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hell yea fimfic dis writer go hard as hell i write huge stories team luna all day and week month year and century i love big stories P O N E S Q U A D


Applejack, honest as the day is long and just as reliable, discovers herself to be the center of an increasing amount of attention from a number of woodland creatures, and realizes that there's more to her than she realizes, and that her entire existence might be a lie.

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Interesting... I'm curious to see where this is going. Aside from a couple errors, your grammar was really good, so it was easy to read. Pacing was good too. Will definitely keep reading.

"Can I just point out," Pinkie Pie pointed at Twilight, "That I think Twilight’s now holding the "Best Applejack Imitation" trophy?"

"What?" Applejack blinked. "That’s a thing? Why is that a thing?"

"Well, yeah," Rainbow Dash admitted. "It’s a thing, we have contests to see which one of us can imitate somepony best. Specifically, you."


Poor AJ. Don't worry, sugarcube, it's just because you sound so cute :ajsmug:

Anyway, it looks very promising. Have a fav from me!
Can't wait for the next chapter.

Oh lord, is this a hordes crossover? Is Applejack a warlock? :applejackunsure:


No, not really. I like my Woldwardens. Not so keen on the rest of the Circle, but Woldwardens are cool and thematic for Equestria. Sorta.

You can’t read in dreams

Well that is apparently a difference between earth and equestria because I definitely have read in my dreams.

Dryad was not what I expected. Good chapter, and remember kids: DON'T PLAY WITH GIANT CROSSBOWS!

5129163 I see, I see. This is good, I suppose, because warpwolves would be... complicated.

Oh my. This is incredibly well written, has an interesting concept, and has been a joy to read thus far. I adore how you've written the characters, especially the CMC: Everyone is so in-character, and the Crusaders are lovably mischievous. Of the stories I've read, this has honestly been one of the chapters I've enjoyed the most out of all of them. Cutie Mark Crusaders siege engineers is like the best thing ever. :scootangel:

Only two chapters in, and I'm already hooked. I'm very interested in seeing where the whole dryad thing with Applejack is going, especially when it comes to seeing the effects of it on her friends and the world around her as things progress.

I'm definitely glad I decided to read your story, and I'll be eagerly looking forward to whatever comes next. :ajsmug:

Surprisingly, this concept has been done before with Fluttershy. Still, this is good.

I really like this:twilightsmile: , but I still have to yet to see the reactions of AB y BM:eeyup:

There's a difference between wanting to be a tree and actually being one.

Wouldn't work as well, anyway. Wing horses shouldn't be tree horses.

No, I mean there's an actual story where Fluttershy is a plant pony from the Everfree forest. For whatever reason, she's not even the main character.

*imagines Zapp literally using a horn to communicate with other dryads*
Well this escalated quickly.

Wow so Awesome! So... if AJ is like... the daughter of the Queen... doesn't that give her the right to take back the throne? geez I hope her uncle isn't going to try to hurt her! :fluttershysad:

So... Hamlet, but with tree ponies. And suddenly Applejack's predicament became embroiled in Dryad politics half an hour after figuring out she was a plant. Hooray! :ajsmug::twilightsmile:

I haven't seen this premise before. You have my attention. :raritywink:


Applejack is a tree.
Applejack is a tree!

Applejack is a treeeeeeee.

Don't got the b-" Applejack lowered her head as if to get a better look. "Do dryads even have balls?"

Applejack, seriously!

I hope this gets updated soon...

It's been an interesting story. And a new take on Applejack, Granny Smith and the Everfree.
Although I don't remember ever learning how Apple Bloom took the news. That she put a large hole in her sister who is actually a drayed and that sap on the bolt was actually her sisters blood.

