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All Celestia wanted was one slice. One tiny, measly slice. She was an immortal goddess, for Pete's sake! Was one slice of cake really too much to ask for?

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This was funny, but the descriptions were weird. Jussayin. xD
Still, a good read :D

'Slice of Life' tag

I see what you did there.

Lol this was good, and as I see this is incomplete, I await to see what else could come of stealing Celestia's cake xD

676979 "CLESTIA"? :facehoof:

676993 Look bru, I found it after a Google image search. Whadya want from me?:rainbowhuh:

dafuq did i just read :derpyderp2:

I'm going to like this before it's trendy!
Hipster approval from me!:twilightsmile:


I guess you could say that


She got cake-blocked


Celestia: :pinkiegasp: You devoured my treat. TO THE MOON!
Luna: Aw hell, please be 10 days instead of 1,000 years. :fluttershysad:
Celestia: No promises. *evil chuckle*

Funny! I saw, I red, I faved. (I don't know how to write "read" past-tense) keep it up. :moustache:

677168 past tense is still "read."

676993 U sure bro?

678139 Diamond, what's up? I haven't talked to you in ages!

677002 Lol just needed to ask =P You wouldn't wanna end up on the moon just cause you spelled Her name wrong now would you? xD

677911 Oh definitely. Bring it!

You wrote a masterpiece sir. A MASTERPPIECE:rainbowkiss:

If you like this then go to youtube and put in 'Luna's general work day' Trust me


And it was during the day! Hypocrit

Dood... Am I, like, dead, or something? That was... odd. That must of been fun to write.

'The cake was her wont.'
No, it was her want. 'O', meet 'A'. :pinkiehappy:

866348 Hate to be the one to say this, but "wont" is a word. It's similar to a habit, or a need for something.

867074 :facehoof: I thought it was the whole 'Want it need it' joke. My bad. :rainbowlaugh: In that case, not a fault in sight, well done!

871550 S'all good, my friend!


Poor Luna, though....:fluttercry: And thought Rarity was a drama queen.

I reviewed this story tonight you can find it here

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