

"(Am I...missing something?)"

Aero had more questions, but they'll have to wait.

"Let's focus on finding Twilight Sparkle. I really need to speak to her."

"O-Oh. Ok." was Fluttershy's response. "Can you tell me...what's going on?"

"Not here." said the unicorn. "This is very delicate information, and everyone in Ponyville would panic if they knew."

"Oh my goodness! Why didn't you tell me this from the beginning?" Fluttershy started to move again, faster than before.

"I did say it was an emergency." was Aero's answer. "If you really want to know what's going on, then let's find Twilight."

"W-We're closer to her home." said the shy mare. "Just, um, a few more minutes."

"(But I still don't see the castle. Where is it?)"

Aero kept looking around in hopes of spotting Twilight's castle. It was then, that he realized something: The mares around him were now watching him. They were not trying to hide it either, even when he made eye contact with some of them. Many of them had the audacity to wink at him or look at him with 'bedroom eyes'.

"(In a way I'm flattered, but...that's another one to the list of odd things today.)"

Aero decided to ignore the stares for now. Ponyville keeps getting weirder by the second, but that's nothing compared to an emergency like Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's disappearance.


The door was immediately opened with a yellow, almost golden magic aura. A second later, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna entered the old throne room, ready to fight whatever made Aero use the magic signal. There was just one problem.

He was not there.

The Princesses were currently the only ones in the room. If Aero was there before, there's nothing that proves it. The Princesses were getting a bit worried.

"But that magical blast...and Aero's signal and message!" said Luna, looking around, feeling like she is definitely missing something important. "There's no mistake. He was here!"

Celestia activated her magic again, and closed her eyes, apparently concentrating on something. She kept using her alicorn magic for a few seconds, to finally open her eyes, and start walking to the area where the Elements of Harmony were previously kept.

"You are right, Luna. Some kind of magic was recently used inside this room. It is also safe to assume that Aero suffered its effects."


Celestia noticed that Luna was talking with a very low voice.

"He...he must be alive. He's strong. He can't leave us..."

"He IS alive, Luna. I'm sure of it." was her sister's answer. "Aero is an excellent fighter. He has both physical and magical fortitude. To be honest, only a few beings would be able to defeat him, and none of them lives in the Everfree."

Celestia stared at the old stone spheres for a few seconds before continuing.

"This energy...reminds me of a teleport...but it's destination seems unclear, and this confuses me. It's definitely not our pony magic."

"Oh! So you too were also drawn by this energy!"

A new voice took the attention of both Princesses. It was not an enemy. Well, it was a former enemy, but an ally in his recent days.

"I never thought you would be here..." said Luna, with a hint of worry in her voice. "Considering you despised this place in the past."

Celestia was looking at the newcomer with a mixture of worry because of who he is, and relief, because this means that the unknown magic done in this room was within his area of expertise.

"Then what kind of energy is this, Discord?"

The mischievous draconequus smiled while looking at a certain spot in the room.

"The one I like the most: The chaotic kind."

Considering Aero's skills and experience, it's not easy to surprise him. He certainly has fought with far more creatures than Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends. They may not be an imminent threat to Equestria, but they were dangerous foes that needed to be dealt with.

But even with all that knowledge, the royal guard was indeed surprised right now.

The reason was in front of him.

It was a tree.

Not your everyday tree. This one was special. It was big enough to hold a few rooms and even a living room inside. It has many custom windows, and enough leaves to make a good contrast with the large wood. Aero knows this building. He knows what it represents, and who lives there. There's just one problem...

This tree was destroyed in a certain battle.

Yet there it is.

"(How?)" thought Aero, still trying to figure out how this building is even there.

"Aero?" asked Fluttershy, who was already in front of the door, gently knocking a few times.

What door? The door of Golden Oak Library! Even the sign outside was there!

"(Did they rebuild the library? I know it's possible but...)"

Yes. The library could be rebuilt. There was nothing wrong with that. The reason Aero is suspicious is that no matter how much you try to rebuild something, it can't look exactly like the last time. Even with the help of unicorn magic and Twilight Sparkle's abilities, you still need professional builders for this.

The thing is, she doesn't need to do this at all! She recovered and reobtained all the books that were lost during her battle with Tirek, and is currently using a section of her castle as the new public library. She even has a few guards with the sole purpose of protecting and relocating the books if necessary.

"Did Twilight actually rebuild this place?"

Fluttershy just tilted her head a bit, clearly confused.

"Rebuild? What do you mean?" asked the pegasus.

"(Does she not remember the battle between Tirek and her friend?)" thought the royal guard, quickly starting a little experiment. "Fluttershy. I can believe that you forgot about me because we've meet only two times, but surely you must remember the destruction Tirek caused when he invaded ponyville. Among many other things, he blasted the whole library."

Aero saw that now Fluttershy was really confused, judging by her expression.

"Tirek? Who is that?"

Before Aero was able to say anything in response, the door of the library opened. This got the attention of both the royal guard and the shy mare.

"Fluttershy! Hello there." said a different mare, although Aero recognized her immediately.

"Hello, Twilight. It's good to see you. I hope I'm not interrupting you."

Aero took notice of Fluttershy's boost of confidence while talking with her friend. Even her smile seemed a bit more charming...

"Not at all! I was just-"

Twilight froze.

So did Aero.

Both for different reasons.

Twilight stopped talking the second she saw the big, well-toned stallion behind her friend. Her eyes widened in surprise as she noticed the horn on its head. Fluttershy could not help but stare at her friend, sighing but keeping her smile, because she knew Twilight would have a reaction like this.

Aero though froze for a completely different reason.

"(...What the hell?)"

Aero was still trying to process what was in front of him. The pony that came out of the library was definitely Twilight Sparkle, current Element of Magic. She was not injured, as there were no visible wounds on her body. Her voice was also the same. Her horn was in perfect condition too. Everything was ok...

Except she did not have wings.

There was no way to prevent the shock on the royal guard's face. Fluttershy, seeing that it was very quiet, decided to look at Aero, noticing the stallion's expression.

"Aero? What's wrong?"

There was no answer from the unicorn. His mind, however, was already recovering. At least a little bit.

"(The Princesses are missing, Ponyville is weirder than ever...and Princess Twilight Sparkle lost her wings. This is not good. I need answers, and I need then now!)"