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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle, Ace Attorney: The Royal Turnabout

In less than a year, there had been three unfortunate victims of murder in Equestria, and Pinkie Pie had a connection with all three. After a failed murder attempt on Apple Bloom, Pinkie was arrested as the prime suspect.

With Pinkie now facing three charges of murder and one charge of attempted murder, only Twilight has what it takes to clear her friend's name, even if that means having going against another one of her best friends.

Will Twilight be able to keep all of her friends safe and happy, or will evil forever wipe the smile off of their faces?

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney inspired story.

Chapters (24)
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Comments ( 561 )

"To all present I bequeath… a boot to the head! *thump* :trollestia:

Anyways… looking good, followed :yay: Perhaps consider less dialogue driven plot, and use the character's senses a bit more, at the moment it feels a bit distant, which is odd considering you're focussing on one character:scootangel:

3977212 well, it is the first chapter, so I know there's not much in here yet.

Now that the ball is moving, it'll feel more like the characters are there really soon.

A: Props for not only starting your next story less than two weeks after your last, but also having a god dam good opening prologue to it.
B: Good to see that Blueblood never got any revenge on Star for, you know, hitting him so hard that he fell into a coma for about a week. I honestly expected him dead due to a 'prison riot.'
C: Again, props for the fast new story.

Glad to see Star not thrown in prison but I guess being knocked down a few levels was an acceptable punishment. Pinkie, how could you do this? Can't wait for the next chapter.

I smell Pinkamena :pinkiecrazy:
I think I wanna spoil it and say... It was... *Bleep*
There... Case solved. :derpytongue2:

A nice start, Good story, a driving case even but really, less dialogue for this one, since well we are not in COURT just yet. we are in Investigation MODE.

SO, will you be able to hide the facts of the case while still leaving enough for it to be potentially findable... OR will I once again crack the case about halfway through.... at least this time I won't have the full story to read in a row.

Only the future will tell. HOWEVER, I'm looking forward to learning of the culprit, after all.... Pinkie is HIGHLY suspicious and yet she CAN'T be the culprit.

Oh and as for your writing.... be careful, I noticed this in the last story and it's still going pretty strongly here too, you seem to forget to add some words at some points in your sentences making it harder to get the true meaning

I am guessing, judgeing from the comments you have made in the last story and the setup for this one, that Pinkie knows who the real killer is, but has Pinkie promised to keep the knowledge hidden, which is going to result in her either producing black psychelocks or refusing to talk to anyone about it. Or she has a split personality only drawn out by people breaking a pinkie promise. :pinkiecrazy:

This is exciting! Let's just hope Cestus didn't (or pinkie) do it again, can ya promise me that?

3981634 I never thought I'd be so happy when I finally get to say "You're dead wrong." :pinkiehappy:

3982251 I promise. That would be too boring.

This story is
:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: out of :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

3982442 Making theories this early in the story is always a risky activity, I never really expected to get it right on the first try with so little to go on. On the other hand if the split personality had been correct that would have been REALLY dark, I don't think Pinkie has it in her to stab a pony to death.:pinkiesad2:

When twilight finds the culprit they are gonna wish they were sent to the sun when AJ's through with them.

ack! I read this too early, now I just can't wait for the new chapter!

So...It's this pony right? :pinkiecrazy: I'm really bad at thinking...

Scooby Doo logic; it's NEVER is the creepy janitor you meet at the beginning.

So is sweetie going to be the Mia or pearl for twilight for this one?

4020710 Yup. :pinkiehappy:

And don't worry. I have plans for Scootaloo too.

Lively people definetly is appropriate when Pinkie Pie is in the room. :pinkiehappy:
Still, gotta wonder how this will play out, Pinkie being a prime suspect will already put pressure on her being the culprit.

I knew Sweetie Bell was the true murder to this case! Nice story opening chapter.

4021310 That would make the greatest twist in fanfiction history.

Might have to steal it.

i'm gonna make an awesome guess, but dont say if i'm wrong or not.


Sunny Justice hey? Why do I feel like you just decided to ponify Apollo for this....

And freaky grey Pegasus is the murderer and we got to prove it? K, I'm gonna say Changeling but only because I can't brain the truth with next to no evidence

Might change it if I figure more things out.

4027390 Ahh, I'm glad to know people got the Apollo joke.


I think the reason I got it is because I know that Apollo is also the name of the Greek Sun God.... but even there, other fans of the series should have seen it.

But I can't wait to see how this "Phantom" has done its crimes

EDIT: Oh and I've obtained expert opinion about something which makes the lethality of Cestus' hooves in the first story TOO lethal. As if 1 point was worth 100 PSI as in pounds per square inch, then his 18 points would do 1800 PSI of pressure which would have been enough to turn Blueblood's head into mush. Heck... 500 PSI is enough to propel a ping-pong ball to Supersonic speeds and you triple that pressure? that doesn't sound legit much.... oh well, that particular story was done though so it doesn't matter as much.

4027640 Well in regards about the punch, the question wasn't if he did 1800 psi on someone, but rather if he was strong enough to do what happened. It was proven that he could score 18 points, so it was clear that it was possible.

This shall be interesting. I'm guessing by that author note, the obvious suspect, that mysterious grey pegasus male, is the actual murderer and you're challenging us to prove it is that right?

4036917 Hehehe.

Sometimes, the greatest murder mysterious are the ones where you already know who did it. Wouldn't you agree?

Oh snap! Black Psyche Locks! Also the end of a day means:

Few grammar mistakes here and there but I like how you put the evidence in a box to note what's in the court record.
Pinkie on drugs, that's, that's, well that would explain so much. Still, why unicorn drugs though, you've piqued my interest.

This will not look good if the drugs are brought up in court. I am to assume the doctor will be the judge again or is he to be replaced by another judge? Also I really like cestus he may sometimes act like a jerk but he has the best intentions. And applejack is going to testify I'm guessing. Also I think I might like hope. He seems like an okay guy and he might be the Edgeworth of this fic. This really does feel like a Phoenix wright game. You are very good at this.

Is Hope Ray supposed to be a Yugioh Zexal reference? Edit:It is and he is fucking Astral from the Anime.

4069824 Maybe...just maybe...Pinkie Pie is secretly
"Points to the air"

Now a question. Am I lying? Am I not? Is it mean that I'm torturing you like this?

Why do you do this to me? :pinkiesad2:
Though, I wonder about the whole genetics thing, Pumpkin and Pound Cake ehhh. Though I wonder if an earth pony had the ability to walk on clouds because of a pegasus ancestor's blood was strong enough in them. Just a thought.

4069834 Do you know of the anime Yugioh Zexal? Because if you do this guy is Astral.

Comment posted by sonicfan21 deleted Mar 12th, 2014
Comment posted by sonicfan21 deleted Mar 12th, 2014

4069862 Observation #4: Some of my readers are indeed yugioh fans who can get the references.

4069907 The mysterious pegasus is supposed to be Vector isn't he?

4069920 Hmm...spikey hair, grey, black wings, more psychotic than Discord during happy hour....

Maybe. :rainbowlaugh: I'm such a troll.

4069981 The black and white mask represents the style of his one/two deck(s) the Shinings and the Umbrals right?

awesome chapter and apparent yugioh zexal refs? interesting.

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