Not a bad story. I've seen the dryad take a couple of times but this does it well. A bit... hasty, in the way the story is told. Things seem to unfold very quickly and the characters don't seem to need much time to absorb world-changing events. Also the first chapter is kind of too heavy with snark and 4th-wall breaking, but otherwise this has been a very fun read and you show talent and skill. Perhaps just a bit more practice, though. :raritywink:

Nevertheless, very nice. Good story. :ajsmug: :pinkiehappy:

I skipped over that stuff accidentally, but I don't imagine the scene would be terribly interesting... perhaps room for a minific that happens just after Uncle Zapp. The ballista thing definitely wouldn't come up, though. That's a little traumatic. Maybe a surprise revelation when Applebloom is older.

"One time me and my friends built a ballista trying to find our talents," Applebloom laughed. "It's a wonder we didn't hurt anyone."
"Y'all nailed me to a tree at six hundred yards the day I found out I was a dryad," Applejack said, taking a sip of tea.
"We what?" Applebloom choked.
"Right through the middle." Applejack confirmed. She blinked. "Wait, did I tell you that before?"
"No, you did not!" Applebloom pulled at her face with both hooves. "Luna on a pogo stick!"

Yeah, I paced this too fast for my liking. But if I kept batting it around it'd take me an eternity to get right. Rip the band aid off, get it over with, and then I can focus on other projects.

lol. Ok I'll take that as that part of the story.

Go nuts if you want, man. I had no considerations or plans regarding that scene.

I've heard that people can't read in dreams, but I've definitely read a few words and short sentences in my dreams. Not a whole page, though. Anyway, this is a really interesting concept, and the characterizations are spot-on. The CMC safe word reminded me of the Gazebo comic where they kept thinking of the stupidest words to use as their signal to set off fireworks; I wonder if you've read that?

Granny Smith is more of a mother to Applejack than anyone, since she took care of her seed and shrub for all those years.

AJ seems to be taking all of this fairly well. But she is AJ.

And I'd totally believe Granny before I believed these strange forest creatures. Looks like AJ's life could be in danger if she's next in line for the throne.

This is a good story, but I wanted a bit more. I wanted to see Apple Bloom's reaction to her sister being a dryad, and I kind of wanted the conspiracy and confrontation with Zapp to last longer, but at the same time, it wouldn't be good to drag that part out too long, either.

The IDW comic? Yeah, but not in mind. Was more thinking of Magika's intro.

"Remember, the safe word is 'Banana'!"

Wanted to do more, but I was struggling to finish this off. Got out while I could, and stuff.

Um... Wow?
This story was AWESOME! :rainbowdetermined2:

It had a good plot, lots of comedy, a little mystery, a little action and a satisfying conclusion.

10/10 on the :yay:itude meter! With,

An Applejack seal of approval! i'll be watching for more of YOUR work, for sure!

[Pure magic,] Zapp’s voice said, as the dryad joined his niece, with Twilight at his side. [That’s our yggdrasil root.]

Applejack blinked. "That? That’s a root?"

[Yep,] Zapp said, [Every dryad forest has a root from the great world tree. As long as it lives, the forest is blessed by Gaia, hidden from mortal eyes, and is sure to prosper, and so on, so forth.]

I honestly love it when I get a drop of Norse mythology with my ponies.

Zapp went pale – or as pale as a bark-skinned equine can go, anyway – and whatever he was going to say next was lost in an involuntary terror-scream as the woldwarden finally cut loose with the throw, and he shot into the air like a thrown caber. Applejack put a hoof to her brow as she watched Zapp's screaming form quicky shrink and vanish in the distance against the setting sun.

So, why did the wood creatures start obeying Applejack? Why did Zapp even bother helping Applejack at all if he's disgusted with her existence and she is a threat to his rule? How did Applejack learn to finely harness her abilities with little to no training? Are there no other Dryads in the area that notice what's happening? Considering her own healing ability, why wouldn't Applejack capture Zapp? He'll heal and get away now by throwing him. What did Zapp hope to gain from bringing Applejack with him? If Applejack could easily calm the wolves, why couldn't Ivy?

There was basically no proper tension in the story, but at least I got a few chuckles out of it.

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