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hell yea fimfic dis writer go hard as hell i write huge stories team luna all day and week month year and century i love big stories P O N E S Q U A D

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Very well written, well done!

and so as it was said death can grant life but at the same time can not.

Sweet Moon and stars, this sent a shiver up my spine right at the end there.

That was... amazing...

And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder.

This was okay.

wow...:rainbowderp: nice job

This was beautiful. I got a chill at the end there...

Even Death can show kindness when faced with the compassion of an innocent girl.
As pure innocence, is few and far between...

Death takes no sides and has no allegiance. It merely waits to come for us.
Yet somehow, Sweetie was able to give it some small comfort in this world.

A wonder what would have happened if Sweetie had accepted the scarf back? Would that be the same as taking up Death's Mantle?

Regardless, I really enjoyed reading this. Enjoy your fav', like, and comment. :pinkiehappy:

Now that was writing!

I didn't get it until I read that note at the end, it feels like I can't understand some plots properly. But it seems like enough readers would feel the same, enough to facilitate a note.

Death telling her to be careful of her steps alleviated her death just because she was simply kind to her; crazy how life can go by then a simple missteps sends you to final moments.

Death can save you. But that only means you will die later.
Death cannot help you. The whole world works like a machine to enforce the concept of "dying".
Death can change the future. But cannot change the past.
Death can do anything. Except for ending Death.
Death always wins. And therefor, always loses.

Brilliantly done. The Premise sort of reminds me of the Discworld book "Mort", except for the part of him saving her, which that book said Death isn't supposed to do & the universe itself will reject. Looks like he can get away with it though.

Or at least, I hope so. There's a potential sequel idea there, but I kind of feel it would ruin the purity & simplicity of this story to go down that route.

Anyone else agree?

Aye, I'm torn on writing a followup to this, honestly. Feel like I'd have something to live up to.

I love stories like this, featuring the personifications of forces like life and death and such... especially the ones featuring Death which is kind of macabre now that I think about it :twilightoops:
I really enjoyed this though, especially how Sweetie just being Sweetie got even Death to feel a bit of compassion

*WolfBow* Well done. well written and well thought out


Could do sweetie belle very old now and he comes for her at last

Holy crap. Ho-ly crap.

That was beautiful.

"You killed her!"
"I did nothing of the sort," the reaper said. "It was the arrow that killed her. It is always arrows that kill. Or bitter frost, or scoring heat, or wasting pox. It is violence or nature or disease or time or folly or mere accident that kill. Do not beat upon my chest and heap scorn upon me. I am the reaper; I do nothing but collect the souls that are left behind."

5130129 Isn't supposed to?

He is Death. It matters not if it's now or years hence. All are claimed by the Reaper Man, sooner or later.

Reminded me of the Death of the Discworld.

Well done.

5186511 Indeed, but the rule the Discworld books worked on was that each person had an appointed time to die as measured by the Lifetimers (The Hourglasses through which the sands of their life poured) & Death was powerless to change that. When Mort tried, the Universe kept trying go on as if the death had happened away, & eventually the reality the 'saved' person was occupying was gradually pushed out so the 'true' reality could prevail.

Chilling stuff, but then it was all undercut by Death saving the person anyway by arranging reality so they could all go on living in it, which implies that he always had that power but just didn't use it.

In Sweetie's case, it appears that that was her appointed time, but Death chose not to take her because of her kindness. Whether there would be any consequences to that (for him and/or her) would depend on whether there is anyone or anything greater than him that he answers to.

And what force outranks Death?


Well written. I enjoyed it.

"When the first living thing existed, I was there, waiting. When the last living thing dies, my job will be finished.
I'll put the chairs on the tables, turn out the lights and lock the universe behind me when I leave." -Death

5188020 sounds like pratchett

5188317 The Sandman comic series by Neil Gaiman. I like Death, she collects floppy hats.

5188368 Oh of course well if you like his work you should read good omens it's pretty rad.

Well done good sir

5187517 any setting that can no-sell entropy and perform true resurrection, aka D&D mages.

I'm pretty sure Death has a special sack for people that make life hard for him by giving them the chance to pass him more than once.

Author Interviewer


He hesitated at Thorn, wishing he could have just one more minute. He had ten, and none of it served him any good, before she, too, went to her reward.

This line gave me chills.

Saw PresentPerfect's review of this. Was intrigued. Read it. Agreed with him. Very, very impressed. Thank you.

It's a shame that I put off reading this story for so long. It really is simple and beautiful. I have no complaints for it.

That was magnificently and beautifully written.

Death does not pursue, he merely waits to collect what is due.

Seriously a pleasurable foray into the realm of the bittersweet. I was half expecting something along the lines of that one episode from The Twilight Zone where the old salesman walks into the night with death with a smile on both their faces, but then again, Sweetie Belle is far to young for that to work.

Have a reading M8


Sweetie nodded. "I like stories!"

I should point out that you can't use actions as a speech tag or something like that. You could use:

Sweetie gave a nod of her head. "I like stories!"

You definitely can't smile or nod sentences.

While I agree with your statement, I disagree that Sweetie was "nodding" a sentence (there's a full stop between the action and the dialogue, not a comma) and your example seems to be no different, except for being more verbose.

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